The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 219 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

“I have been friends with Director Hinks for many years.Apparently, he’s been looking for someone to play the lead actress in his new movie.! will recommend you to him.”

Marion Hinks was a well-known director in the film industry, whose movies boasted a considerable roster of world-famous movie stars.

Emani’s voice rose with excitement.

“Really? Thank you so much, Mr.Klein!”

Ritchie hung up the phone with a smile.

Emani was completely immersed in joy.

Just then, her agent opened the door from the outside and came into her room in a hurry, seemingly frightened.

“Something horrible has happened! Wait! Why are you still laughing?”

The smile on Emani’s face hadn’t disappeared in the slightest bit.

She was even imagining how she would receive the prize for best actress of the year at an International Film Festival.

“What happened? Calm down.” Emani said, as she casually lay across the bed.

“Why are you still lying there?! Get up and put on your clothes.Are you aware that the company has already started an emergency PR meeting?”

The agent’s face turned bright crimson with rage.

She pulled Emani to sit up in the bed and with a roar, she said, “Why are you so dumb? Why couldn’t you just sleep at night, like a normal person? Why did you have to post that comment and cause trouble for everyone?”

“What are you going on about?”

Emani enquired with utter confusion, “What’s going on? I did post a tweet just now, but it was a great one, wasn’t it? The fans are angrier at that bitch than ever now.”

Her agent was pacing around the room anxiously.

“It’s not about that. The fans might not be able to see what you were trying to do, but Kirby Wilde, that paparazzo, was somehow irked by what you had posted.In response, he’s been posting all the bad news about you and they’ve all gone viral now!”

Emani was dumbstruck.She quickly lifted the covers off herself and jumped off the bed to her feet.

“Let me see!”

The agent flung the phone in front of her and said, “Well, see for yourself! I have told you time and time again to behave yourself. Why can’t you be more sensible? You have executed a myriad of atrocious deed and we spent copious amounts of time and money covering it up. You should have been very careful after all we’ve had to do! Why do you have to make trouble for everyone?”

Emani hurriedly clicked on Kirby’s post to see for herself.

In the article, Kirby specifically pointed out Emani’s intention in posting what she had said to paint herself as the victim and the other woman the vicious bitch.

Kirby also implied that Emani had probably devised this plan and purposely put on this show.

He also exposed the fact that Emani had been sleeping with men to secure roles in plays, as well as bullying other actresses.

There were other extensive details of her misdeeds.

There were even pictures and videos to prove it.

“How did he get his hands on such foolproof evidence?”

Emani was so flustered that her voice was trembling with anxiety.

With a frigid look, the agent said, “He has been a paparazzo for years. You should know his reputation of having brought down several A-listers to their knees.If he resolves to take someone down, he ensures he gets solid, irrefutable evidence so that the person will never be able to get back up again.”

Emani felt as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

She stumbled backwards to the bed, her face ghastly pale. Her phone rang endlessly.Her agent’s phone was also incessantly bombarded with call after call.

Each call was from a different one of their business partners, cancelling their endorsements and contracts with Emani.

The agent shook her phone at Emani and said, “I’ve never seen an actress as stupid as you.

Look at how many people are calling me.

I was called and informed on my way here that all the brands that have endorsement deals with you want to cancel the contracts and sue you for damages for their losses! Emani, you have ruined your own career! You have no one else to blame!”

The agent was so overwhelmed by the calls that she was filled with frustration and had to just turn off her phone.

It finally dawned upon Emani the facts of the matter when she heard her agent’s words.

Flustered, she held a corner of her agent’s clothes and asked pathetically with sobs, “Ruby, what should we do now?”

Ruby, her agent, was also utterly flustered and said, “It’s what you should you do now! There is an endless flow of newcomers into the industry and they are either apt at acting or very attractive.After you are gone, I will be assigned to someone new.To put it bluntly, you are replaceable.”

Emani was terrified by her words.

Tears filled her eyes to the brim and threatened to overflow down her cheeks.

“Ruby, you can’t just give up on me like this, and leave me high and dry.You have been my agent since I came into the industry!”

What Ruby had said was just her anger talking in the heat of the moment.

Emani could be remarkably stupid sometimes.

She had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, but she still didn’t understand how things worked.

If no one had anything on her, then it never would have got to this point.

However, she had done so many horrible and dumb things, and her colleagues in the industry were privy to it.It was just that they all had their own secrets, so no one bothered to expose hers.

Kirby was a famous paparazzo and he knew exactly what kind of person Emani was.

He easily figured out the intention of her post tonight and decided to do something about it.

Although Ruby said that she was going to give up on Emani, she still felt sorry for her plight.

After all, Emani had gone through a lot.

She would have made an A-lister if she worked hard and starred in a few more movies.

But now…

“Well, wipe away your tears.Every star has their own secrets that the public don’t know of.Let’s try to get past this phase first before we do anything else,” Ruby said icily and walked out of the room.

Emani was left all to herself in the room.

She sat on the bed in a state of complete desperation.

She took out her phone and logged onto her Twitter profile again, but this time, she was in a totally different mood.

Under Kirby’s posts, she saw several comments that were cursing her.

“I have long thought that Emani is a terrible person.She’s just a scheming bitch; how dare she act like she was a victim here?

You know, there had been numerous pictures of her sleeping with different directors.( heard that one of the directors’ wives was pregnant when her husband cheated on her with Emani, and the wife committed suicide!”

“Kirby never lies.He always has evidence for anything he says.He has been a paparazzo for years, and he must know something we don’t.Why else would he take Natalie’s side out of nowhere? This whole thing must be Emani’s plot!”

“Wow, Emani is so vicious.She used her fans to attack an innocent woman.How could she resort to such a dirty trick? It’s disgusting!”

Some netizens who had been on her side began to turn against her because of the proof they had seen.

Moreover, a lot of her fans had declared that they would stop following her.

“I’m no longer her fan now.She’s beautiful, but she’s a terrible excuse for a human being.”

“We have been cursing Natalie Quinn for your sake! It turns out you have been using us! You bitch!”

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