The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 158 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Laney tried her best to prevent them from getting isolated.

Fortunately, the water washed them to a sand bar in the river a couple of meters away, so they narrowly escaped death.

Laney dragged Natalie to the sand bar and scrambled to her feet.She took a deep breath and blew into Natalie’s mouth.

Moments later, Natalie spat out a mouthful of water and began coughing violently.

Her pale lips gradually regained color.

“It’s all right.Any discomfort or difficulty in breathing is absolutely normal because the water got into your lungs,” Laney said calmly as she gently patted Natalie’s back and looked around for help.It was a quiet night.

They were stuck in the middle of the river, and no one could find them until the sunlight illuminated the surroundings.

After Natalie’s coughing fits ceased, she took a deep breath and braced her trembling body.

Then, she looked at the woman beside her and examined the surroundings.

“Miss, who are you? What am I doing here? What happened!” Natalie didn’t remember anything after the truck hit her.She could only recall the blinding flashlight after which she had passed out.

Sebastian forbade Laney to reveal her true identity to Natalie, so she responded quickly, “Oh, my name is Laney Garcia. was on my way home from work.When I passed the bridge, I saw a truck crash against your car and plunge into the river.I come from a family of fishermen, so I’m a good swimmer.I jumped into the river to save you.”

The young lady had a slender physique.

Her benign face and gentle aura gave Natalie the assurance that she wouldn’t harm her…

Natalie’s heart swelled with gratitude.

The fact that she had survived a disaster brought tears to her eyes.

Natalie held Laney’s hand and sobbed uncontrollably.

“Miss Garcia, thank you for saving my life.I’m forever indebted to you.”

Natalie remembered traversing the high bridge. It was cold, and the river was flowing fast.It was brave of Laney to dive into the river to save her, ignoring the danger.

After all, she looked frail and delicate.

“You’re welcome.” Laney tried withdrawing her hand, but Natalie held her in a vice-like grip.Her skin prickled with goosebumps when she saw Natalie’s eyes gleaming with gratitude.

Laney cleared her throat and forced an awkward smile at her.

“You dove from a high bridge into this treacherous river to save me — a stranger you’ve never met before. If not for you, I would have died today.Even friends and family may think twice before offering help, but you risked your own life to save me.By the way, my name is Natalie Quinn. will properly express my gratitude once we get out of here.”

Natalie couldn’t stop thanking Laney.

The fact that the woman had saved her despite being a total stranger moved her.

No one had bothered to offer Natalie kindness, let alone save her life.She had always felt lonely and desolate in this world.

Laney’s face flushed with embarrassment.She bit her lip and looked away guiltily.

After all, she was merely doing her job and didn’t deserve Natalie’s praise and gratitude.

It was winter, and the cold wind whipped them.

They were shivering with cold.

It was freezing, and the two were soaked in water.

They had no place to shelter from the cold.

Natalie sneezed three times in a row.She squatted on the sandbar; her nose had turned red.

“Miss Quinn, please hide in the grass or stand behind me.It’s cold here.I’m afraid you’ll fall ill.”

Laney walked up to Natalie.She looked around worriedly and said, “We have to find a way to ask for help as soon as possible.It’s

not even the coldest hour of the day, yet we are freezing. The temperature would drop to zero at around two in the morning. We are soaked, and I’m afraid we might freeze to death if we don’t leave this place soon.”

Upon hearing that, Natalie hurriedly took out her phone.

The water had damaged her screen.

Meanwhile, Laney’s phone was fully damaged, and she couldn’t even turn it on.

She glanced at Natalie’s phone and said, “I think it might still work.Although the screen, is broken, you should be able to make a call.”

If Natalie could get through to Sebastian, things would get much easier.

Laney knew the man who had hired her was very resourceful.

If Natalie asked him for help, he would arrive faster than the resources.

After a moment’s thought, Natalie immediately picked up her phone and called Sebastian.

After sending the message to Lauren, Charis returned to Sebastian’s office.

Sebastian was sitting on the leather sofa, carefully examining the documents, his lips pursed in concentration.

“Brandon, how do you think we should deal with this problem?” Charis sat beside Sebastian as a blush flamed her cheeks.

After a moment’s thought, she asked, “Are you hungry? You’ve been studying it for so long and haven’t eaten anything yet.Shall I ask the servants to bring some soup here?”

When they started their business in the past, Sebastian seldom ate a full meal because of his busy schedule.

Sebastian’s entire focus was on the documents.He carefully read and re-read every word, analyzing every bit of it.

“No need. want to deal with the problem first,” he grunted impatiently, without taking his eyes off the document.

Sebastian was not as familiar with the overseas business as Charis.

