The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 262 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Natalie shook her head and said seriously, “Sebastian, I may have found my biological parents.” She then told him the whole story.

If it turned out to be true, then of course Sebastian would be happy for her…

“It sounds a little too good to be true,” he said after thinking about it for a while.

“But if it was Mrs. White who brought it up, it could be true. She wouldn’t prank you. The White family is just as powerful as the Larson family used to be, so she shouldn’t have any ulterior motives. I suppose there’s nothing we can do but wait for the results of the paternity test.”

The waiting game was always the hardest.

Sebastian sat with Natalie in one of the corridors of the hospital.

It was mid-January by then and still a bit cold. Johanna wore a dark green maxi dress with a white cashmere coat on top. Her eyes kept darting between Natalie and the man next to her as they waited.

Brandon Larson. She had seen his face in their wedding photos on the news, but she didn’t like him very much. Brandon was indeed a handsome man, but Johanna didn’t think that was a good thing. Rich, good-looking men more often than not turned out to be playboys. And Brandon was rich, handsome, and successful. He had to be a scheming person, right?

On the other hand, Natalie was a kind and lovely girl. She could easily have been played by Brandon.

But now that she, Johanna, was here for Natalie, she would never let Brandon bully Natalie.

Sebastian could sense the hostility in Johanna’s eyes whenever she looked at him, but considering how she might be his mother-in-

law, he could only politely nod to her. Whenever their eyes met, it was hard to tell which one of them was the dominant one.

Soon, a man with glasses and in his mid-fifties arrived. He looked like a well-read gentleman.

“Jo, I’m sorry I’m late. Traffic was so heavy on the way here.” The man wiped the sweat on his forehead and apologized sincerely. He wasn’t that handsome.

In fact, he looked pretty plain. But his eyes were bright and had a certain look of wisdom to them.

Johanna’s eyes flitted to the man. Although she was scolding him, her eyes were gentle.

“How could you be late for something as important as this? I’ll deal with you when we get home!”

“I’m really sorry, Jo. I swear to God that I left early! Can you not punish me today? You just punished me recently…” The man tugged at the corner of Johanna’s clothes like a little kid.

Obviously, Beal white, a business whiz in Barnes, was a hen-pecked husband.

The second Natalie saw him, she instantly recognized his eyes—because they looked exactly like hers. While Beal was trying to butter Johanna up, he noticed Natalie’s intent gaze.

At a glance, he felt that Natalie had the exact same temperament as Johanna’s. And he had also noticed Natalie’s eyes.

He rubbed his hands excitedly and walked up to the girl.

“You must be Natalie, am I right? Nice to finally meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. White.”

For some reason, Natalie suddenly grew nervous. Sebastian had just managed to calm her down, but now, she couldn’t help but want to cry again.

“You look a lot like Jo when she was young. How old are you? You should’ve graduated from college by now, right? Where did you study? Do you have a job now? Do you want to work in Barnes?”

Beal was so excited that he kept firing questions at her, one after another. Seeing the way Brandon’s arm was tightly wrapped around Natalie’s shoulder, there was a flicker of annoyance in

Beal’s eyes. “Mr. Larson, do you mind giving us some space?”

Beal had no clue what Natalie saw in her husband.

Sebastian was a little stunned, but he obliged and walked away to give the two a chance to talk. Seeing that Natalie looked a bit flustered hearing all these questions, Johanna patted Beal’s shoulder.

“Give our daughter some time to think before you ask more questions!” Beal scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.

“Okay, okay. We can talk later. Let’s do the paternity test first.”

Sebastian and Johanna had decided prior to do the paternity test at Frank’s hospital.

And to err on the side of caution, Johanna had also sent another blood sample to their own hospital in Barnes.

After the paternity test was done, the Whites asked Frank nervously, “When will the results come out?”

Frank took off his mask and said calmly, “Today.”

“Oh, my God! That’s great!” Johanna exclaimed, holding Beal’s hand excitedly. “I don’t want to go home and come back later for this. Let’s just wait here.”

Of course, the obedient Beal agreed.

“We should wait as well.” Sebastian knew that his wife was feeling extremely anxious now. She wasn’t a talkative person to begin with, and she usually fell completely silent in important situations like this.

“Okay,” Natalie said softly, her hands trembling slightly. It wasn’t until late afternoon when Frank approached them with the report.

‘The results are ready. Please follow me to my office.”

‘The result of paternity test has proven that Natalie is indeed your biological daughter.”

In fact, when Frank first saw the match rate between the two was as high as 99.8%, he couldn’t help but be in awe of Sebastian’s wife. The White family was considered one of the most influential families in the country. They had the most contacts the most resources, and the most enterprises.

Although the Klein family in Seacisco was by no means weak, it was not as influential as the White family. They had become so strong thanks to years and years of accumulated businesses and connections. Few families were as influential as this one.

As Frank continued to discuss the results of the paternity test, Sebastian noticed that the Whites had been looking at Natalie for quite a while with tears in their eyes.

Beal stood up first and stumbled over to Natalie, throwing his arms around her clumsily.

The middle-aged man disregarded any semblance of dignity and burst into tears. Afraid that she might frighten Natalie off if she broke down as well, Johanna simply stood aside and simply patted Natalie on the back, covering her mouth with a handkerchief as she sobbed.

Natalie, on the other hand, was stunned. Finally, the sounds of her parents’ sobs brought her back to reality, and she too couldn’t help but burst into tears. They had finally found each other after so many years. They had only met their daughter once before, tight after she was born. Naturally, Beal had a lot to say to his daughter, with whom he had lost contact ever since.

“How have you been all these years, my dear child? I’m so sorry. Your mother and I weren’t able to find you until now. This is all our fault.” Beal took off his glasses and wiped them with the hem of his shirt. When he put them back on, his eyes were still tearful and red.

“I heard that the Quinn family adopted you.”

He had investigated the Quinn family before he came here. Although the Quinns were not that big a family, they were well-off. At the mention of that particular family name, Johanna’s nostrils flared in anger.

“There is not a single good Quinn,” she snorted.

After all, judging from the way Natalie spoke of her adoptive family, she didn’t have a good time with the Quinn family.

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