The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 264 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Natalie could tell that her parents loved Lila very much. Speaking about her, Beal and Johanna exchanged embarrassed glances.

“We hate Lila’s real parents. They took you from us so that their daughter could be raised by a rich family. If it weren’t for the kind soul who took you in, you might’ve died in the streets. You were separated from us for over twenty years because of this evil couple… If none of that happened, you would’ve been raised as the daughter of the White family. You wouldn’t have had to suffer so much with the Quinn family.” As she spoke, Johanna looked at Natalie with guilt and pity.

Fortunately, her dear daughter had grown up to be a wonderful young woman. Otherwise, she would’ve destroyed the couple who kidnapped Natalie. After some slight hesitation, Johanna continued, “Your father and I have been thinking. It’s true that Lila had inadvertently stolen your life, but she’s innocent. She was still a baby at the time. It wasn’t her fault her parents swapped her out with you. Besides, we love Lila, and we would never be so cruel as to kick Lila out now that we’ve found you. But we want to listen to what you have to say on the matter.”

Obviously, Johanna was partial to Natalie.

Maybe it was because Natalie was her real daughter, or perhaps it was because she had grown incredibly fond of the young woman.

Whenever they met, Johanna found herself wanting to give Natalie the whole world.

After mulling it over for a while, Natalie realized that she didn’t want much. She just wanted to be with Beal and Johanna, her biological parents.

“You raised her. I understand that it’s difficult for you to let her go. Let’s just say… I have a sister. Besides, I already feel lucky that you found me. I never would’ve thought of asking for anything more,” Natalie concluded with a gracious smile.

Indeed, she didn’t want much.

She just wanted her loved ones to be safe and sound and for those close to her to be happy and healthy. Now that she was reunited with her parents, she felt more than content.

In fact, in her eyes, her life was already perfect.

But Natalie’s words only made Johanna feel guiltier.

What on earth had her daughter gone through to become so sensible? At home, Lila was always spoiled. Whenever she was met with any displeasure, she would complain.

“Is that really what you want?” Johanna pressed her worriedly.

Natalie nodded firmly.

‘I’ve never met Lila, and she didn’t do anything to hurt me. I don’t hate her. I wouldn’t mind if Lila remains a White. We can be sisters. I’m already more than happy to have found you. I doubt Lila’s presence will be an obstacle to our relationship. Mom, Dad, you’ll always be my parents.”

Hearing this, Sebastian’s expression darkened.Natalie was the victim here. She didn’t have to be so generous.

“Natalie, you’re too considerate,” Beal said with a sigh. He and Johanna were happy to see that Natalie had grown up to be such a sensible young woman.

After all, they didn’t want to abandon Lila. She might’ve been a little arrogant and domineering, but she was still their daughter, albeit not biologically.

But Johanna was partial to Natalie. She looked at her husband firmly and said, “We need to tell Lila the truth when we get back:

that she’s not our biological daughter, and that Natalie is. Then, we can make an announcement to the public. We have to bring

Natalie back as the daughter of the Whites.”

Johanna held her daughter’s hands and looked at her face intently. Natalie looked so much like her when she was younger. “If I don’t do this, it will be too unfair to you. You’ve suffered enough.”

Beal supported Johanna’s decision, but he was a bit hesitant. “Lila’s a spoiled child. She has never experienced any setbacks in her life. If we tell her the truth now, I’m afraid it will be a big blow to her.”

Johanna sneered icily. “Do we have to make Natalie suffer because of her inability to cope? We’re not abandoning Lila. She is still our daughter and we will still treat her the same way. Anyway, somebody’s going to be unhappy either way. And I’d rather it be

Lila than Natalie. We owe Natalie too much. It’s her turn to be spoiled.”

In Johanna’s youth, she had become famous in Barnes for being a decisive and sharp-tongued female entrepreneur. She was still that same fierce woman even after decades.

‘If Lila finds out she’s not our real daughter, do you think she’ll look for her biological parents?” Beal asked warily.

Johanna looked at Beal as though she was looking at an idiot. “We’ve spoiled Lila for years. Do you really think she’ll go looking for her real parents?”

Beal fell silent and didn’t say anything more.

Natalie couldn’t help but look at her mother with awe. She was quick-witted and sharp-tongued, and she spoke with a certain authority.

Sebastian also found that Johanna was much smarter than he had imagined and that she was very sensible.

Natalie, on the other hand, was naive and innocent. With a mother like Johanna looking after Natalie, at least she wouldn’t be easily cheated in the future.

Later, Beal and Johanna temporarily took residence in Sebastian’s villa.

The two of them then discussed and made arrangements to take Natalie back to Barnes, intending to publicly announce that she was their biological daughter.

They were engaged in a heated discussion and didn’t even think to ask Sebastian for his opinion. Rather, they just ignored his presence.

Natalie looked at Sebastian questioningly. “You haven’t talked much today.”

Before, Sebastian had made it clear that he wouldn’t let her leave him.

Sebastian sighed helplessly. He smoothed Natalie’s hair and said gently, “What can I do? You’ve finally found your biological parents. I would never want to get in the way of that.”

In fact, he had already made up his mind. He would let Natalie go back to Barnes with her parents. The Larson Group could expand to Barnes so that Sebastian could relocate there in the future.

Anyway, Natalie was his wife now. She would never leave him.

Natalie’s face lit up and she smiled at Sebastian sweetly. She pinched his cheek and said, “Then I’ll go to Barnes. Visit me often, okay?”

Sebastian couldn’t help but chuckle. He kissed the corner of her lips when Beal and Johanna were looking away and held her in his arms. ‘I will, my dear wife.”

That night, Natalie went back to Barnes with her parents. Bernes was known as the capital of ancient culture. Unlike Seacisco which was a developed, urbanized city, Barnes carried with it a long history of cultural heritage. The White family’s mansion sat quaintly in the middle of a classical-style garden. The mansion was huge, and the stone sculptures flanking the grand door gave a glimpse at just how rich and powerful the Whites were.

“Your grandfather lived in this house. I wanted us to move out before, but your father didn’t agree. He’s too sentimental.”

Johanna noticed that Natalie kept looking around the mansion with wide eyes, so she thought that Natalie didn’t like it.

“If you want to live in an apartment or a villa, we can move out.”

Natalie waved her hand quickly.

“No, it’s okay. I’ve never lived in a place like this before. I’ve only ever seen it on TV. Now that I’m actually standing in it, I just wanted to take a closer look at its details.”

Johanna looked around the mansion alongside Natalie and her expression softened. With a loving smile, she said gently, “It will all be yours in the future. You’ll have plenty of time to look around.”

“Mom, what on earth are you saying?” A sweet voice interrupted the conversation between Natalie and Johanna Natalie turned in the direction of the voice. A woman ina pink floral dress and a pale grey sweater was standing in the yard.

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