The Protector novel Chapter 106

We tried so hard to please him last night because we thought he’s wealthy. But he is just a poor loser with nothing on him. Not only did we gain nothing, but we also lost our family’s dignity because of him.

\”Levi Garrison! Do you care to explain yourself? How dare you come here without grasping the situation properly? I want to strangle you to death so badly right now!\” Harry Lopez exploded with rage.

Samuel scolded Levi angrily, \”Are you hallucinating by any chance? This company has got nothing to do with you!\”

Henry was stomping his feet furiously. \”Great! You’ve successfully ruined the Lopez family’s good name. Are you happy now?\”

Aaron and Caitlyn were sobbing. \”You are truly a good-for-nothing piece of shit. Why are we still related to you? When will you stop daydreaming and be a down-to-earth person? We must’ve committed unforgivable crimes in our past lives to deserve an awful son-in-law like you. How we hope we can sever all ties with you!\”

Zoey could not hide her disappointment either. Levi has crossed a line by doing this. He brought shame to the entire family. The Lopez family is well-known throughout North Hampton, yet we were chased out by the security guards earlier. This is all his fault!

Zoey glowered at Levi. \”How many times have I told you that you should be honest, stay calm, and stop indulging in your daydreams? You’ve truly disappointed me this time. Not only did you fail to make us proud, but you also brought dishonor to the Lopez family! But let’s forget about this. I believe in your capabilities, so let’s work hard together in the future.\” Zoey consoled Levi in the end.

This is why I am infatuated with Zoey. She believes in me no matter how disappointed she is with me. Having a woman who places her faith in one under all circumstances is such a blessing. \”Okay. I will listen to you from now on.\” Levi smiled. \”But you don’t have to worry because I will take back Levi Group sooner or later.\”

\”Stop that bullshit! I can hardly contain my urge to slap you!\” Samuel and Shaun were consumed by rage.

Harry warned his son again. \”You better monitor your son-in-law well, Aaron. The Lopez family is not related to him in the future. So don’t you dare cause any trouble for us!\” Then they left resentfully.

Aaron and Caitlyn glared at Levi. \”Useless idiot. You’re not better than a piece of trash!\” Both of them left as well after they spoke.

Zoey comforted Levi. \”They are only saying that because they are mad. Don’t take their words to heart. I am a little angry at you after what happened too.\”

Levi smiled indifferently. \”It’s okay. It’s all water under the bridge now.\”

A gold color, custom-ordered Rolls-Royce arrived at Levi Group’s entrance shortly after Levi and Zoey departed.

Howard Corbyn and the other executives hurriedly went to welcome the person. Howard even took the initiative to open the car door.

A man wearing a white suit got out of the car. His entire outfit was custom-made by the best tailor from abroad.

That man adjusted his gold-rimmed spectacles and asked with a smile. \”Levi and Zoey left?\”

That man was Oswald Rogers.

\”They left, Mr. Rogers. Levi was as disgraced as a dog!\” Howard reported cheerfully.

Oswald sneered. \”I will begin my plan to target Levi and Zoey soon. Levi will meet the same fate as Morris Atkinson, while I will have Zoey sleep with me on her own accord and please me with her body!\”

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