The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 77 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Seeing that Natalie was absentminded, Gerda nudged her with concern.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off and go back home? It’s big news now.Everyone’s been discussing it from the morning.I heard that people are complaining and reporting your misconduct to your superiors because they feel what you did was unfair to your adoptive parents.”

“I’m fine.In fact, I already anticipated this result.”

Natalie shook her head and smiled bitterly.She had thought that everything would come to an end once her adoptive parents gave her the money.

Regardless of what Lauren and George did, they took Natalie in and gave her a home after all.

But Lauren couldn’t just let go and let Natalie have the money.

The woman wanted to make trouble for Natalie.

Gerda knew every family had a skeleton in its closet.

But she didn’t expect such a reserved, calmi person like Natalie would encounter such unfortunate things.

“How about you explain it to Ms.Fisher? You should at least fight for it. You still have to build a good rapport with your colleagues in the future.A bad reputation would only ruin your career.Natalie smiled but didn’t say anything, for she knew that was precisely what Lauren wanted.She wanted to ruin Natalie’s reputation once and for all.But Natalie made up her mind not to let that happen.Although she was a little grateful to her adoptive parents for giving her a home, she couldn’t allow Lauren to slander her like that.

“Don’t worry about me.” Natalie patted Gerda’s shoulder.

“Thank you for rooting for me.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Gerda smiled and went on with her work.

Just as Natalie wracked her brains, thinking about how to explain herself to her superior, she received a message from Brandon.

“The company has been receiving complaints about you. What happened?”

Brandon cut to the chase.

Natalie swallowed as her face flushed with embarrassment.She was a little afraid of Brandon.

After all, he was the boss of the company; Natalie didn’t dare to neglect him.

She quickly briefed him about the conflict she had with her adoptive parents.She didn’t know whether he would believe her or not.

Brandon didn’t question her morals and character.

Instead, he asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I want to clarify everything but haven’t figured out how to do it yet.”

Natalie read and reread her message for a long while before sending it.

After all, she felt so stupid for not coming up with an idea yet.

Instead of condemning her for being stupid, Brandon sent a message that surprised her.

“Don’t let this matter affect your work.I’ll handle it for you.”

Natalie was terrified that she dropped her phone.How could she bother her boss by asking him to help with her personal issues? “Thank you, Mr.Larson.But I can handle it myself. This is my private affair,”she quickly replied.

However, Brandon’s profile picture turned gray, and her message was read, but she didn’t receive a reply.

The temperature had dropped after the heavy rain.

The air became cool.

As soon as Natalie took out the key to open the door, she heard footsteps and the rustling of plastic behind her.

Just as she was about to turn around, a black shadow engulfed her.

Her body stiffened, and her heart began to race in her chest.

‘Oh, God! I hope Sebastian has returned home.”

She waved her purse to attack, but the tall figure quickly dodged.

The man’s strong body pressed her against the door.

His steady breath blew against her air.

She could feel his rising body temperature.

The man tucked Natalie’s long hair behind her ear and gently kissed the back of her neck.

“My husband is inside. If you dare to even lay a finger on me, he will beat you to death!” Natalie’s voice quivered with fear.

“You have another husband?”

Hearing the familiar voice, Natalie finally breathed a sigh of relief.She turned around and pinched his arm.

“That wasn’t funny.I was so scared that my heart was in my throat the entire time.”

“I’m sorry.Let’s go inside.”

Sebastian smiled and ruffled her hair.

Then, he leaned forward and opened the door.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Sebastian grabbed her waist, and the two fell onto the sofa.

Natalie moaned as he peppered kisses on her ear and collarbone.

Sebastian was strong and aggressive.

“I miss you so much.We agreed to sleep in my room tonight,” he said breathlessly.

Natalie didn’t remember agreeing to it.

“No.I have something important to tell you.Please listen to me. Brandon texted me again,” Natalie said, turning her head aside.

Her ears turned red, and she felt itchy.She told Sebastian about what happened in the company today.

After listening to everything, Sebastian buried his head in the crook of her neck.

“It’s good that your boss is willing to help you.I’m sure he can solve the problem,” he said in a muffled voice.

“I still don’t understand why Brandon wants to help me.In fact, I’m kind of afraid of him,” Natalie said, shaking her head quizzically.

“You’re just overthinking this.As the CEO of the company, he must protect the company’s interests first. Perhaps he doesn’t want your personal issues to come in the way of your work.Solving such a trivial problem would be a piece of cake for him.”

Natalie cast a skeptical look at him as her heart sank with dejection.

Sebastian was always calm whenever she mentioned Brandon.He was a possessive husband.

However, he seemed tolerant of Brandon.She just couldn’t understand why.

Sebastian looked up at her.

His unfathomable eyes bore into hers.

He smiled and bit her earlobe, wrapping his arms around her.

“Didn’t you say that you would cook a delicious meal for me? Or do you want to go to my room first?”

He wondered if she’d be able to come out after they went in.

Natalie’s eyelashes fluttered.She blinked and shyly pushed him away.

“We have nothing in the fridge. Wait for me at home.I’ll go and buy some groceries right away.” Sebastian pressed himself against her.

With Natalie’s slender legs wrapped around his waist, he grabbed her fingers resting on his chest and kissed therm.

“Don’t buy anything.I just want to eat you. Will you allow me?”

Natalie’s face turned red as she felt something hard poke her hip.

“No, no.!’m still on my period…”

Sebastian shook his head and chuckled.

He gently bit her lip and finally got up.

The plain white T-shirt clinging onto his body revealed his pert, chiseled abs.

Natalie quickly got up and hurriedly smoothed her dress.

‘Gosh, he is like a dog who is constantly biting me.” Sebastian sat up and looked at her.

“How about I come with you?”

“No, no.I can go on my own.”

Natalie’s mind went blank, and her body was burning.

She quickly smoothed her coat and darted out of the house.

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