The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 175 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Apparently, the sea was so capricious that the weather in nearby areas could never be predicted for certain.

The thought had barely crossed his mind when the winds suddenly picked up.

They blew violently against the tent, while the heavy rain kept pelting its thin fabric.

It might be a high end product of excellent quality, but it stood no chance against a tempest by the sea.

Even now, the damn thing was shaking around them.

Sebastian grunted and stopped reluctantly.

When Natalie couldn’t feel the hardness of his body against hers, she slowly opened her eyes in confusion.

Sebastian’s heart was filled with mixed feelings as he stared at her.He smoothed his wet hair back and swallowed hard.

“What are we going to do now?”

Natalie’s cheeks were red and her eyes were misty.She still hadn’t recovered from the hot kiss she just received.

Sebastian hugged her and rubbed her back as he tried to calm himself down.

After a long while, he said, “Everything will be fine.Just stay here.I’ll go and erect the tent again.”

He got up, put on his clothes, and went out.

Natalie took a fetal position and wrapped herself up with the thick blanket.

As she waited obediently, she looked out of the window.

The rain was falling heavily and the wind blew.

A violent bolt of lightning suddenly erupted in the sky.

She immediately stopped looking outside and pulled the blanket over her head.

The moment Sebastian returned, she rushed to him and hugged him tightly “I hope the rain won’t get heavier.But it’s okay, Natalie.’m

here with you.”

He patted her head dotingly.

Sebastian didn’t want her. to get too scared, so he adjusted his mood.He held her in his arms and they lay under the blanket.

With his face pressed against her neck, he muttered, “It’s my fault.I should have studied the weather report well before bringing you here.It’s rather unfortunate that we can’t call a ship at this time.I’m sorry.”

The rainstorm outside was so heavy that it hit the tent violently.

“Hey, are you feeling sleepy? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Sebastian smoothed the wisps of hair on her forehead and stared at her face which had an absentminded expression.

He thought, ‘She is so cute! After yawning, Natalie looked up at him and replied flirtatiously, “Just a little.But I can’t sleep peacefully with all the noise.I’m scared.”

“Don’t be scared, dearie. You should sleep since you are sleepy.I’ll watch over you and wake you up if something happens,”

Sebastian said and kissed her nose.

He then wrapped his arms around her more tightly.

The two of them snuggled up together and waited for the rainstorm to stop.

It wasn’t until midnight that the storm finally subsided.

Natalie peacefully fell asleep in Sebastian’s arms.

The next morning, Natalie woke up, still in her husband’s warm embrace.She gently broke free, opened the tent, and walked out.

Everything outside was a complete mess, except the tent.

“My God! We have to compensate the service agency for the damages.It will cost a lot!” she uttered unhappily as she picked up the broken chairs on the ground.

“All these don’t matter.I’m just relieved that we made it through the night in one piece.” Sebastian shrugged when he saw the damaged properties.

Afterward, he took his coat and put it over Natalie’s shoulders.

“Huh? Why are you downplaying what happened? We made it through the night, but the experience was horrible. We could have been drenched by the rain.Or worse still, struck by lightning. We shouldn’t have come here in the first place. Wouldn’t it have been better to stay at home?”

Natalie nagged, nudging him with her elbow.

They cleared up the place and went back home in the afternoon.

As soon as they got into their apartment, Sebastian began to take Natalie’s belongings to his room.

“Hey, why are you in such a hurry? Let’s take things slow.”

Natalie held his arm as her face flushed.

Still holding one of her bags, Sebastian stared at her with squinted eyes.

It was as if he didn’t want to take things slow as she suggested. Since he refused to listen to her, Natalie acquiesced in the end.

Night came and the two of them slept on the same bed.

Under the dim light, Sebastian slowly moved to her and hugged her tightly.He then kissed her neck aggressively and began to explore her body with his hand.

Just when he was about to get under her nightgown, Natalie gasped and pushed him away.

She blushed and said, “I only agreed to move into your room.My agreement wasn’t a go ahead for you to take things too far!”


Sebastian sucked his teeth and bit her ear slightly.He then lay back on the bed, smiling bitterly.

“Gosh, I want her! Why is she refusing me? The mood is just right. It would be hard to be in such a good atmosphere again.I wish she could just allow me to touch her tonight!” Sebastian thought as the throbbing in his groin reduced.

It was bad enough that the rainstorm on the island had stopped him from having sex with her last night.He had been horny since then.

But as a gentleman, he didn’t want to force himself on her.He just rolled over to the side and slept off.

Contrary to what charis had expected, she received a lot of praise because Natalie’s design had made it to the first show of the Seacisco Fashion Week.

During the senior executives’ meeting, some of the board members praised her for being insightful.

“Ms.Turner, you have good taste.If you hadn’t praised Natalie’s design at the assessment meeting, there’s no way we would have chosen hers and then defeated the Klein Silk Fabric this year. Thumbs up!”

“Yeah, I agree.The Klein Silk Fabric has won that selection competition for many years in a row. Their constant wins gave us a bad name.Now that we have won, our dignity has been restored.And it’s all thanks to your wise decision, Ms. Turner!”

The other senior executives concurred.

Charis was so embarrassed in the face of those unwanted praises.

But she had to respond with a faint smile.

In her usual calm tone, she said, “I’m flattered by your praises.But I can’t take credit for our win.I was just lucky.Natalie is an excellent designer. It was due to her hard work and creativity that we won.”

Charis was a slick person.

As a dubious perfectionist, she wanted her disguise to be excellent.She only praised Natalie because she wanted the others to see her as a good person.

And it worked! However, Garrett was confused, rather than convinced.He was also present at the meeting.

Seeing that Charis spoke well of Natalie again, he thought it was rather odd.He knew that Charis wasn’t someone who showered praises on people.

As the spoiled heiress of the Turner family, she was always difficult to please.

“This is the first time I’m hearing you praise someone.What’s so special about this particular designer? I have seen Natalie’s

designs. They are indeed creative and extraordinary, but she’s still inexperienced and hasn’t shown profoundness yet. What makes you think so highly of her, Ms.Turner?”

Garrett peered at her through the top of his glasses.

His instincts told him that Charis was up to something, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

“Indeed, she needs to garner more experience.But we shall see about that.Anyway, I have to join a video conference from France soon.I need to take my leave now.”

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