The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 234 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

At first, Natalie had been focused on the food, but when she glanced down by chance, she saw Ronald fumbling on Patty’s thighs.His face was almost buried in her chest.

Natalie’s seat was very close to Patty’s so she heard what Ronald had said very clearly.

A frown settled on her face at the words, and she felt uncomfortable.

She was still thinking about how to deal with the situation, when Patty smiled faintly To Natalie’s surprise, she stood up, smashed the wine glass in Ronald’s face, and spat, “You old goat! How dare you get fresh with me?! Do you think you can take advantage of me just because you are in charge of the project?”

The glass shattered against Ronald’s forehead, leaving a cut.

He covered the wound immediately and groaned in pain.

Blood and wine flowed down his face.

He was so stunned that it took him a few seconds before he raised his head again and glared at Patty.

“Are you crazy?” he shouted angrily.

“You came on to me first! You came to have dinner with me, and you’re wearing such a sexy dress on purpose! Why are you suddenly pretending to be a saint? You bitch!”

Patty’s face turned red in rage.

Not to be outdone, she responded loudly, “When did I come on to you? Bastard! You asked us out just to take advantage of us!

Spend a night with you? Why not look at yourself in the mirror first? Go fuck yourself, you disgusting old bastard!”

The two of them began exchanging fierce insults and the atmosphere in the private room became increasingly tense.

It looked like the two were close to exchanging blows, so Natalie decided to take Patty away for the time being, scared that things would escalate.

“Miss Jenkins, can you please come to the bathroom with me?”

Natalie quickly grabbed Patty’s bag from the chair and dragged her out of the private room.

The door shut behind them, cutting off Ronald’s insults as he yelled after them, and leaving the restaurant’s hallway silent.

Patty’s rage hadn’t subsided yet.

She pushed Natalie away and said, “You’re such a coward.Why didn’t you stand up to him?”

Natalie let out a helpless sigh.

Considering the fact that Patty was still in a bad mood after being harassed like that, she didn’t argue with her.

“It’s best if we aren’t in there with him right now.He’s drunk.If we really fight him, we could get seriously hurt.We’re both women after all.”

Patty didn’t respond to that.

Rolling her eyes at Natalie, she snatched her bag from her and left the restaurant still looking pissed.

The next day.

Natalie went to the company as usual.She was thinking about how to deal with the situation after Patty offended Ronald the day before, but before she came up with a solution, Tiffany came to find her.

“Natalie! I want to see you in my office, right now!” Tiffany’s eyes were full of rage.

Tiffany rarely lost her temper.It was terrifying seeing her so angry.It seemed she had heard what happened.

Trembling with fear, Natalie headed to Tiffany’s office.

When she got there, she found that Patty was already there.

Tiffany glared at the two of them and slammed the documents in her hands on the table.

“Now which one of you wants to explain to me what is going on?! Ronald called me this morning in a fit.” He said that they are canceling all plans to cooperate with us and that they would never have any contact with Larson Group’s design department ever again.

Not only that, they have made us an enemy, so they won’t just ignore us, they will go out of their way to work against us!”

Seeing the accusatory look on Tiffany’s face, Natalie didn’t know how to explain the situation, Ronald molested Patty first.

How dare we complain and act like we were in the wrong here?’ Tiffany looked unhappy Seeing that both Lanct and Patty were silent, she continued, “This collaboration is extremely important to us.

Yoyo Fashion holds a significant position in the fashion industry with a worldwide reputation and popularity But you have now offended Ronald.

It will inevitably affect the project we’re working on. They now want to call it off and the bonus of this quarter for the design department will definitely be ruined.”

Tiffany took a deep breath and cast a reproachful look at Natalie.

“What the hell is going on? I know you two had dinner with Ronald last night.What the hell happened?”

“Didn’t Ronald tell you why he wants to cancel the collaboration when he spoke to you over the phone?”

Natalie asked in confusion “He lost his temper and didn’t tell me why he canceled the cooperation.Now you tell me what happened last night so we can find a way to deal with it.”

Tiffany was incredibly distressed.

Natalie pursed her lips and glanced at Patty.

After all, she was responsible for everything.

It would be better if she explained everything. The latter dropped her gaze to the floor without uttering a word.

Patty seemed fierce last night, and Natalie believed she would own up to it soon.

Therefore, she stood aside without saying anything. Noticing that Natalie was staring at her, Patty raised her head and cast a hesitant look at Tiffany.

“Miss Fisher, can I talk to you in private?”

After a moment’s thought, Tiffany nodded before turning to look at Natalie.

“Quinn, you can leave now.!’ll call you in if I need anything.”

Natalie returned to her workstation in silence.She wondered if Tiffany would reprimand Patty.

After all, judging from Tiffany’s rage, it seemed obvious this project was important to the company.

However, what happened last night was Ronald’s fault.

She believed Tiffany, being a woman, would understand what Patty had done to protect herself.

After a long while, Patty finally walked out of Tiffany’s office. As Patty walked past Natalie’s desk, she glanced at Natalie and shook her head, her eyes full of helplessness and disappointment. The strange look in her eyes confused Natalie.

She couldn’t understand Patty’s expression, but it made her stomach churn with anticipation.

“Why is Patty staring at you that way? Did you make a mistake?”

Gerda whispered to Natalie as she munched the chips.She always ate snacks while working to help herself relax Natalie’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“I don’t know.”

Not long after, Tiffany came out of her office.She looked at Natalie and let out a weary sigh.

It looked like she wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

Finally, she returned to her office without saying a word.

Natalie could sense that Tiffany’s attitude toward her had changed.

After all, the woman gave her the same disappointing helpless look just as Patty did a while ago.

However, Natalie couldn’t understand why they were giving her strange looks for no reason.

It was not until lunchtime that Natalie realized that something odd was afoot at the office.

She had overheard a few of the senior designers talking about her in hushed tones at the canteen She couldn’t, however, clearly make out what they seemed to be gossiping about Just then, Gerda suddenly flung open the glass doors and burst into the design department She rushed to Natalie, struggling to catch her breath all the while.

She placed her hands on Natalie’s table for support and said in less than a whisper, “I heard that you was rude to Ronald Williams when you had dinner with him last night? And you even went on to physically strike him? It turns out that you are extremely hot-tempered, like a raging bull.I didn’t expect that from you in the least bit!”

Natalie was more confused than ever when she heard this.

“What on earth are you talking about? How could I ever hit someone?”

Gerda smacked her lips and pulled Natalie up to her feet.

“Forget it. don’t think I can explain properly for you to understand the gravity of the situation.Come with me and see what’s going on with your own eyes!”

After saying that, she pulled Natalie towards the stairway in the office.

Then she whispered in Natalie’s ear, “l overheard them talking about you just moments ago.”

Natalie carefully peered down the stairwell only to be met by the sight of several senior designers, the very same ones who she’d seen at the canteen.

They were complaining in a wholly unimpressed tone and clearly apportioning full blame.

“Oh, my God! How can she ever be so selfish? Now she offended the client and the result is that the project was canceled.Everyone’s bonus is in jeopardy and it is all her doing!”

“She probably did that because the man is not handsome or rich enough for her, so she doesn’t want to sleep with him.

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