The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 224 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

It seemed as though Sebastian hadn’t come back yet.

Fortunately, the company was just a ten minute walk away from where she lived.

She could drop by the company again to get her keys.

It was already late at night when she arrived at the company building.

There were only a few floors which still had lights on. As soon as she entered the building, she noticed the CEO’s elevator door opening from a distance.

The person inside was coming out of the elevator.

It looked like Brandon had just gotten off work.

Natalie took out her phone to check if she had received a response from him, but it turned out that she still didn’t get any replies.

She was lucky that she ran into him here by accident.

She could just ask him her question face to face.

If he really did help her, she wanted to take this opportunity to ask him why he helped and thank him properly for it.

Brandon had help her several times before and all she had done was to send him messages of gratitude.

She had never expressed her gratitude to him in person.

To her, it felt like she was being insincere.

In the distance, Brandon was surrounded by several men in black suits.

He was also dressed in a suit and leather shoes.

Just as he was about to walk out of the elevator, his eyes swept across the door and noticed her.

Brandon’s eyebrows knitted together.

He paused for a moment and said, “I forgot a document upstairs.I’m gonna go upstairs and get it.”

If the men were to listen carefully enough, they would be able ta hear that Brandon was frantic.

Thereafter, Brandon turned around and shuffled back to the elevator.

His bodyguards followed him back inside.

When Natalie saw that he went back to the elevator, she strode over to him and shouted, “Wait, Mr.Larson! It’s me, Natalie Quinn!”

But as soon as she ran fo the elevator door, it was already closing.

She pressed the button and peered through the closing door.

Brandon was turning his face away, but she noticed that he looked exactly like Sebastian.

As Natalie stood at the door of the elevator, she was stunned.She was about to take a closer look at him, but Brandon had already turned his back to her and the door had closed.

It never occurred to Natalie thal Brandon had the same looks at her own husband, Sebastian, who geldom dressed up and was highly neglectful of his appearance. She wished she could rush up and sing open the door so that she could take a closer look.

She even wanted to barge headlong into the CEO’s office and spin Brandon around to face her so that she could see exactly what he looked like. But she wasn’t that bold.

After all, Brandon was the CEO of the Larson Group, and was her boss’s boss.She dared not offend him in the slightest.She hadn’t managed to catch a glimpse of his entire face.She had just caught a fleeting look at his side profile But she was convinced that her eyes hadn’t deceived her.

Brandon’s side profile looked so similar to Sebastian’s, plus they were almost at the same height.

Were there really two people who looked so like in this world? Just then, Natalie received a message from Brandon on her phone.

“Natalie, why are you under the impression that I have everything to do with what’s happening in your life? The Larson Group isn’t responsible for your life.As for Emani, I just found out about what happened to her this morning from my assistant.”

Judging from his frigid tone, Natalie knew that he had made it clear that he didn’t have anything to do with what had happened with Emani. But this was not a big deal anymore.

The thing that was consuming her mind was the fact that Brandon and Sebastian looked like spitting images of one another.

And just now, she had already noticed that Brandon was deliberately avoided meeting her.He had just come out of the elevator.

Why did he suddenly turn around and go back in the instant his eyes fell on her? It was quite peculiar indeed.

However, it was not appropriate for her to ask him such a question.

If he denied it, it would make her look like a narcissist, wouldn’t it? Natalie had no choice but to text him back politely.

“I’m sorry, Mr.Larson.Perhaps I over thought this whole thing.I happened to be in the company just now and I saw you going upstairs.Could I invite you to join me for dinner? You have helped me so many times before.I want to thank you properly in person.”

After sending the message, Natalie became overwhelmed by nerves.

Somehow, she thought of Sebastian’s face again.

Brandon looked exactly like him.

Brandon replied immediately this time, “I just received an urgent meeting invitation. need to leave the country soon and I will be very busy for the next few days.”

That explained why he suddenly turned around and went back into to the elevator just moments ago.

