The President's Regret

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She believed that after four years of engagement, she would understand this man completely. However, he gazed at her indifferently, as if she was a stranger.

“Three years; you’ll be jailed for three years. I’m sparing your life, so you can repent in prison!”

Three years later, the prison gates creaked open. She was aware that Nathaniel wouldn’t allow her an easy life in jail; the prison bullies had countless ways to torment her. Scars covered her skin.

The sunlight was blinding; she looked up, and her eyes stung. Her hair fell to the side of her ear, exposing a prominent scar on her right cheek.

Ha! Everyone expects me to reflect, but what have I done wrong?

Slowly, she walked out of the prison and into the outside world.

Book Review

“The President’s Regret” is a riveting and deeply moving romance novel that explores the complexity and intensity of true love. This work stands out for its smooth story and impressive characters, which transport the reader into a world full of passion.

The story of “The President’s Regret” centers on Freya, who, after a series of setbacks, discovers the feeling and possibility of a great love in the man Nathaniel Morgan. Initially unwilling to give in to this feeling, Freya discovers that Nathaniel Morgan’s love is deeper than she ever imagined, forcing her to face her own fears and insecurities.

The author builds the plot deftly, developing the relationship between Freya and Nathaniel Morgan with sensitivity and realism. The authors explore themes of campus love,
painful love, revenge, love and hate, showing that true love can heal wounds and change lives.

“The President’s Regret” is a compelling book in its handling of love and relationships with intensity and authenticity. The author makes us believe in the power of true love and confront our fears and limitations in the name of happiness.

With captivating writing and an all-encompassing story, “The President’s Regret” is a must-read for anyone looking for true love. Reading makes us reflect on the importance of allowing ourselves to love and be loved, even in the face of the adversities and challenges life throws at us.

Embark on the loving journey of Freya and Nathaniel Morgan as the couple shows us that deep love can overcome any obstacle and change lives. “The President’s Regret” is a beautiful romance novel that will remain etched in the memories and hearts of all those lucky enough to share it.

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The President's Regret

Free Preview of “The President’s Regret”

