The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 223 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Turning around, she attempted to leave.

“Can you ignore what I just said? I was joking.”

Kent said, obviously flustered by her rejection Natalie bit her lips to stifle her laughter as she thought, “Why does he look so silly?

The two of them walked into the coffeehouse. While they were in the coffeehouse, Natalie paid more attention to her phone than Kent even though they were sitting opposite each other, so he said, “Hey, I am sitting right here, but you have been checking your phone since we got here.That’s rather rude, you know?”

When she heard that, Natalie raised her head and smiled, “I am so sorry I was just checking in with my husband.”

The disappointment in Kent’s voice was obvious as he asked, “So you are on good terms?”

“Of course.”

Natalie’s excitement was obvious in her voice and she didn’t realize she had answered without any hesitation Kent’s eyebrows were raised as he ordered two lattes before handing the menu back to the waiter.

Suddenly he asked Natalie, “Who has been helping you all this while? Who’s the person to you?”

Natalie bit her lower lip and asked, “What do you mean? It’s just a rumor, and there’s no need to take it seriously.”

“I really think someone is backing you because someone brought Emani down right after you were cyberbullied. That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?”

“No.I think someone else had been plotting against her, and they just took that opportunity to bring her down,” Natalie said with a sigh.

“It could’ve also been a reporter who just wanted the spotlight.” Kent realized Natalie was really naive.

He pressed his elbows against the table and sat up as he said, “You are really simple, aren’t you? If there’s something I know about the entertainment industry, it is that ordinary paparazzi will never get their hands on so many big secrets on one star.Even if they do, they would usually let it out immediately for their readers to enjoy. However, for someone to have found out so many of

Emani’s secrets in such a short time, he must be a big shot.”

“How is that even possible?” Natalie managed to look calm, even though Kent’s words got to her.

Her first thought was that it could be Brandon.

He was the only person she could think of who was that powerful and would try to help her.

Still, she refused to believe he would do this for her.

When she thought about the fact that he had helped her again and again, however, Natalie began to wonder if it was really him.

She decided to ask him about it later.

When he saw that she was lost in thought, Kent knew that his words had gotten to her.

He laughed out loud and joked, “If you have such a powerful supporter, why haven’t you left your loser of a husband? Is it because you don’t actually love your backer? Not a problem though. You’ll find a way to fall in love with this backer of yours I’m sure, Or is it because it’s just pure business from the very beginning? In that case, I can be your new backer and you can marry me.That’’s also an option.”

With one hand supporting his chin, Kent said the last sentence with a seemingly gentle and sincere expression on his face.

Although it was apparent that he was just joking around, Natalie could tell that he was somewhat serious ‘Wait, serious?’ she thought to herself.

How could he of all men be serious about anyone? He probably just wanted to see her panic and embarrassment in response to his jest with a smile.

Natalie supported her face by placing her hands on her cheeks, and responded in a sugary voice.

“If I really did get divorced, Mr Perkins, would you marry me? Kent’s heart skipped a beat and then started racing when he saw her smile. However, he didn’t know what to say to her question He had to admit that he was dumbstruck by her words.

Marry her? Marriage was something that he had never given the slightest thought He had been playing the field for years and it never occurred to him once to get hitched He had toyed with the idea that someday his parents might perhaps ask him to marry a woman of their choosing of equal status to their own family But that was something he thought was in the distant future,

However, when he heard Natalie’s question just now, he thought about it for a while and was shocked to find that he actually could live with this idea.

When she noticed that he wasn’t going to answer, she burst into laughter and said, “Don’t make such a joke, alright? How could aman like you ever marry me? Besides, I won’t divorce my husband just because he is poor.He is a good wonderful guy.”

When she said this, her eyes were full of sincere seriousness.

The smile on Kent’s face froze.

“Thank you for helping me so many times, but you’d better give up on me.I won’t ever cheat on my husband,” Natalie said with firm conviction

“Can we be friends then?” Kent smiled and said calmly.

“Miss Quinn?”

“My friends are all decent and kind-hearted people. They don’t play with women’s feelings to get them in bed,” Natalie said after considering his proposal Kent was rendered speechless.

He then complained, “What are you talking about? I can’t get you off my mind and I haven’t been with a woman for three days already.”

Natalie covered her smile with her hand but her smile was still apparent from the crinkles at the corners of her eyes.

Perhaps she felt that it was wholly inappropriate for her to smile at this juncture.She pursed her lips momentarily and then said,

“Okay, keep up then.But I suppose it will be difficult.”

The waiter served them two cups of coffee.

The pleasant aroma of roasted coffee beans filled the cold, wintery air.

After saying thanks to the waiter, Natalie took a few sips of her coffee and turned to look at the clock on the wall of the coffeehouse.

With the coffee still in her grasp, she said, “It’s getting late.I’m going to head home now.”

Knowing that he had no reason to ask her to stay, Kent gently replied, “Alright. had fun.”

After paying the bill, Natalie left the shop.

Kent’s coffee was still untouched.He watched Natalie’s receding figure, filled with newfound bitterness.

Right after Natalie walked out of the cafe, she started thinking about Brandon Kent wouldn’t joke about this.

And besides, his words do make sense of the paparazzi have Emani’s secrets, they wouldn’t be hiding it for so long without a good reason”

“Could it really be Brandon again this time?”

Natalie muttered as she looked up at the sky and the falling snow from above Her eyes soon dimmed.She fished out her phone and looked for his number.

It had been so long since they last spoke to each other.

The last time he texted her was to tell her about the bonus.She soon texted him a message.

This time, she was determined to know the truth.

Though she wasn’t the smartest person in the world, she wasn’t stupid either.She knew that Brandon wouldn’t help her for no reason.

He probably had a purpose and she wanted to know what it was.

Brandon didn’t respond immediately.

In fact, her message remained unread for quite a while.

And so, she put her phone back into her pocket.

It was getting dark outside.

Oddly enough, she realized she hadn’t received any response for the message she sent to Sebastian, either Upon arriving at home,

Natalie rummaged through her bag for a few minutes, but her keys were nowhere to be found.

She scratched the back of her head, trying to figure out where she might’ve left it.

Then, she remembered that she was in a hurry to get off work, so she must’ve left her keys on the desk in the office, She leaned against the door, ringing the doorbell a few times.

But then, nobody answered.

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