The Protector novel Chapter 104

\”Do I look like a ghost?\” Levi entered the venue and walked up to Samuel while the others gasped frightfully.

Samuel touched Levi’s arm with his trembling hand. Then he said in surprise, \”You’re warm. You’re still alive! But that’s not possible!\”

Levi sneered. \”So you wanted me to die?\”

\”Ah? Of course not!\” Samuel was panting heavily.

\”Levi!\” Zoey rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Levi hugged her as well. \”I’m sorry to have made you worried. My bad.\”

Harry was confused. \”This is impossible! The Garrison family and Jack Smith wouldn’t have spared your life!\”

\”That’s right! How can you stay alive when the Garrison family is targeting you? This is not possible!\” Everyone added.

Even Zoey was looking at Levi curiously. \”They’re right. How did you resolve the situation earlier?\”

Levi tousled her hair and smiled. \”I told you I can handle this matter.\”

A thought popped into Zoey’s mind. \”I saw a lot of soldiers nearby Morris’s grave just now. Is this related to them?\”

Levi answered, \”You’re right. The soldiers were having a military practice near that area in North Hampton. They dealt with the Garrison family because of their unwelcoming behavior. Luckily, I’m acquainted with the Azure Dragon. So he punished the Garrison family heavily on my behalf after knowing the whole story and promised to return Levi Group to me.\”

Everyone in the Lopez family was dumbfounded after listening to Levi’s explanation. They looked at him incredulously. Levi Group will be his possession again? Does that mean he will have a net worth of billions? So he will regain his former glory!

\”Levi, I…\”

Harry was about to bootlick Levi when the latter left the banquet with Zoey.

Every member of the Lopez family chased after them.

Harry shouted from behind, \”Levi Garrison will forever be our family’s pride. We must follow them. Hurry up!\”

But they failed to catch up with Levi and Zoey.

Levi brought Zoey to the revolving restaurant in North Hampton city center to celebrate the success that night.

Harry made no fewer than 20 calls to Zoey, while the other members of the family visited Aaron’s house. They were eager to butter Levi up.

In the end, Levi was annoyed by their relentless pestering. So he said, \”I’ll go to Levi Group to take over the business tomorrow with Zoey. Come to the company tomorrow if you have something to say.\”

Everyone from the Lopez family finally stopped badgering them. But they could not sleep that night due to their excitement.

Early in the morning the next day, everyone from the Lopez family followed Levi and Zoey to Levi Group. Even Harry Lopez tagged along. Not one of them wanted to miss that glorious moment.

Members of the Lopez family were filled with exhilaration as they gazed at Levi Group’s skyscraper, including Zoey.

Levi went to the receptionist and stated his aim for his visit. \”My name is Levi Garrison, and I am here to take over Levi Group today.\”

The receptionist looked at Levi in a daze. \”Are you crazy? You’re the first person to come here with such a ridiculous request.\”

Zoey retorted immediately, \”The Garrison family stepped down from Levi Group’s management, didn’t they?\”

\”They did. But most of the board members are still present. Moreover, they already bought Levi Group’s shares which were under the Garrison family’s possession,\” explained the receptionist.

Zoey was confused. \”What do you mean?\”

\”Are you not aware of the parent company behind Levi Group?\” The receptionist asked.

Levi gained revelation instantaneously. The Rogers family! They are the holding company of Levi Group. That means the Garrison family never had control of Levi Group, to begin with. This company belongs to the Rogers family!

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