The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 220 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

When Emani saw these hateful comments, she was so infuriated that she snapped in the room, and screamed shrilly, “You psychos.I have never asked you to do anything! It’s none of my business what you decide to do!”

After cursing, she immediately paid some people to put in good words for her on the Internet But her tactic didn’t work.

This had gone viral across the Internet.

The next morning, her company sent a car to pick her up to take her to their offices.

Emani had stayed up all night from the sheer stress of the situation.

There were dark circles under her eyes.

“I was wronged.The news Kirby revealed was mostly made up by him!”

Emani still wanted to defend herself.

The PR manager didn’t believe a single word she uttered.

They had been working all through last night trying to do damage control so that they could make the topic about Emani subside.

However, many people who had been hurt by Emani in the past also took the opportunity to take a stand and speak out against her.

It was then when the PR department realized that this might not just be a coincidence.

Emani might have offended some big shot, who was taking revenge on her.

After all, why else would all the people she ever bullied just appear online to point fingers at her overnight?

After the PR department weighed both the pros and cons, they discovered that Emani was in a fix and that it would be hard to get her out of this situation.

Since she had offended someone higher-up, it was not worth it to have the entire company go down with her.

Even though she was a popular actress now, they had no other choice but to let her go.

Furthermore, newcomers came into the industry every day.

They could always cultivate a brand-new star after her.

The company had given their final decision to Ruby, who was Emani’s agent.

“Ruby, did you hear from them yet? What did they say? Just say the word and I’ll hold a press conference to clarify the whole matter.”

Emani’s eyes were still swollen from all the crying.

Ruby let out a long sigh.

“You’re in a lot of trouble now.Everyone is talking about you.After careful discussion, the company has decided to terminate its contract with you. You happened to start the whole thing,’s best if you just walk away right now.”

Emani was shocked to hear that.

“So you’re saying that you’re going to dump me?”

Ruby said with indifference plastered all over her face, “Emani, just look at yourself and the mess you’ve gotten yourself into. How do you expect us to save you now? When you signed the contract with the company, you promised you would maintain a good image. You brought everything upon yourself today.”

After that, she walked off with the contract and left.

Emani was feeling so emotional that she was on the cusp of breaking down.She sat there in her seat in a daze for a long time and decided to call Ritchie for help.She believed that Ritchie would heip her out in her time of need.

After all, it was him who asked her to frame Natalie and who promised to make her more famous after she did that.

However, as soon as Ritchie answered her call, Emani heard him say with a sigh, “Emani, how dare you call me right now? I

heard you did so many bad things.I have to say, I happen to be very disappointed in you.”

Emani was at a loss for words.

“Mr.Klein, it goes without saying, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.I had no idea Kirby would leak all that news about me.They should’ve been hidden well.Mr.Klein, please help me out this one time-.After this, I’ll be all yours for the taking!”

“Unfortunately, I don’t need you anymore, Emani. You brought this to yourself. There’s nothing I can do to help you out.”

His words were cutting and ruthless.

After that, he hung up the phone before Emani could say another word.

Emani stared at the blank screen in utter disbelief, her beautiful eyes opening wide.

She clenched her teeth tightly and said, “What a bastard!”

While cursing him, she kept calling Ritchie but was not able to reach him again.

Obviously, she had been blocked by him.

Later, Klein Silk Fabric issued a statement that they had terminated their contract with Emani because of her immoral behaviors earlier.

After she was sent home by her assistant, Emani was so enraged that she took out a bottle of red wine from the cupboard, opened it, and gulped almost the entire bottle down.

The dark red liquid leaked out of the corner of her lips and stained her dress.

Emani was kneeling on the ground, her eyes bloodshot as she cursed, “Those righteous snobs! when I was famous, everyone came to bask in my light.Now that I’m down and out, no one is willing to even help me!”

Her assistant listened without saying a word.

Things had always been this way.

Everyone in the showbiz happened to be a snob.She then directed her next words to Emani.

“Emarni, it’s required that I take all the clothes, bags and accessories back.All these items belong to the brand companies, who are asking us to return them.”

“Take them and leave immediately!”

Emani glared daggers at her and shouted out loud.

Not only was her reputation destroyed and that she had been abandoned by everyone closest to her, but she also had to pay a huge penalty.

She was about to break down very soon.

The assistant left Emani’s place with the clothes and other things in her arms.

After she closed the door behind her, she looked at Emani again and what she saw made her very sad.

It was like she was looking at a rose that had just withered.

At the Klein family home.

After hanging up with Emani, Ritchie took a sip of his brandy.

The bronze liquid burned his throat, but that was the least of his problems.

He tried to bite down the anger that surged from the deepest parts of his mind and miserably failed.

“Fuck! That crazy woman! Why would she call me at this juncture? Did she want to bring me down with her?”

Elissa had just gotten home after playing cards with her rich girlfriends and found Ritchie sitting at the garden and fuming with rage.

She frowned, walked over to him, and asked, “What’s wrong? Is it about business? Did the board members pick on you again?”

“They dare not.I’m a Klein.Only fools pick on Kleins.It’s Sebastian’s wife.She keeps making trouble for Klein Silk Fabric.Damn it! I

really have to teach that bitch a lesson!”

Ritchie was an irritable man who always did things on impulse.He never let go of anyone who made him unhappy.

Elissa strode gracefully in front of Ritchie and faced him.

With a stern look on her face, she raised a finger and poked Ritchie in the forehead.

“So you’re fighting with women now? That’s what losers do.”

omen nc Ritchie rubbed his forehead and complained, “There must be someone helping her, Mom! When we tried to frame

Natalie, someone contacted Kirby Wilde to dig up dirt on Emani.I know how the entertainment industry works, and I know what the fans can do.I thought I could finally bring down Natalie, but someone immediately targeted Emani.I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.Natalie must have a very powerful backer.”

Elissa had also been following the news.

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