It took him a long time to fully understand the situation Charis hid her emotions and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’m just worried about your health.”

Seeing that Sebastian was silent, Charis was sensible enough not to disturb him.

Just then, Charis’s phone was a message from Lauren.

Charis stole a glance at Sebastian, walked out of the office, and checked on the message.

“Charis, Natalie’s car fell into the river, but someone jumped into the water to rescue her.It was too dark out there.I couldn’t see what was going on.”

Charis immediately deleted the message on her phone.Just as she was about to go back, her phone beeped with a few more messages.

“I guess Natalie might still be alive.”

“Do you have any way to prevent the search and reduce the possibility of Natalie’s survival?” Charis’s lips curled up into a sneer.

She turned off the phone and put it into her pocket as if nothing had happened.

Both Lauren and Cassie were stupid.

The traffic police usually carried out the rescue operations of road accidents.

Charis didn’t have the ability to stop it.

Even if she did, she wouldn’t get involved in unnecessary issues and cause trouble for her family.

Charis quickly rearranged the expression on her face and returned to Sebastian’s office.

“You should get some rest.I’ll help you sort out the points you might have missed,” she said softly.

Then, she picked up the files on the desk and sat down to deal with the issue.

Since Sebastian didn’t want to talk to her, she decided to silently carry on with work.

“Thank you.” Sebastian looked up and massaged his throbbing temples.

“I’ve already read it.It doesn’t seem like a big problem.We’ll discuss it in detail when 1 come back.” Sebastian stood up and went to the bathroom.

Charis should have thought that it would be a piece of cake for Sebastian to deal with this matter even though he didn’t know the overseas market as much as she did.

Her jaw tightened; there was a glint of malice in her eyes.

At that moment, Sebastian’s phone on the desk lit up, and Natalie’s name flashed on the screen.

“Damn it! She is still alive!” Charis sneered. She understood Natalie had called Sebastian for help.

Charis arched an eyebrow and looked at the phone.Her body seemed to react faster than her brain.She quickly hung up the call.

Charis remained calm the entire time.

Killing someone’s chances of survival didn’t seem like a big deal for her.

To Charis, it was no different from accidentally stepping on an ant.

Anyway, if Natalie died, only Lauren and Cassie would get caught.No one would suspect Charis.

A moment later, the bathroom door flew open, and Sebastian walked out.

He returned to his seat and glanced at his phone as if something had occurred to him.

A pang of jealousy settled in Charis’s heart when she saw the concern in his eyes.

He was obviously thinking about Natalie, and probably even wanted to call her.She didn’t want him to think about anyone else when he was with her.

“What’s so great about Natalie?” Charis thought.

Except for her pretty face, she couldn’t think of any other strong point.

“Are you worried about your wife? Have you planned a date with her? I’m sorry to make you stay and deal with business.Let’s finish it as soon as possible so that you can go back.”

Charis smiled apologetically and leaned closer to him.

Men liked considerate women, so she decided to distract him without garnering his suspicion.

“By the way, what did you want to discuss with me now?” Sebastian didn’t sense anything wrong.He picked up the documents and continued to discuss the problems and loopholes with Charis.

“You know a lot about the overseas market.I’ve analyzed a few reasons.Have a look at these.Can you find a solution based on this?”

It was getting late.A thick layer of mist enveloped the river.

“What happened? Didn’t you get through?”

Laney moved around to keep her body warm.

Breath vapor came out of her mouth as she spoke.She frowned and saw that Natalie’s call got disconnected.

Natalie was equally surprised; she didn’t expect Sebastian to hang up on her.

He had always picked up her call regardless of the circumstances. Her heart sank with dejection.

“I guess my husband is busy.” Her face turned red with cold as another sneezing fit seized her.

She rubbed her nose and said, “I’d better call the police for help.”

“Hurry up.” Laney’s teeth chattered.

“I feel your phone might get turned off any time.”

Natalie rubbed her palms together that had turned numb in the cold.

Just then, her phone suddenly turned black.

“Well, you’re right,”

Natalie grunted with frustration and squatted on the ground.Her phone was fully broken now.

Natalie and Laney tried their best but couldn’t turn on their phones.

They were fully damaged.

“All we can do now is wait for the rescue team to arrive,”

Laney said, staring at the boundless river and the endless stretch of darkness.

It was a road accident, so the police team would check the river.

However, considering they were washed away and now at the far end of the river, Laney wasn’t sure if they could find them anytime soon.

However, the cold was the biggest problem at the moment.

The temperature had dropped drastically, and it would get colder with time.

Natalie was trembling. The cold seeped into her skin and was gnawing at her bones.

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