The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 260 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

After that, she walked into the room and put on the dress. She knew in her heart that Sebastian had good intentions for doing this.

He wanted to bring her to such important occasions to emphasize and consolidate her position. Sooner or later, she had to adapt to such things.

After putting on her dress and fixing her makeup, she headed to the party with Sebastian.

The charity dinner just got started. This event was totally different from any party that Natalie had attended before. This kind of charity dinner was obviously on a higher level than the other events. Everyone here was refined and talked properly

“Mr. Larson, it’s good to finally meet you.” Two men in tuxedos, who were about fifty years old, made their way over with huge smiles on their faces.

When talking to them, Brandon was not as level-headed as he was to other people. Perhaps they were business partners. The three of them talked together rather casually for a while. The atmosphere seemed to be relaxed and pleasant.

Natalie sat on the side and enjoyed the desserts and champagne quietly. At this moment, several middle-aged rich ladies came over to talk to her.

“Mrs. Larson, do you like sweets?” a rich lady in a fitting dress and curly hair asked with a smile on her face, staring at the plate resting in Natalie’s hand.

After a short pause, Natalie nodded with a slight smile. The desserts here were indeed very delicious and at the same time, she was not that much of a fussy eater.

“Booth’s Cake is way better. Mrs. Larson, please go try it when you have the time. Its taste is much better than these cheap desserts they serve here.”

These rich ladies proceeded to exchange glances with one another.

“In fact, it matters very little wnether the dessert is cheap or not. If one never gets to see the world and thinks that these are already good stuff, then that will be the real joke here.” The rich lady flipped her hair and turned to look at Natalie with a thoughtful look on her face.

“I heard that Mrs. Larson graduated from a local design school.” Tiffany was right. Cindy wouldn’t be the only one who didn’t like the fact that Natalie married Brandon.

These rich ladies mocked her one after the other. They pretended to act like they cared about Natalie, but in fact, they were ridiculing her in a way that said that she didn’t deserve to be Brandon’s wife.

“Yes, I am a designer.” Natalie tried her best to stay calm.

“Designing isn’t in demand right now. Besides, all those famous designers graduated from prestigious foreign universities. Our domestic design schools here aren’t very good.” .

“Mrs. Kane, is it true that your daughter is studying fashion marketing at UCIA?”

With a proud expression on her face, Mrs. Kane replied, “Yes, she’ll graduate in one year. She met Mr. Larson before and said that she wanted to work as an intern in Larson Group after she returned. Now, there’s no chance for that anymore.”

Mrs. Kane let out a long sigh and then went on to say, “You have no idea how excellent my daughter is. She went to study ina foreign country alone at the age of fifteen. Many rich young men are pursuing her, but she only likes mature men.”

With a faint smile on her face, Natalie acted like she didn’t understand what Mrs. Kane meant. She was feeling so angry and aggrieved that she couldn’t even taste the dessert in her mouth.

“What are you girls talking about? It appears to be something funny.”

At this time, a middle-aged woman in a royal blue V-necked evening dress walked over toward them. She was noble, low-key, and elegant all at once. She had a graceful and elegant appearance, with an easy-going and calm aura emanating from her. Her long black hair was held up on her head by a black wooden hairpin. When those rich ladies caught sight of her, they became restrained and courteous right away.

“Good evening, Mrs. White. We’re just chatting with Mrs. Larson here.”

The middle-aged woman had a friendly smile on her face. She glanced over at Natalie, appearing stunned for a few seconds, and then asked with a gentle smile on her face, “You’re Natalie, right?”

Natalie was still hung up on the ladies’ sarcastic remarks that she didn’t notice the woman approaching her

Johanna had to wave her hand in front of Natalie’s face before the latter came back to her senses.

Natalie blinked at Johanna, at a loss for words. She looked familiar for some reason. But Natalie couldn’t figure out where they had met before, so she decided to brush off the thought. Thinking that Johanna was about to mock her just as the others had done, Natalie squared her shoulders and lifted her chin.

“Hello. Can I help you with anything?” She held her breath and braced herself for the inevitable. What sort of abuse was she going to hear this time?

‘It’s very nice to meet you. My name is Johanna White, and you may call me Mrs. White just like everybody else.” The woman stretched out her hand, her eyes gleaming as she peered at Natalie with obvious curiosity. Johanna had noticed Natalie the moment she had entered the room, mainly because she had the same eyes as her husband

As for Natalie, she was rather taken aback by the distinct lack of hostility. It was a breath of fresh air after what she had just experienced. She set her plate down and reached out to shake Johanna’s hand.

“Hello, Mrs. White,” she said with a polite nod and an apologetic look. So, this was the Mrs. White that Sebastian had mentioned earlier. Upon closer inspection, Natalie finally realized why this elegant woman looked so familiar—she saw that same face in the mirror every day. Johanna White looked just like her.

“You caught my attention when you came in just now,” Johanna said with a smile.

Before either woman knew it, she had already clasped Natalie’s hand between both of hers.

“Are you a native of Seacisco? I’ve grown very fond of the local cuisine. Can you give me a few recommendations?” Johanna was genuinely amiable and didn’t put on airs, unlike the other rich ladies in attendance. She had a gentle aura that inspired the confidence of the people around her.

“Oh, there’s a restaurant near my school that sells the best lamb stew in town,” Natalie replied instantly.

‘This is the perfect season to have a hearty lamb stew I think.”

Seeing that Natalie seemed to be in good terms with Johanna, the other women had no choice but to back down. They stood to the side and exchanged pointed glances, not daring to interrupt the other two’s conversation.

Johanna finally turned to them after a while, though her expression was not as warm as when she had been speaking to Natalie.

“It’s cold out here, ladies. Why don’t you come with us to the lounge inside?”

The White family was one of the most prominent lineages in Barnes. Each generation had studied abroad and gone on to become notable figures in their respective field, and some of them had even held important positions in the military. Needless to say, Johanna was a key player in society, and everyone pandered to her at every chance they got. And since she was courteous toward Natalie, the women had to keep themselves in check, lest they inadvertently offended Johanna. It was the early days of spring, and the floor-to-ceiling windows of the lounge opened to the garden. Despite the lack of snow, the cool, refreshing scent of winter still lingered in the air.

“You know Seacisco so well. Have you lived here since you were a child? May I ask who your mother is?” Johanna was usually reserved, but she was inexplicably interested in Natalie.

Aware that she might be crossing a line, she smiled kindly at Natalie and assured her, “It’s all right if you don’t tell me. I know it’s a little abrupt and may not exactly be appropriate. Just forget I asked.”

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