There was a woman walking staggeringly on the grass outside the seaside villa in Saeville; the rain was getting heavier.
Her expensive silk dress was soaking wet from the rain, and it was almost see-through.
She was as pretty as a picture; her skin was fair, and she looked attractively sexy under the rain.
Yet, her expression was extremely flustered; she ran barefoot toward the main entrance of the villa despite losing her shoes.
Freya was trembling; she knelt in front of the villa entrance, and she forcefully banged on the door as she shouted.
“N…Nathan! Nathan!”
She could hear footsteps from the living room; someone opened the door from the inside, revealing a tall and slender man.
Freya looked up at her fiancé; his facial features were sharp and angular, and every inch of him was splendid.
He was her type—calm and mature—and she loved him uncontrollably.
He was always in a neat black suit, but the collar of his shirt was loosened now. It could be seen that he was irritated, yet his messy look was alluring.
If it was before, she would lean against his chest and caress Adam’s apple lightly, and she might even bite on it lightly.
And he would be turned on and throw her to the bed.
On a rainy day like this, the two of them would be in each other’s embraces, experiencing a crazy night together.
But, at this moment, Frey looked at Nathaniel with fear from the bottom of her heart.
She thought that after four years of engagement, she would know this man inside and out. But the man was looking at her indifferently, like a stranger to her.
She could not see his love and lust for her like before; he only looked at her coldly without any emotions.
She was panting heavily, and she grabbed the hem of his trousers.
“The stock of the Gomez family plummeted; the Rivera family set up a scheme to frame my dad… Nathaniel, were you there?
The man stood by the door, and he held a cigarette between his slender fingers. The ash fell on the plush carpet, and Frey felt that the ash was heavy enough to break her apart.
“Tell me!” She cried out, “N… Nathaniel Morgan, was it you?”
“Have you ever loved me before?” “Or was it all for show?”
Suddenly, he pulled her up from the ground and dragged her into the villa. He then threw her onto the leather sofa in the living room.
He leaned close to her and pinched her jaw tight; it was painful.
He stared at her sharply with a frown.
“Freya, I planned to let you off the hook, but why did you harm Abigail?”
“I didn’t!” She cried, “I didn’t push her! She fell by herself!”
“I’m innocent! She did it on purpose! She framed me!”
The two of them were stunned when his slap landed on her cheek.
She looked at him in disbelief; she knew that Abigail was his sister, but they were not blood related. And she could tell that Abigail had hidden feelings for him when she saw how she looked at him.
She was already engaged to him, so she did not need to push her down the stairs at all.
She opened her mouth and no words came out; she was like a fish without water, destined to be punished by his death sentence.
“Listen to me, Freya!” He stared at her murderously, and he strangled her cheeks hard. “You should never ever harm Abigail; do you hear me?”
“I thought that you were different from your father! Seems like I was wrong; all of the people from the Gomez family are heartless!”
“Ha!” He stared at her pale face, and he tried to suppress his complicated feelings. He sneered, “Do you want to know what sort of deal I’ve just made with your father?”
“I gave Killian two choices to choose from; it’s either everyone from the Gomez family dies, or he sacrifices his life for everyone!”
“N…No!” She widened her eyes, and she desperately grabbed his arms; she wanted to break free.
He pinned her down forcefully, and he said slowly, “Killian should be jumping down from the twenty-eighth floor of Omnilert Group now!”
“N…No!” Her eyes were red; she hopelessly pushed and hit him.
She was like a trapped animal; she screamed miserably, and the ruthless man on top of her was not giving her a chance to breathe.
“Freya and Abigail could dance excellently. But her legs were injured protecting me. And because of you now, her hand was broken; she couldn’t play the piano anymore.”
He got up slowly and grabbed her arms. He dragged her to the marble tea table at the side, and he pressed her hand on top of the table.
She felt uncomfortable with the icy cold sensation; she was kicking and punching him, but she could not break free.
Nathaniel, you’re inhumane!
She burst into tears. So he pretended to love me? And he got engaged to me just to ruin the Gomez family?
Nathaniel picked up a golf club from the side and smiled at her; it was just that the smile was full of sarcasm.
“Freya, you should ask your father about what he has done to the Morgan family!”
“Three years; you’ll be jailed for three years. I’m sparing your life; you shall repent in prison!”
“Abigail’s hand is completely comminuted now; you should experience the same!”
And he hit her hand with the gold club.
“N…No… No…A..Ah!” She screamed helplessly; the rain was getting heavier outside of the villa.
Three years later, the prison gate slowly opened.
Freya was out dressing in worn-out gray sportswear; her body was extremely slim and skinny, and it seemed like her clothes were inappropriately oversized.
Her long hair was cut short; it was around her ears now.
The cold and wet winter triggered her rheumatoid arthritis; her knees, wrists, and shoulders hurt so much that she frowned.
Compared to the torment she had experienced in the past three years, this pain was nothing to her.
She knew that Nathaniel would not let her have an easy life in jail; the prison tyrants had tons of ways to torture her. Her skin was covered with scars.
The sun was a bit dazzling; she looked up, and her eyes hurt. Her hair fell to the side of her ear, and a big scar could be seen on her right cheek.
This scar was caused by the prison tyrant’s jealousy; she punished her for being pretty and said that she should reflect on herself.
Ha! Everyone wants me to reflect, but what wrong have I done?
She smiled numbly. She used to love to smile when she was still the proud daughter of the Gomez family; she was a top designer who graduated from a well-known academy, and she was also a famous pianist.
She subconsciously hid her skinny and disabled left hand in her sleeve.
She did not know how to smile anymore.
She lowered her head and used her hair to cover up her scar, but the one on the brow bone of her left eye could not be covered no matter how hard she tried.
“Fay! Fay!” Someone was calling for her; she limped as her legs were in pain.
She slowly walked out of the prison and into the outside world.

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