The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 86 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Natalie felt she had lost her mind.She had allowed her desire to cloud her reasoning and logic. However, she wasn’t acting upon her fear.

The incident today only made her realize how much she liked Sebastian and relied on him.

It was the first time Natalie had initiated getting close with him.

Sebastian had been trying hard to hold back his lust and desire all this while.

Although he couldn’t wait anymore, he still tried his best to restrain his emotions and asked, “You have always stopped me from getting intimate with you.Why do you want it now? What happened?”

“Nothing… I… I just think that you are a good man, and consummate our marriage doesn’t seem like a bad idea.” Natalie’s face burned with embarrassment.She had never openly admitted her feelings to a man before.

It was more or less a confession of love.

“I’m afraid you’ll regret it.”

Sebastian cupped her cheek and planted a soft kiss on it.

“But there’s no time for regrets because you initiated this,” he whispered, his hot breath blowing on her skin.

“I won’t regret it.”

Natalie trembled under his touch.

Their bodies rubbed against each other.The proximity made her shy.

Hearing that, Sebastian couldn’t wait any longer.He lifted Natalie and carried her to the bathtub.

Sebastian took off his clothes in one swift motion and hovered above Natalie, resting his hands on either side of the bathtub.His strong muscles flexed with every movement.His chiseled chest was pressed against her body.

Natalie feit hot all over.She was so shy that she didn’t dare to meet his eyes.

At that moment, Natalie realized how much she wanted Sebastian.

After all, she couldn’t take her eyes off his perfect figure.She could feel the lust coursing through her veins.

Sebastian held her in his arms and kissed her gently.

The kiss gradually deepened as he sucked her lips and drew circles against them with his tongue.

Their naked bodies were intertwined in the bathtub.

The bubbles scattered out as they got more passionate and aggressive.

Natalie sensed that Sebastian couldn’t wait any longer, for his erection rubbed against her abdomen.

Sebastian’s heavy-lidded eyes turned red as he stared at her.

“Tell me if it hurts,” he whispered, pecking on her lips.

Natalie’s eyeballs rolled up, and her eyelashes fluttered.She bit her lip and buried her face in his strong shoulder.She was nervous yet curious as she felt his huge cock rubbing against her.

Suddenly, the sound of a phone ringing interrupted them.


With eyes as cold as ice, Sebastian cursed in a low voice.He was just inches away from achieving his goal, but the phone call got in his way.

“Don’t you want to answer that?” The ringing phone jolted Natalie back to reality.She raised her head to peer at him curiously.

But instead of answering her right away, Sebastian kissed her earlobe, sucking at it and nibbling it.His hand reached up to cup and squeeze her breast, and he said fiercely, “Not really.”

Ever since he had moved in with Natalie, he had become hot tempered.

Natalie snorted and rolled her eyes.

After a while, the phone stopped ringing and the bathroom fell silent.

Sebastian eagerly went back to kissing her lips passionately.He ordered in a hoarse voice, “Spread out your legs.” But before Natalie could oblige, the phone rang again, echoing against the bathroom tiles.

It kept ringing incessantly, without any signs of stopping.It seemed that the person on the other end of the line was very anxious.

There must’ve been something important he needed to talk about.

Sebastian was so angry that he almost pushed Natalie away.He stood up, got out of the bathtub, and picked up the phone.

“What is it? Spit it out!”

Sebastian barked into the receiver.

The man on the other end of the line was one of the subordinates he had ordered to investigate the whole kidnap thing.

Sebastian’s furious voice sent shivers down his spine.

“Sir… Here… Here’s the thing… After interrogating the driver, he confessed that it was Lauren Quinn who paid him to rape Natalie.” “I see.”

After hanging up, Sebastian turned around and saw that Natalie had already climbed out of the tub.She had wrapped a bath towel around her slim body tightly.

“What happened? It sounded serious. You should probably deal with it first.”

For his sake, Natalie didn’t think they should continue today.

“That driver was hired to hurt you,” he said gruffly.

Sebastian wrapped his arms around her slim waist.He looked down at her red, swollen lips and whispered, “And Lauren’s the one behind all of this.”

Before Natalie could react, Sebastian pressed his lips against hers fiercely.She parted her lips to let him in, enduring the man’s passion.

Their warm tongues intertwined, filling the bathroom with hot steam.

“Wait, wait… Lauren?” Natalie mumbled incoherently, still in a daze from Sebastian’s kiss.

She was shocked at the mention of this name: Although Lauren had never treated her well, Natalie didn’t expect her to stoop to this level of viciousness.

Clenching her fists, her nails dug into her palms.

Natalie couldn’t help but feel a mix of anger and disappointment.

“She must really hate me.”

Sebastian cupped her face in his palms and kissed her.

Natalie had just taken a bath, and her body smelled sweet and fresh.

“What do you want to do?”

Natalie shook her head, at a loss.

“I guess t want to see her, face to face.”

Sebastian didn’t object.He pinched her chin and said, “Let me take a shower first. Wait for me outside.” “Didn’t you just take a bath?”

After all, they were both in the bathtub just now.

With a helpless sigh, Sebastian leaned against the wall and gestured downwards playfully.

“Do you think I can go out like this?”

Natalie’s eyes followed the direction of his gesture.

When she saw what he meant, she immediately looked away as though she had been burnt.

“Okay, okay.I… I’ll wait for you outside.”

With a face as red as a tomato, she scurried out of the bathroom as quickly as possible and slammed the door shut behind her.

After getting dressed, Sebastian took Natalie to the Quinn family’s villa.

Behind them, his men dragged the driver with them.

“Who’s there?”

The same arrogant servant was the one who answered the door.

It seemed that every living creature from the Quinn family household-even the dogs they raised-would bully Natalie whenever they crossed paths.

This servant however, was the sort who would bully the weak and submit to the strong.

So as soon as she opened the door and saw the men in black standing at the door behind Natalie and Sebastian, her mouth snapped shut and she didn’t dare to insult Natalie.

“Oh, uh… Come on in.”

At this time, Lauren was leisurely painting her nails while a soap opera blared from the TV in the background.She seemed quite happy and was humming a cheery tune under her breath.

Just a few days ago, she had found a rapist who had just been released from prison.She offered him a huge sum of money to pretend to be a taxi driver to lure Natalie into her trap.

Such a desperado was greedy for money, and moreover, he had a criminal record.

Lauren figured that he was definitely the right guy to teach that damned bitch a lesson.

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