The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 212 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

“You’re a very charming person.No matter where you are and who you meet, you’re bound to be fortunate.I won’t refuse your praise, though.If you say that I’m the one who brought you good luck, then who am I to argue? But if that’s the case, then shouldn’t you be thanking me for the blessing?”

At the back of Natalie’s mind, a voice was telling her that she had missed something.

She wanted to discover what it was, but her thoughts were currently in a jumble, and she had no idea where to even begin.

She then figured if she couldn’t determine what it was, then it must be nothing important.

There was no need to strain herself over something so trivial After dismissing the voice in her head, Natalie rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“I may have praised you, but I can’t believe you really ran away with it and took it to another level.For your information, Sebastian, you’re also lucky to have married me.Extremely so.”

He burst out laughing.

What she said did make a lot of sense.

If he were really the dirt-poor nobody that he was pretending to be, then it would indeed be a great fortune to have married Natalie.

Of course, he considered himself lucky either way.

Natalie was a priceless treasure in his eyes.

“You’re right; I am lucky.I’ve been married for half a year, and have been abstinent for just as long. am so very lucky.”

Sebastian flashed her a wicked grin, his eyes glinting with mischief.

Natalie almost fell into a daze before she caught herself.She ducked her head and focused on her food for the remainder of the meal.

A few days later, Laney was finally getting charged from the hospital-again.

Natalie had more insight this time.

She called Garrett in advance and asked if he could go and pick up Laney.

“Sure, I’ll do it.By the way, Quinn, would you like to have dinner together this evening? I booked a private room at a nice restaurant. You can bring your husband as well.”

Although he had promised Laney a reward in the future, he felt that he should at least treat her to dinner to celebrate her recover.

She had saved his life, after all.But he knew that they couldn’t dine alone, especially not in public.

He might not care about the rumor mill, but he couldn’t say the same for Laney.

“Then, I shall take you up on your offer, Mr.Harding,” Natalie said without a second thought.

The ambiance of the restaurant was quaint yet beautiful.

Bamboo trees lined up the path, interspersed with red flowering plums.

The plants swayed with the gentle breeze, and the refreshing fragrance of bamboo and plum blossoms filled the air.

It was a renowned Chinese restaurant that boasted a unique menu.

People often came to the restaurant just to try its braised pork. Laney had stayed in the hospital for nearly a month.

In the past month, she ate nothing but the bland hospital food provided for patients.

Now, looking at the tempting, meaty dishes made her mouth water.

Laney wasn’t really a fan of meat, but today, she ate twice as much as she usually would.

Garrett had never seen a woman gobble up food like that before.

He had usually been with women from wealthy, noble families.

And those ladies only ate a few bites to maintain their shape.

A faint smile emerged on his face as he watched Laney hog down the food without having a care in the world.

On the other hand, Natalie was eating gracefully as Sebastian placed one dish after the other on her plate.

“Would you like to have another bite?”

He would smile tenderly and ask her to taste the dishes.

Only after Natalie agreed would he fetch the food for her.

The four of them sat face to face.

From afar, they looked like two sweet couples.

Natalie was chewing her food.

As she looked up, her gaze met Garrett’s, and realized he was trying to start a conversation with Laney.

However, Laney gave perfunctory answers as if she had no interest in him.

“Mr.Harding is very articulate,” Natalie joked with a smile.

She was familiar with Garrett now, so she had no inhibitions around him.She found that Garrett was capable of noticing people’s emotions.

He seemed kind and considerate, which made women fond of him.

Garrett leaned back in his chair and looked at Laney from time to time.

“Miss Garcia saved my life.I am indebted to her.She is my savior.”

Natalie looked at him and smiled.

She could sense there was definitely chemistry between Garrett and Laney.

However, she continued to eat without voicing her thoughts.

Just then, the door of the restaurant flew open.

A young girl sashayed in.

She looked beautiful and energetic.Her angry gaze fell upon Natalie before she turned to look at Garrett.Her jaw tightened, and she was a picture of pure rage.

She strutted to their table and pointed at Garrett.

“Mr.Harding, you canceled your date with me saying you had something important to having dinner with another woman behind my back the important thing you were talking about?”

“Tracey, whe told you I’m here?”

Garrett put down his chopsticks and frowned at her.

Noticing that something was wrong, Natalie quickly swallowed the food and tugged at Sebastian’s shirt.

“I think we’d better leave. It’s most likely that Mr.Harding had a fling with this woman.It looks like he is in trouble.”

Garrett was her boss after all.

It didn’t seem right for her to sit there and watch another woman embarrass him.

Sebastian nodded and gave Garrett a quick glance before taking Natalie to the bathroom.

Laney also wanted to follow them, but she was sitting next to Garrett.

The moment she stood up, Tracey pinned her back to her chair.

“Where do you want to go? You are not going anywhere, bitch! We need to talk this out today!

“I don’t need anyone to tell me about that! I’ve already known that something was off about you since a long time ago!” Tracey crossed her arms, cast Laney a hostile glance, and scoffed. The way she looked at Laney was so judgmental.

Laney swallowed, turned her head, and continued eating without responding. Since she wasn’t allowed to leave, she figured it would be better to continue eating.

Besides, she wasn’t full yet. Garrett put down his chopsticks, and spoke in a patient manner

“I think you misunderstood. This is my secretary. She saved my life a few days ago, and for that, she got injured. She’s only just been discharged from the hospital today, so I figured I’d take her here and treat her to a meal.”

Tracey sneered while glancing at Laney. She then looked back at Garrett and asked, “Your secretary? Do you think I’m an idiot?

A few days ago, I conducted an investigation. She may appear to be your secretary, but she hasn’t done any real work that pertains to a secretary’s job description. I think it’s fairly obvious who she really is.” —

Having said that, Tracey looked exasperated. “I’ve never done anything wrong to you, Garrett! Why did you do this to me?”

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