The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 190 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Sebastian narrowed his eyes at her coldly.

“From now on, I’ll take care of all matters related to Natalie.No one other than me.Understood?”

Sebastian’s cold voice sent a shiver down Charis’s spine.She winced and smiled bitterly, as though she had been wronged.

“I see how itis. You don’t trust me now? Brandon, I don’t have any ulterior motives, I swear.Sebastian had already noticed that something was wrong with Charis.He never brought it up before because he didn’t want her to look bad.

She and her family had always valued their image.

“I’m just warning you not to act against Natalie.Otherwise, don’t blame me if! disregard our long term friendship.”

After a moment’s silence, Charis said in a low voice, “I see.”

Charis was a dignified woman.

Before Sebastian could say anything more, she turned around and walked out of his office. As soon as the door closed behind her, tears welled up in her eyes..

Ever since they first met, Brandon had never said such harsh words to her before, nor had he looked at her with such cold eyes.She hadn’t cried in years.

The last time was when she said goodbye to Brandon before going abroad.She had been reluctant to leave him.

But now, she felt bad about Brandon’s attitude towards her.She and Brandon had worked together for years.

They had shared the company’s ups and downs.

But all of a sudden, with Natalie now in the picture, Brandon suddenly was ruthless towards her.

Tears rolled down Charis’s cheeks as she realized just how important Natalie was to Brandon.

The hot tears dripped from her chin to the carpeted floor.

“I met Brandon first,” Charis muttered through gritted teeth.

Charis didn’t like to be candid with her shrewdness.

The reason why she had tried to fire Natalie was to win Brandon’s heart.

In Charis’s eyes, Natalie wasn’t good enough for him.

But now that Brandon had taken a liking to her, Charis figured he would deeply fall in love with her and she would eventually lose him for good.

Thinking of this, Charis was more determined than ever to separate Natalie and Brandon..

But she couldn’t act as overtly as before.

Brandon had just warned her not to interfere with Natalie’s work ever again.She had to be more careful now.

On the other side… After Natalie got off work, she went home, only to find that Sebastian had come home early today.

“Oh, the workaholic is back! I’m surprised you still remember the way home!” Natalie’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

Looking at the man who was busy cooking in the kitchen, she was not happy.

After all, she hadn’t seen Sebastian for two or three days.

That was because Sebastian had been busy dealing with the plagiarism issue the past few days.

But he couldn’t tell her this.

While cracking the eggs into a bowl, he found an excuse.

“When I crossed Ritchie’s path, he made a lot of trouble. The manager of the shop at work fired me.I’ve been working part time the past few days while looking for a stable job.”

Then, he paused and said sincerely, “I’m sorry that I haven’t been here for you these days.”

In fact, there was some truth to his story.

Ritchie had indeed caused him a lot trouble after all.

Hearing this, Natalie’s heart immediately softened.She walked over to help him with the vegetables.

“So, what happened? You didn’t tell me the truth.I was worried something bad happened to you.”

“The problem’s been solved.Don’t worry,” Sebastian said with a reassuring smile.

That much was true.

Sebastian had really solved the problem that had been plaguing them the past few days.

“Your brother is really hard to deal with.” Natalie pouted like a child.

After transferring the egg into the pan, Sebastian turned and his eyes landed on Natalie’s earlobe.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he gulped.

“How about having dinner and then a little bit of exercise to unwind”

“What kind of exercise?”

Natalie looked up at Sebastian curiously.

Almost immediately, she saw the lust in his eyes.

His face was so beautiful.It was as though God had chiseled his face to perfection.

His eyes stared deep into hers, filled with burning desire.

Natalie’s face turned as red as a tomato.

She quickly lowered her head and said shyly, “You’re so naughty!”

Then she focused on chopping the vegetables.

Amused, Sebastian patted her on the head affectionately.He really liked it when she blushed.He could feel that she liked him, but she always pretended to refuse him.He had to admit it really turned him on.

But the romantic atmosphere was instantly soiled by the sound of the phone ringing.

“Keep an eye on the eggs, okay? Don’t let them burn.” Sebastian stroked Natalie’s hair.

Then, he took off his apron and walked to the living room to pick up his phone.

A long forgotten name appeared on the screen.

It was Patrick Klein.

Sebastian pursed his lips.

He glanced back at the kitchen at Natalie, then opened the glass door to step out onto the balcony. He was a little surprised to see that Patrick was calling him.

It was winter and the cold wind was unforgiving.

Sebastian stood on the balcony, letting the wind blow his hair.

“Why on earth are you answering the phone outside? Isn’t it cold out there?”

Natalie’s voice broke the silence.

Sebastian was lost in his thoughts and didn’t notice when Natalie slid the door open and poked her head out.

Narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously, she looked at the phone in Sebastian’s hand.He was answering the phone out on the balcony again.

Was it Charis calling again?

“It’s Patrick Klein.”

Amused by the quirky expression on her face, he pulled her into his arms and finally answered the phone.

“Sebastian, why the hell did you keep me waiting?”

Patrick’s irritated voice came from the other end of the line.

“I was busy just now,” Sebastian simply replied.

Patrick didn’t give a damn about whatever Sebastian was up to.

There was something he needed to talk about with Sebastian, so he went straight to the point.

“Your grandma’s birthday is coming up and we’re throwing her a party.She wants you and your wife here.’

Without waiting for Sebastian’s response, he hung up abruptly.

Natalie had overheard Patrick’s loud voice.She looked up at Sebastian and asked hesitantly, “So are we going?”

Sebastian held her tighter and sighed.

“We are.Patrick seldom summons me.There’ll be nothing but trouble if we disobey him.Besides, I haven’t seen my grandma in a very long time.It’s only right that I be there on her birthday.”

Natalie smiled at him sweetly.

“I can tell that you’re fond of her.”

It was true that Sebastian’s expression softened when he spoke of his grandmother.

Nora Klein, Sebastian’s grandma, was a distant relative of the Larson family.She had known Sebastian’s mother when she was a girl.

Although she didn’t approve of what Patrick had done, she couldn’t do anything about her son’s decisions.

She had always felt sorry for Sebastian and used to secretly send him money.

She was the only Klein who ever cared about Sebastian.

Thinking of this, Sebastian rested his chin on the top of Natalie’s head.

“She’s a kind lady,” he said calmly.

It had been a long time since they last met-too long.

“Let’s not talk here.It’s so cold!”

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