The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 67 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Sebastian immediately grabbed Natalie’s hand and pulled her back.

“Ah! What are you doing? We have arrived at an agreement, haven’t we?” Natalie squealed as she lost her balance and slumped in his arms.

Sebastian pursed his lips as he raked his eyes across her face. The soft light seemed to outline his handsome features. He looked like a hunter waiting to catch his prey.

“I want to kiss you.”

Before Natalie could respond, he quickly cupped her cheeks and bit her lip.

Even though he looked cold and aloof, he was really good at pretending to seem innocent.

He was more dangerous and powerful than the others, but Natalie hadn’t realized it yet.

Sebastian nibbled her bottom lip and pried her mouth open with his tongue. She wrapped her legs around his waist.

The howling winds stopped blowing, and the room was quiet as if time had stopped still. Only the rustling of clothes and their soft moans were audible in the quiet night.

“To my room?” Sebastian’s voice was thick with lust. He gently trailed his fingers against Natalie’s lips and tucked a sweaty strand of hair behind her ear.

Before Natalie could answer, Sebastian kissed her earlobe, picked her up, and carried her to his room.

The kiss was so intense that it left Natalie dazed and breathless. Her face had turned red. She bit his shoulder as her eyes rolled up in ecstasy. She didn’t know what to do.

Sebastian pinned her on the bed and kissed her passionately. It seemed as if Sebastian had complete control over her body and emotions.

“Sebastian, wait…” Natalie felt weak and limp as she sensed his hands reaching under her clothes.

“Shh… Don’t say anything, and don’t think about anything. Leave everything to me.” Sebastian’s low, magnetic voice made her body tremble. It felt as if he had cast a spell over her.

Wrapping her arms around Sebastian’s neck, Natalie responded to his passionate kiss. She sucked his tongue as he thrust it into her mouth.

Sebastian took off his jacket as he straddled above her.

As Sebastian’s hand slid under her dress and touched her panties, he felt something like a sanitary napkin.

His hands stilled; he jerked up his head and looked at her.

“Are you on your period?”

Natalie leaned against his arm, gasping for breath. Her face turned scarlet. “I told you to wait,” she said, looking away.

Sebastian did some mental math and realized it was indeed time for her period.

He sighed and stepped back, wrapping the quilt around Natalie. “When will you…”

“In three days.”

Sebastian stroked her hair. Then, he buried his head in her chest and took a deep breath. “You smell good.”

A few minutes later, Sebastian stood up and kissed the corner of her lips. His bloodshot eyes bore an unreadable emotion.

“All right.” He swallowed and cleared his throat. “Go to bed early. I’m going to shower.”

It was not easy to contain the desire surging through his veins.

Sebastian had been tired of waiting for Natalie to let him make love to her. Now that she didn’t resist his advances, his hopes and desires had reached their peak. Unfortunately, he couldn’t continue because Natalie was on her period. Sebastian could feel his blood rushing southward. It felt as if he were about to explode and burst into a ball of flame.

He clumsily stood up, grabbing his jacket.

Natalie was wrapped in the quilt, revealing nothing but her flawless face. Her watery eyes met Sebastian’s. She pursed her lips that still tingled after all the kisses. “Okay, sleep early. Good night.”

Her pristine beauty could easily arouse men’s desire to protect and take care of her.

Sebastian leaned forward and kissed her lips. “No wonder you were very cooperative today,” he whispered, chuckling. “I won’t let go of you next time.”

With that, he went to the bathroom and took a cold shower until his raging hormones subsided. After making sure Sebastian was inside the bathroom, Natalie sneaked back to her bedroom with her legs still shaking and heart beating like crazy.

On Monday morning, Sebastian went to work with a grumpy look on her face. The ferocity of his gaze and his tense aura frightened the senior executives of the Larson Group.

After the meeting, Garrett walked up to him and asked, “How’s it going, bro?”

Sebastian’s jaw tightened, and his brows furrowed as he looked at Garrett. “Stop gossiping, will you?”

“No, I won’t. I want to know what’s going on with you.” Garrett had a keen eye for detail.

He could tell at a glance that something was wrong with Sebastian.

After a lot of persuasion, Sebastian finally told him what happened last night. Hearing that, Garrett couldn’t stop laughing.

“Oh, God! It looks like you have absolutely no talent for pursuing women. Who would use such an old trick? No wonder you got exposed. But fortunately, everything is good now.”

Sebastian scowled at Garrett, ignoring his ridicule.

Meanwhile, after work, Natalie went to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Sebastian was a strong man.

He had a good appetite and ate a lot.

Natalie had to get a lot of food. Otherwise, Sebastian would empty the fridge in a day.

Natalie peeked out of the bus window. The entire city was sparkling with light. It was late summer and early autumn. The green ginkgo leaves on either side of the road had turned yellow.

Natalie admired the surroundings with a satisfied smile on her face. Just as the bus passed a high-end club, her eyes widened.

George, Lauren, and Cassie were standing at the entrance of the club. All three were dressed well as if they were attending a party.

Just then, the bus trundled to a halt. Natalie immediately grabbed her grocery bag and ran out of the bus.

The Quinn family hadn’t paid the money they owed her as promised, saying they couldn’t afford it; but now they could afford to come to have fun at an opulent club.

Natalie clutched the groceries and walked toward them.

She was worried about Hannah’s medical expenses. Considering they were in a posh place, Natalie felt that George and Lauren wouldn’t create a scene. Therefore, she decided to seize the opportunity to get back all the money they owed her.

At that moment, Lauren was smoothing her clothes. As soon as she was about to enter the club with her husband and daughter, Natalie stopped her.

“Since you can afford to have fun in such a high-end club, I’m sure you must have the money to pay me back as well.” Natalie’s loud voice caught everyone’s attention.

The smile on Lauren’s face dropped in an instant. She quickly strutted toward Natalie and said, “What a coincidence, Natalie! What are you doing here? What nonsense are you saying? How can a grown daughter still ask her parents for money?”

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