The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 176 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Charis checked her wristwatch and skillfully dodged Garrett’s questions.

“Garrett is nothing like these clueless old men.He’s very smart.If I indulge him in this conversation, I’m afraid he will see right through me.I need to be careful with what I say around him. It’s best I do something before he blows my cover.” Charis grabbed her documents and left the boardroom.

The moment she got into her office, the friendly spark in her eyes turned cold.She threw the documents on the desk and looked at the tall buildings through the French window.

“Natalie is really something,” Charis was both angry and surprised that Natalie had managed to defeat the Klein Silk Fabric.

“Aargh! I must have underestimated that bitch. How was she able to come out victorious despite all that I did?”

Charis was actually the source of the latest rumor about Natalie.

To wreak havoc on Natalie and prevent her from having the zeal to work, she intentionally started rumors about her.

Part of Charis’s plan was to make the senior executives turn against Natalie at the same time.

But Natalie’s success in entering the first show thwarted the plan.

Her failure would have proved that the rumor about her getting special treatment by hooking up with a member of the board was true.

Charis had thought it would bring a lot of embarrassment to Natalie.

“Anyway, I still have everything under my control. Natalie’s win isn’t necessarily a loss for me.It is just a minor setback.I need to start making preparations for the next step now.”

Charis took a deep breath to regain her composure.She then picked up her phone and put a call through.

As soon as it connected, she asked, “Hey, how is the task I assigned to you coming along?”

“It’s going well, Ms.Turner. Ritchie is back from France.He has been in a bad mood since he heard the news.When he found out

that the designer who defeated his family’s company is actually Sebastian’s wife, he went ballistic in the company.Shortly after, he stormed out.”

There was a hint of happiness in Charis’s tone.

As she hung up the phone, a complacent glint shone in her eyes.

Ritchie Klein was the CEO of the Klein Silk Fabric.

Charis had ordered her allies to spread the news of Natalie being Sebastian’s wife until he got wind of it.

Not only was Ritchie a competitive man, but he also harbored inexplicable hatred for Sebastian.

The fact that he had lost to his half-brother’s wife was a slap in the face for him.

He definitely wouldn’t let Natalie go.

At Seacisco International Airport, the sky was grey and cloudy due to the winter are a large crowd close to the exit gate.

However, a man in a dark brown fur coat, black sunglasses, and a black hat stood out in the crowd.

His aura was so intimidating and majestic that people cleared the way for him and stared at him in awe.

As soon as he got outside, his secretary opened the door of a black Bentley and bowed.

“Mr.Klein, this is the company’s financial statement for this past quarter.Please have a look.”

The secretary handed him a document politely.

Ritchie slowly took off his sunglasses and hat.

After placing them beside him, he collected the document.His eyes were filled with rage at this time.

Although he had good-looking eyes, they were scary to look at because of the menacing glint in them.

After flipping through a few pages of the document, Ritchie angrily closed it.He looked at his secretary with his eyes as sharp as daggers.

“I heard that our company was knocked out of the first show by the Larson Group this season.”

A deafening silence filled the car.

Beads of cold sweat suddenly appeared on the secretary’s forehead. It was as if an unknown force was squeezing at his lungs.

But he mustered up the courage and cleared his throat.

“It’s true, Mr.Klein.It’s our fault.We failed to choose the right designer to handle the project this season.”

“Of course, I know it’s your fault.I have had a video meeting with the director of the design department.Now tell me, why were you all hired? Was it to make silly mistakes? Or to bring good results? Are you and your counterparts dumb? We have headlined the Seacisco Fashion Week for many years in a row.We have also been in business before the Larson Group.How could you let them defeat us? This is ridiculous!”

Ritchie angrily threw the document at the secretary’s face.

His eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his temple were protruding.

Ever since he heard about the humiliating loss, his blood had been boiling.He was so mad that he gave the members of the design team an earful when he had a video conference with them.

The secretary quivered in fear and his face tumed red.

He wasn’t directly involved in the matter, but he could only suffer his boss’s scolding in silence.

“Do you know the female designer who helped the Larson Group to win? I heard that the judges spoke highly of her work.”

Ritchie snorted aggressively, rolled down the window, and rested his arm on it.

With a shaky voice, the secretary replied, “Yes, I know her.I heard that her name is Natalie Quinn.It’s said that she’s a young designer who just joined the Larson Group this year.She also happens to be Sebastian’s wife.”

Ritchie raised his head and shot his secretary a cold glance that could have frozen lava.

Since the secretary worked closely with Ritchie, he knew that Sebastian was the illegitimate son of the Klein family.He fiddled with his fingers and looked at his boss carefully.

“Oh, interesting!”

Looking straight ahead, Ritchie rubbed his lips with his fingers and commented.

Sparks of anger, contempt, and vengeance filled his eyes at this time.His mind had been void of thoughts about his half-brother lately.

In fact, he wouldn’t have remembered Sebastian if not for what happened at the selection competition.

Right from childhood, his mother had groomed him to resent Sebastian.

Ritchie was disgusted by the mere thought of his half-brother.He had made it a point of duty to bully Sebastian for years.

Just as he had wished, Sebastian suffered and lived a miserable life.

He soon got tired of bullying him.

As the conceited second son of the Klein family, he felt that he couldn’t continue to attack a sore loser.It was at this time traveled abroad to study.

Thoughts of Sebastian barely crossed Ritchie’s mind while he was abroad.

He felt that Sebastian was a lowlife who was surviving on leftovers at the bottom of the food chain.

When he heard that Sebastian had gotten married to the daughter of the poor Quinn family, he didn’t take it seriously.

It was a case of ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ as far as he was concerned.

Judging by the dubious expression on Ritchie’s face, his secretary instantly knew that he was planning something.

He asked carefully, “Mr.Klein, is there something you would like me to do for you?”

“No, you are useless to me in this aspect. The way I see it, Sebastian’s wife is smart and powerful.I can’t afford to allow you to spoil my plans before I get started.I’ll deal with her myself.”

Ritchie’s eyes darkened as he concocted a plan.

He decided to meet Natalie.

Aggressiveness was in his DNA.His parents had passed it on to him.

One of his greatest hobbies was destroying Sebastian’s happiness.

Now that he knew that Sebastian had a good marriage life and that his wife was an enemy of Klein Silk Fabric, he wanted to crush them.

After finishing her designs for the fashion week, Natalie didn’t need to work overtime anymore. On Monday, she got off work on time and walked home with Laney.

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