The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 230 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Soon, Garrett told Sebastian everything he found out.

They had their own theory about who had hired that truck driver. The man had once delivered seafood for clients who lived in high-end gated communities, and the Klein family was on his customer list. But still, it couldn’t really prove anything.

The Kleins could argue that he was just a delivery man and they didn’t even really know him.

“Without concrete evidence, it’s impossible to link the fire incident to the Klein family.” The case was a little complicated.

Although the clues seemed to lead to the Klein family, it was not enough.

For a moment, Sebastian fell silent. Then he put down the documents he was holding and looked ahead, expressionless. Garrett couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

“Elissa has always liked this kind of dirty trick. I have long expected that she would make a move since the day we came back from Grandma’s birthday party.”

Elissa had always wanted to get rid of Sebastian ever since she first knew his existence. Sebastian had been keeping a low profile through the years, so that Elissa wouldn’t feel threatened and just let him be.

However, when he was at Nora’s birthday party last time, Elissa must have sensed something about him had changed and she was all vigilant again. “You think Elissa is behind this? Do you think they have found out how you are related to the Larson Group?” Garrett looked dead serious as well.

Having no idea what Sebastian had been through during childhood, he didn’t know exactly what Elissa could do to the latter. “I don’t think so. But one thing is for sure; Elissa won’t stop here. Sadly, we don’t have any conclusive evidence yet. And even if we do, it will be hard to put Elissa behind bars because of the Klein family’s influence.”

Looking at Sebastian, who was lying on the bed with an indifferent look on his face, Garrett asked with doubt, “Do you mean that we should do nothing? This isn’t you.”

Sebastian’s most terrifying and frustrating quality was that he could conceal his thoughts and feelings so well that no one could guess. ‘Are you gaing to let them go just like that?” Sebastian closed his eyes for a few seconds and opened them again. This time, they looked sharper than swords. His smile also added to his domineering aura.

“The Larson Group will hinder the Klein family’s business from now on. We will leave them nothing.”

Out of all people, he should know that the best way to get back at Elissa was to bring down the Klein family first

Sebastian had been doing it for a decade now. The Larson Group was his most powerful weapon, and he must be very careful with what he was going to do next

When Sebastian was trapped on the rooftop, he had to call for the Larson Group’s helicopter. The news would reach

Elissa for sure. She probably saw him as a bigger threat now if she knew he didn’t die in the fire, she would make a move again.

When that happened, Sebastian would make sure he was fully prepared to fight back

“Okay! This is more like it, buddy! We haven’t done anything big in the past few years. It’s getting boring. But now!” Garrett said with a grin.

One thing he liked about Sebastian the most was his determination. If it was someone else who told him about taking down the

Klein family, he would have laughed at that person.

But since it was Sebastian who said that, Garret believed in him. He knew that the former never failed once he set his mind to something.

Ritchie, who just came home from Tester Silk Fabric, sat down on the sofa with his legs crossed. It could be seen on his face that

Ritchie was in a bad mood as he smoked his cigarette. Suddenly, he spat and cursed, “Damn it! Apparently, a chopper from the *** Larson Group rescued Sebastian from the fire that son of a bitch is still alive!”

Llissa was playing bridge with several ladies in the living room when her son arrived She was infuriated by Ritchie’s impoliteness, but she pretended to be calm and said to her friends, “My son is here. Let’s play next time”

As much as the nich ladies wanted to complain, they couldn’t. Elissa was the hostess of the Klein family and this was her house, so they had no choice but to obey her and leave. Once all her friends were gone, Elissa stood up and walked up to

Ritchie. Sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder what he had learned during his years abroad.

It cost her an arm and leg to send him abroad to study. But when he came back, she hadn’t seen any improvement at all.

Instead, he kept swearing every day just like those uneducated hooligans.

“How many times do I have to remind you to be polite? This is Seacisco. Everyone here knows you. You are Ritchie Klein! Don’t be so arrogant.” Elissa reprimanded Ritchie for his lack of manners.

But aside from her son’s bad habits, he was perfect in her eyes. After all, he was so much like her, from body to mind

‘I’ve asked my people to find out about what happened. It was just a coincidence. Larson Group has also publicly announced that their helicopter was just passing by at that time. When they saw someone was trapped in the fire. they saved the man, who happened to be Sebastian in this case.”

“Is that guy really so lucky?” There was a trace of doubt in Ritchie’s voice.

With a sneer, Elissa replied, “We both know that’s just bullshit. I believe either Natalie or Sebastian is close with Brandon. They must be so close that the Larson Group sent a helicopter to rescue him.”

“What? I don’t think so. How could Brandon have something to do with those two worthless people? Even when I was abroad, I still pay attention to what was happening in Seacisco. I know that Brandon is a promising rich man.” Ritchie didn’t believe that

Brandon could be related to Sebastian and Natalie at all.

“Those are just some rumors and gossip made for the like of you. Maybe it’s just the marketing method of the Larson Group. You know, keeping their boss mysterious to keep the public interested,” Elissa pointed out.

Rumors never deceived Elissa. She only believed what she had seen with her own eyes. After months of preparing, it was a shame she couldn’t get Sebastian this time.

Fortunately, she didn’t leave any evidence that could point to her. And even if there was evidence, no one could easily catch Elissa Klein. In the middle of their conversation, Elissa’s phone rang

“Madam, it’s from Mr. Klein.” The servant handed the phone to Elissa.

“Are you coming home for dinner, Patrick?” A smile formed on Elissa’s lips.

“No, I’m going to have dinner with the directors tonight. By the way, prepare something that I could bring when I visit Sebastian in the hospital tomorrow,” Patrick said in a serious tone, seemingly uninterested with having dinner at home.

Hearing Sebastian’s name, Elissa was stunned, It was the first time that she heard from Patrick that he wanted to see Sebastian. Perhaps he had also realized that Sebastian had a deep relationship with Brandon and he could use it to their advantage.

“Alright, I’ll prepare everything. I heard that Sebastian was seriously injured this time. I’m also thinking about visiting him. I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea.” Although Elissa said sa, there was no hint of worry on her face at all. While listening to the two, Ritchie thought that this might be a good opportunity for them to finish Sebastian. So after the call, he said to Elissa, “Shall we plot another plan, Mom? I don’t believe that Sebastian can always be lucky!”

“Of course, we have to kill Sebastian no matter what.” Determination mixed with cruelty flashed through Elissa’s eyes.

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