Staring at the message from Brandon, Natalie frowned thoughtfully, She didn’t believe there could ever be such a coincidence.

She had seen it clearly just now with her own two eyes.

As soon as Brandon saw her, he walked into the elevator without looking back But it was too far away, so she hadn’t really got to see his face clearly until she rushed over and the elevator door almost closed.

However, seeing such a reply, there was nothing more Natalie could say.

After all, Brandon was her boss.She couldn’t demand that he have dinner with her.

“Okay.I’ll thank you in person when you are free someday.”

She pursed her lips.She really had no choice but to go to her desk and get her keys.

Staring at the closed elevator door, she felt regretful, but her hands were tied.

She took out her phone and called Sebastian. Since she couldn’t ask Brandon, she could at least ask Sebastian about it.

Sebastian stood in the elevator, all stiff and tense. His fear lingered at the back of his head He had been sweating so much that his shirt had already stuck to his back. He had never expected to meet Natalie here, of all places. He hadn’t even figured out how to tell her the truth yet.

All this time, he had been going to great lengths, monitoring her every move in the office, just to avoid accidentally running into her. Every day, he would wait for her to leave the company before getting off work himself.

And whenever Natalie needed to clock in some overtime, Sebastian made sure to leave after she did. That afternoon, Natalie had sent him a message saying that she was going to have coffee with Kent.

Sebastian had been in the middle of a meeting with the senior executives, so he hadn’t even been able to reply to her Once the meeting was done, he had proceeded to go over the financial statements and make the necessary revisions.

It had taken him a while before he could finally call it a day.

He had felt safe taking the CEO’s elevator under the foolish presumption that Natalie would either be at the coffeehouse or on her way home by now.

Sebastian had never expected her to suddenly return to the company.

Just before the elevator reached the top floor, Sebastian received another message from Natalie.

She was asking about Emani.

To begin with, he had no intentions to use Brandon’s name in helping Natalie with this issue, since it wouldn’t make any sense He could only reply her coldly, saying that it had nothing to do with Brandon or the Larson Group As the elevator door slid to a close between them earlier, Sebastian realized that Natalie was staring at him through the gap.

He knew then that she had seen his face.

Although surprised at first, he immediately averted his eyes and turned away.

A few seconds after that, his phone pinged.

Natalie was inviting Brandon to dinner.

She offered to meet him in person and treat him to a meal, which could only mean that she had begun to suspect him It wasn’t the right time to tell her the truth, however, so he had no choice but to make up some excuse and decline her offer Sure enough, as soon as Natalie was rejected by Brandon, she called Sebastian.

Sebastian yanked his tie off his neck.

“Yes, is everything all right?” He spoke in the same old, relaxed voice he always used around her

“What time are you coming home?”

Natalie asked in a casual tone that made it difficult to tell how she was actually feeling “Do you have to work overtime every day now?”

Sebastian clenched his fist and cleared his throat.

“I don’t think I’ll be home until a while later,” he said calmly.

“I was just wrapping up my work for the day.”

After saying their goodbyes, Sebastian rushed into his office and made a beeline for the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the streets below.

When he finally spotted Natalie walking out of the company building, he let out a long sigh. He waited for another half hour before heading home.

Sebastian stepped into their house and was greeted by the sight of Natalie sitting in the middle of the sofa, her legs crossed, her arms folded over her chest.

Her eyes had been fixed on his face since he opened the door, and it trailed him as he moved across the foyer.

“It’s getting colder and colder, huh?” Sebastian said lightly as he took off his coat.

His hair was disheveled, and dark locks hung low over his brow. He looked like some debonair entrepreneur trying to try his luck out in the big world. He padded over to the rug and lazily shook the snow off his coat.

Despite his outward composure, Sebastian was practically shaking inside.

He wasn’t sure he was ready to face Natalie’s questions just yet.It didn’t help that she kept staring at him, either.

After a long, tense silence, Natalie took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

Her voice rang loud and clear.

“Sebastian Klein!”

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