The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 157 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Charis’s phone was a luxury, smart phone sporting a high-definition camera.

Even at a distance, she could take remarkably clear photos of the cars on the road.

She clicked two pictures of the car when Natalie got into it.

The license plate number and the appearance of the car were captured clearly in the photos.

She secretly sent the photos to Lauren, together with a text letting her know that Natalie had got into the car and looked like she was headed up north from the Larson Group.

Natalie felt so fortunate that there weren’t too many people in the pizza restaurant tonight and she managed to get a table within mere ten minutes.

Gerda joined her shortly after.

Natalie learnt from her previous experience and decided against the idea of alcohol.

Instead, she just ordered juice.

By the time they had eaten their fill, it was almost ten o’clock at night “Quinn, where do you live? My place is up that direction. Would you like to take a taxi with me?”

Gerda burped and asked.

“I live near the company, in the opposite direction to your place.”

With.a smile, Natalie hailed a taxi and asked Gerda to get in it first.

“I will wait for the next one.Send me a message when you arrive home safely.”

After sending Gerda off, Natalie got on another taxi soon.

It was already late at night, but the streets were still bustling in the city.

Natalie felt full and sleepy.She leaned against the car window and noticed the car was driving towards a bridge.

The river was glistening under the moonlight.

The bright, crescent moon was slowly rising higher into the sky.

Just when she was about to close her eyes for some rest, something rather odd caught her eye.She opened her eyes wide and saw an old, beat up truck headed directly towards them.

Before she had a moment to react, the truck hit them head on.

The taxi was knocked over the railing of the bridge, and the two vehicles fell into the river, stirring up a huge wave on impact with the water…

The foamy clouds enveloped the full moon, and the surrounding lights gradually dimmed.

An inconspicuous black Audi stopped near the bridge.

Lauren and Cassie looked straight ahead, their eyes almost popping out of their heads.

They saw the truck hit on the taxi Natalie was sitting in and the two vehicles both tumbled out of the bridge.

Their hearts beat wildly as if time had stopped still.

Cassie’s fingers trembled with excitement.She pulled Lauren’s sleeve and shook her violently.

“Mom, did the two cars both fall into the river?”

Then, she quickly opened the door, trying to get closer to inspect the situation.

Lauren shut the door and let out an incredulous gasp.

“Are you crazy? Close the damn door! What if someone sees us?”

“I just want to make sure Natalie is dead.What if that bitch escapes death again?”

Cassie stomped her foot angrily.

“No.We’ve got to be more patient now.” Lauren’s eyes narrowed as she observed the situation around them.

Ever since the last time she succeeded in faking a car accident to get rid of those men who were blackmailing Cassie, Lauren had been thinking about how to deal with Natalie.

Natalie always took a cab or public transportation, so they couldn’t come up with an opportunity to attack her.

Finally, an idea occurred to them.

They finally found a man who was terminally ill — he was counting his days.

They bribed him to hit Natalie’s car.

The driver would die along with Natalie.

After all, dead men told no tales.

There had been several accidents on this bridge before, so everyone would believe this was just an ordinary road accident.

As soon as Lauren received the message from Charis, she took action right away.

On the north side of Larson Group was a plaza.

With the pictures Charis had sent, Lauren successfully found that the taxi had taken Natalie to the pizza restaurant. After waiting for a long time, she finally saw Natalie and her colleague coming out of the restaurant.

As soon as Natalie got into a cab, Lauren immediately informed the driver she bribed to chase after Natalie.

The mother and daughter followed the driver, keeping a safe distance from him.

As expected, the truck driver crashed against Natalie’s car.

The two cars flew in the air and plunged into the water.

The loud crash echoed in the air, and calm was restored as the two vehicles sank into the river.

Finally, Lauren opened the door and got out of the car; Cassie followed her.

The two walked to the railing and looked down.

The two cars had tumbled into the river.

The bridge was not high, but the river was flowing fast.

There was no chance of survival.

“I’m sure she is dead by now.” Lauren’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

The thorn that had been pricking her heart had finally disappeared once and for all.

No one would oppose their family in the future.

Cassie let out an.ecstatic growl and spat into the river.

“Bitch! She deserves a crueler punishment than death.She has ruined our family.She should be glad that I didn’t cut her into pieces!”

Seeing that Cassie’s voice was reverberating across the silent road, Lauren immediately stopped her.

“Shut up! Let’s talk about it when we go back.”

Just as they were about to leave happily, the roar of a motorcycle from afar caught their attention.

The vehicle pealed into the air and stopped on the bridge.

The person on the black motorcycle took off the helmet; and her long hair billowed with the breeze.

The woman looked down the bridge, crossed the railings, and jumped directly into the river..

Sebastian had hired laney to secretly protect Natalie.Her everyday mission was to follow Natalie around and make sure she reached home safely.

Today, after Natalie and her colleague finished dinner and parted way, Laney followed Natalie in her motorcycle.

Seeing the truck collide with Natalie’s taxi and both vehicles tumble into the river at high speed, Laney came to her rescue Laney took off her helmet and jumped into the river without hesitation Natalie was in danger, and Laney had to save her right away.

Ripples of water exploded on the surface as she plunged into the river., The moonlight penetrated the tranquil, icy river, and the car slowly sank into its deep recesses.

Laney dove into the water and quickly swam to the window. The windows were locked on either sides.She peered through the window and saw that the car wasn’t filled with water yet.

The driver was stuck in the driver’s seat as the airbag had expanded; his eyes were tightly shut.

Natalie was lying in the back seat.

The huge impact had knocked her unconscious.

Laney swam around, picked up a stone from the riverbed, and smashed the window.

Then, she slid a hand inside, opened the door, and pulled Natalie out the surface of the water.Her ability was limited, so she could only save one person.

Laney wiped the water from her eyes.Her pink lips had already turned pale because of the cold water.She was gasping for breath.

Laney gripped Natalie’s waist and swam toward the riverbank.

Fortunately, Natalie wasn’t heavy, and Laney had been working out for years.

Otherwise, the two would have drowned in the turbulent river.

Laney looked around and found that the river was broad, and the tide was growing stronger.

Unfortunately, they were in the middle of the river.

“Miss Quinn, can you hear me?”

Natalie was unconscious, and Laney had trouble waking her up.

Laney reasoned it was impossible for her to swim to the river bank with the unconscious Natalie on her back.

The flowing current carried them downstream.

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