The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 238 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

“I understand, Miss, but you still cannot go inside. The club has been booked to accommodate the Larson Group, and it was the

CEO himself who made the arrangements.They will be having a business meeting here tonight.”

Minutes had passed, but the group was still loitering around the entrance.

Ella was upset about the whole thing, but she knew there was nothing she could do.She certainly couldn’t afford to offend anyone from the Larson Group.She took a deep breath and mustered a smile.

“Let’s just change venues, shall we? The staff told me that the whole club was booked by the Larson Group.”

They looked at each other in disappointment.

There were very few people in Seacisco who would dare to go against the Larson Group, and none of them belonged to that demographic, Just as they were preparing to leave, several lengthened black limos cruised into the club’s driveway

The cars stopped in a single file next to the entrance, and each chauffeur alighted to open the door to the backseat Men in sleek business suits and hand-made Italian leather shoes emerged one by one, looking serious and dignified, Ella’s posse gawked at them, particularly at the man in the middle.

He stood tall among his peers, with broad shoulders and sharp features.He posed an imposing figure, and his eyes were cold and distant.

“Look, look! That man is gorgeous.Is he the CEO of the Larson Group?”

Natalie was trying to send Sebastian a message, but she was jostled around by her classmates in their hushed frenzy. When she heard mention of the CEO of the Larson Group, she instantly perked up and looked over curiously.

She wasn’t sure why she did it, either.It was as though a voice at the back of her mind was nagging at her to look.

And just like that, her eyes fell on a very familiar face just a few feet away.

Natalie’s eyes widened in shock, and she murmured, “Sebastian Her classmate next to her was even more surprised “Do you know anyone over there? These people are so well dressed! They don’t look like commoners.”

Pretty soon, Natalie regained her composure and nodded in response. He’s my husband! But what is Sebastian doing here? Did he come here with his boss?

Of course, I know him wondered She turned her gaze to the side and saw Garrett standing next to Sebastian.

The man was speaking to Sebastian with a stern expression, which was quite different from his usual nonchalant attitude…

“Didn’t the receptionist say that Brandon Larson booked this place? They’re probably from the Larson Group,” her classmate whispered.

Her classmate’s words pulled Natalie back to her senses.

Thoughts reeled through Natalie’s head.

For a moment, an idea formed in her head.

Right… the only ones who can be here are senior executives of the Larson Group”

As she stared at Sebastian, her heart raced at the thought of the possibility.

The people around her husband were all staring at him with admiration and caution.

Sebastian was standing in the center, surrounded by lots of people.

Any man in that position must be the most powerful man in the Larson Group, even more powerful than the likes of Garrett There could only be one explanation.

That man was actually Brandon Larson.

Natalie stared in awe at the silver gray suit Sebastian was wearing.

It was a tailor made suit designed by a famous designer from Paris.

The fabric alone cost a fortune.

Suddenly, Natalie felt very confused.

She was wondering if that man donned in glamorous clothes was Sebastian or Brandon.

He was only a few feet away, but Natalie felt like the person before her was so distant and unreachable.

“Hey, Natalie, which one of those people do you know? Do you know who that guy in the silver suit is?”

Natalie’s classmate nudged her arm.

“I don’t,” Natalie replied, shaking her head Her classmate pouted, visibly disappointed.

“What a pity! I was hoping if you could tell me if that man in the middle is Brandon.He’s so handsome!” Natalie smiled bitterly.

She suddenly pieced it all together.She now understood why she had led a charmed life ever since she married Sebastian.

Aside from that, she no longer wondered why Brandon treated her well.

The mystery of Sebastian and Brandon’s “special relationship” was finally solved.

And most of all, she was able to understand why Brandon’s figure and facial features resembled Sebastian’s.

It turned out that Sebastian and Brandon were the same person! .

All of a sudden, Natalie was uncertain of how to face this realization. Maybe I should be happy.After all, my husband is the Larson

Group’s CEO” she remarked inwardly.

But then, she felt no joy in her heart.

Her mind was clouded at this moment.

‘I can’t understand why Sebastian had been lying to me.Is he worried that I’d ask him for money once I find out that he’s actually

Brandon?’ Rich people were always rational and utilitarian.

They were adept at weighing pros and cons.

Is Brandon trying to fool around with me as Sebastian? What’s going to happen once he’s tired of playing with me? Will he toss me side like a used napkin?’ Countless questions flooded Natalie’s mind.

She felt like she had been a fool that Sebastian had toyed with for years. She turned around, intending to leave this place the soonest that she could.


Suddenly, she heard someone’s loud voice calling her from behind.Her heart skipped a beat.She turned around once more.

There, she saw Gartet’s pale face as he looked at her through the crowd.

Now, all eyes were on her.

All the senior executives, partners of the Larson Group, and Sebastian looked at her.

Sebastian looked really tense and shocked to see her.

When Sebastian headed to the company and started his day, Garrett told him about the matter that had happened between Natalie and Patty

“Can you solve this issue?”

Sebastian went on to look through the document.

It was inconvenient for him to deal with such a trivial matter in person, since Patty was just a senior designer after all.

Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Garrett said vaguely, “The only person who can be a witness for this is Ronald.But

Ronald has made the decision to cancel the cooperation with the Larson Group.I heard that Natalie visited their company, but she didn’t even get to see Ronald there.”

After closing the file and thinking it over for a few seconds, Sebastian raised his eyes and said to Garrett, “The Larson Group is going to invite the companies we are cooperating with to have a meeting.Be sure you invite the CEO of their company.”

“Are you going to talk to him in person?”

Garrett couldn’t believe his ears.

He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart that Natalie was so lucky to have a husband who went out of his way to spoil her so much.

Hearing that Brandon was inviting him, Jacob Gentry, the CEO of Yoyo Fashion, was very happy and immediately agreed to attend.

Brandon happened to be the most popular new billionaire in Seacisco.

It would be, of course, a good thing to be on good terms with him.

Sebastian made their meeting place at the Merry Club, which was one of the best clubs in the city.

Those who showed up in this kind of place were all celebrities.

Sebastian didn’t think Natalie would actually appear here.

While Garrett was talking to Sebastian, he thought he saw a woman staring at them.

Garrett as a man was very sensitive to women.

When he saw that the back of the woman who was tuming around and was about to leave looked like Natalie’s, he immediately called out her name to stop her.

When Natalie made eye contact with Sebastian, she inexplicably became flustered and afraid The man standing before her was

Brandon Larson, the CEO of the Larson Group.

He was simply wearing different clothes as Sebastian’s, but she had the feeling that his temperament and expression had all changed noticeably.

Tears were welling up in Natalie’s eyes.

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