The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 231 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Early that morning, after cooking some nutritious broth, Natalie delivered it to the hospital

She had become just like a supervisor, making sure that Sebastian ate on time every single day when Trank came to visit Sebastian, he even joked that he had never seen anyone gain so much weight after being hospitalized

Once Natalie was finished feeding Sebastian, she started cleaning up the table. She tied her long hair into a ponytail. revealing her neckline. She looked particularly charming at this moment.

The Adam’s apple of Sebastian bobbed up and down as he grabbed her wrist.

His body was bandaged, so only his hands could move.

“Do your wounds hunt” Natalie asked worriedly.

Sebastian stroked her fingers gently if he had more strength right now, he’d pull her into his arms and kiss her passionately

Natalie had no idea just how attractive she was to him right now

“Come here,” Sebastian said, restraining his urges,

Natalie’s eyes widened in confusion but she still leaned over, obeying his command

Just then, they heard a knock coming from the door

He glanced at the door, frowning at the sight of Patrick. The man was donned in a suit, followed by his assistant The latter was carrying several gifts in hand.

Upon seeing him. Sebastian scowled.

“Mr. Klein, don’t you think it’s rude to barge into my room without my permission

Patrick beckoned his assistant to put the gifts on the table. With his hands behind his back, he said in a heavy nasal voice, “Sebastian, is that how you’re supposed to speak to your father?”

Patrick appeared to be serious, but in truth, he felt proud to see the man his son had grown to become. It was apparent that

Sebastian had become tougher, stronger than before, and his tone was just as imposing as Patrick back when he was younger.

Sebastian looked away, leaning against the headboard in silence. Natalie stood up and continued to clean the table. She didn’t like the Kleins; in fact, she disliked anyone who mistreated Sebastian.

While watching her clean the table beside Sebastian, Patrick guessed that she must be the Quinn family’s daughter.

“Miss Quinn, please leave us. I’d like to talk to Sebastian alone,” Patrick commanded with a condescending stare. Natalie pursed her lips, glanced at Sebastian, put away the tableware, and nodded.

But before she could leave, Sebastian grabbed her wrist.

“Natalie is my wife. Whatever you have to say to me, she has the right to hear it too. Now, if you wish to say something, go ahead,” he said calmly. a Anger surged in Patrick’s heart. He couldn’t figure out what was on Sebastian’s mind anymore.

Suppressing his anger, Patrick asked, “Sebastian, why did the helicopter of the Larson Group come to save you?”

Sebastian let go of Natalie’s wrist, put his hands behind his head, and nonchalantly replied, “The Klein family is powerful, isn’t it? You should figure out the reason already, so why bother asking me? Besides, the incident has already been reported on the news.

The Larson Group also made a statement that their helicopter just happened to pass by and saved me along the way.”

Patrick appeared dignified as he stood beside the bed, offering not a shred of fatherly love. “Do you think I’ll believe that bullshit?”

After a pause, he asked in a more powerful voice, “How are you connected to Brandon?”

“Why are you asking me that?” Sebastian looked up They were both equally daunting in a sonorous, powerful voice, Patrick replied, “As you know, the Larson Group is now the biggest enemy of the Klein family li you have any special connection to Brandon, perhaps you can help the Klein family .And if you make a great contribution, I’ll consider taking you back into the Klein family”

Back when Sebastian was nine years old, he came to Patrick, wanting to live in the Klein household. He was on his own for many years. For those reasons, Patrick believed that Sebastian longed to become a part of the Klein household

“Do you really think I’d want to go back to the Klein family?” Sebastian sneered.

Patrick asked, “Don’t you want to come back? Isn’t that why you came to your grandmother’s birthday party?”

Sebastian shook his head and clicked his tongue, like he had just heard the funniest thing in the world, “You’re quite confident. I

really want to know why you think I’d want you to take me back to the Klein household That family means nothing to me now,”

Sebastian declared sternlys.

Patrick had not expected to hear such words from Sebastian His son‘s eyes were just as cold and disdainful as that woman‘s had been. Sebastian’s expression was so much like Sylvia‘s that for one brief moment, Patrick felt as though he had been transported back to the past.

He could certainly see her in their son It took Patrick a while to snap out of his daze. Embarrassed by Sebastian’s dismissive attitude toward him, he couldn‘t help but lash out.

“You’d better think it over carefully.Don‘t act all arrogant and just be grateful for my offer.Once you come home, we will recognize you as a member of the Klein family, and your situation will definitely change for the better.”

The way he saw it, he was already being more than gracious by making this offer.

If his son had any sense, he would gladly accept the opportunity and make the most of it.

But Sebastian was done talking to Patrick.

He touched Natalie’s hand and said, “See Mr.Klein out for me.”

He was clearly sending Patrick away.

As for Natalie, she didn’t like the man at all.He might look and sound like a decent, rich man, but his hands were tainted with blood.

Patrick had raped an innocent woman, and abandoned her and their child in the years that followed. They all knew that he was only trying to cozy up to Sebastian now because of his selfish interests.

Contrary to what he had been expecting, however, Sebastian had no regard for the Klein family whatsoever.

Without missing a beat, Natalie strode over to the door and opened it before gesturing at Patrick

“Please, Mr.Klein,” she said in a chilly voice that could rival Sebastian‘s.

Patrick was beyond mortified at this point. This couple had actually dared to give him the cold shoulder.

Him, of all people

The shameless Quinn girl was just as brazen as his bastard son.

Patrick struggled to compose himself.He refused to lose his cool in front of these insolent youngsters.

“Don’t worry, I can manage by myself,” he scoffed.

Just before he walked out of the room, he glanced back at Sebastian with a last reminder.

“I’m warning you, Sebastian, if you blow this chance, you will never get another one. Yau may never step into the threshold of the

Klein residence for the rest of your life. You—”

He was cut off as Natalie unceremoniously slammed the door on his face.

“I can‘t believe a man could be this mean,” she grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.

“You’re still his son! The least he could have done was to be courteous and respectful.He doesn’t deserve to be anybody’s elder.” A surprised grin broke out on Sebastian’s face.

He hadn’t seen her so worked up before.It was adorable.He leaned back against the headboard and studied She bristled under his scrutinizing gaze, and she awkwardly averted her eyes.

Her husband was an enigma, really.

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