The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 256 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Natalie’s actions bewitched Sebastian.

After the reception, she had changed into a silk slip dress, which outlined her figure perfectly. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Sebastian scooped her up and carried her to the bed, kissing her deeply.

The room was quiet, and the lights were dim on the bed was a blurry entanglement of limbs

Blushing furiously, Natalie wanted to close her eyes, but in the end, they stayed open. She wanted to see just how much Sebastian would lose control of himself.

Sure enough, her husband was out of control. After all, he had restrained himself for what seemed like an eternity. The bed tially had a heart-shaped flower petal arrangement, but now, it was a complete mess as the man and woman kissed each other with reckless abandon.

The kiss lasted for a long time. Natalie lost track of the time, fully immersed in Sebastian’s presence. His breath grew short as he reached for the hem of her dress, planting kisses from her lips to her neck to her waist, and finally in between her thighs…

Natalie felt her legs being parted and her lace underwear was rolled to her ankles by the man. The man’s warm breath tickled her exposed pussy, his wet, soft tongue drawing circles on her labia.

“Sebastian…” Natalie arched her back subconsciously and her voice sounded different-it was thick with desire.

“Hmm… I’m here.” Sebastian got up and held her legs, propping them on his waist. His fingers reached between her thighs and parted her labia.

The moment his finger entered, it was enveloped in soft flesh.

“You are not wet enough. Spread your legs a little more.” Sebastian took off his clothes. The muscles on his back were defined yet smooth, chiseled to perfection. He returned to the area between Natalie’s thighs. His finger moved in and out slowly, until transparent liquid flowed out with his finger.

Sebastian brought the wet fingers to his lips and sucked it. With her toes curled up. Natalie stared at the ceiling, gasping with every move Sebastian made.

Then she felt something hard rubbing against the entrance of her pussy.

“Ah… Sebastian…” Natalie trembled all over. She wanted to look up, but was held down by the man’s powerful arms. Sebastian’s eyes were full of desire and his hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat. Natalie looked at him in a daze. Grabbing her chin, he whispered, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

Then he pressed his lips against hers passionately.

His hard penis was slowly slipped into her body. When it met a thin film, Sebastian took a slight breath and gently broke through it.

The pain made Natalie wince and curl up, and she held Sebastian even tighter.

Her bra was unclasped from behind by the man, and tossed to the floor together with her dress.

The naked man and woman were entangled on the bed, the woman’s legs wrapped around the man’s waist.

Sebastian gently kissed Natalie’s lips. He didn’t thrust until she stopped trembling. Then, the huge, hot penis was thrust all the way inside the woman. Natalie forgot how to breathe. When the tip of the penis reached the deepest part of her pussy, she gasped.

Sebastian took his sweet time, kissing her neck and slowly thrusting back and forth. The thick liquid mixed with blood stained the white sheet. Gradually, the pain dissipated, and Natalie also felt a strange pleasure as the penis rubbed against her vagina. She couldn’t help but pant, biting her lower lip. Sebastian bit and sucked at the skin on her shoulders and collarbone, leaving a trail of red marks.

Natalie put her arms around his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, goading him to push inside her further Sebastian’s lips made their way back to hers and their tongues intertwined. His lower body paused for a few seconds, and then he thrust inside her with all his strength.

The pain mixed with pleasure was electrifying. With bated breath, Natalie couldn’t help but gasp. After a while, Sebastian changed positions and turned the woman to his side. He propped her long leg on his shoulder and continued to thrust. They didn’t stop making love until the sun started to rise in the horizon. Exhausted, the two fell asleep in each other’s arms atop the disheveled bed.

It was already bright outside when Natalie woke up the next morning, She was sore all over, and her limbs felt like they might fall apart any second. When did she fall asleep last night?

The last thing she remembered was Sebastian on top of her

The man was an absolute beast in bed.

“Oh!” Natalie blushed as memories of their lovemaking flashed in her head. She burrowed back under the sheets.

But then the door opened, and she couldn’t help but peek over the edge of the quilt.

Sebastian sauntered in carrying a breakfast tray. He was clad in black pajama bottoms and nothing else.

Natalie’s eyes immediately went to his broad shoulders and his muscular torso. She could almost feel the warmth of his strong, hard chest under her fingertips. Sebastian set the tray down on the table and padded over to the bed. He leaned over Natalie and gently swept his thumb over her brow. “Hello, Mrs. Larson. Do you need more sleep? It’s already well past noon. If you want to keep sleeping, we can take our private plane later.” He had booked flights to Europe for their honeymoon trip.

She perked up at his teasing words, and poked his arm jokingly.

‘It’s all your fault. You’re the reason why I’m so exhausted.”

They shared a chuckle and cuddled for a moment before she asked, “Don’t you need to go to the company? Won’t the Larson

Group fall without your supervision?”

In fact, she hadn’t expected a honeymoon trip. “I took a week off,” Sebastian said, looking unbothered as he pulled her closer and rubbed her shoulders.

Hearing this, Natalie shot up in bed and grinned.

“Then, I’ll go pack and get ready right away.” She had always wanted to travel with Sebastian, but they never found the time.

he whispered and nipped her earlobe. She probably had no idea how irresistible she looked when she just woke up. It only took a single taste to get addicted to something, but once you reached that point, the matter of restraint became a constant battle.

With that said, Sebastian and Natalie stayed in the bathroom for two hours. Sure enough, they ended up taking their private jet and arrived in Europe at nine o’clock that evening. The night sky over Paris was still a light shade of blue despite the hour, and the lights of the Eiffel Tower glimmered in the surface of the River Seine. It truly was the most romantic city on earth.

By the boulevard, a tall, striking man was busy snapping pictures of a smiling woman across the pavement. Her eyes were clear and bright, lending a youthful charm to her petite frame.

“Aren’t you done yet, Sebastian?” Natalie complained. She was growing tired of smiling for the camera.

Her husband, bless his heart, seemed to be enjoying his new gadget. He looked rather adorable in his knitted wool hat and his black wool overcoat as he fiddled with the lens. Sebastian had never taken photos of other people before, much less a woman. He never had any reason to. And so, he was understandably uneasy about this particular activity. Fortunately. Natalie appeared to be pleased with the pictures when he showed them to her.

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