The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 14 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Elaine gingerly got to her feet, her fear showing on her face.She hadn’t expected to cause such a commotion, all because she had rejected an applicant.

Who was this woman, anyway? As far as anyone could tell, Natalie was clearly a nobody.

More than a dozen heads turned to Elaine, waiting for her response.

“I—I,” she stammered.

“I heard it from the others.When she was in university, she had sex with a-no, with several male students, and… In any case, they said that she is not innocent and sweet as it appears.She-“.

“Think carefully before you speak,”

Garrett interrupted, his tone sharp.

“Who did you hear it from? Give us the names of your informants, of the people involved, as well as the time and place of these incidents prove these claims.We must clear this matter up once and for all.I don’t want to find out later on that you were judging potential candidates for the company based on hearsay.

It’s easy enough to investigate whether you are telling the truth or not.You will have to take responsibility for every word you say today.I don’t think I have to remind you, Elaine, that there’s a fine line between gossip and slander.It can easily turn into a legal matter entirely.

In addition to that, you failed your duties as an interviewer by treating Miss Quinn with bias.You know very well that it’s against the company’s rules to let the newly-graduated applicants take the advanced examination meant for professional designers with years of experiences.”

Elaine froze.She gritted her teeth and glared at the two other interviewers.

It seemed that Garrett had already investigated this matter thoroughly, and he was dead serious about the consequences.

There was no way she could save herself with a few measly lies.

But the Larson Group discarded dozens, if not hundreds, of hopeful applicants every day.

She really couldn’t see what was so special about Natalie.

Why would a powerful man like Garrett go out of his way to personally handle something so trivial? At this point, Elaine decided to face the situation head-on.

She lifted her chin, her eyes burning with resentment and defiance.

“I have no evidence.I only heard the rumors.I disliked her on the spot and didn’t want her to work in the company, and that’s why I said that she has a moral issue.”

The amiable expression on Garrett’s face disappeared, turning cold.

“You made a subjective conjecture about another person based on rumors, and because of your personal feelings, you slandered and insisted on eliminating a perfectly capable applicant.In doing so, you almost cost the company a competent employee.It is obvious that you are unfit for a position in the Human Resources Department.The only person of moral issues here is you.Elaine Sellers, you are fired.”

A tense silence descended over the room.

All the color drained from Elaine’s place.

“I’m so sorry, Mr.Harding!” she immediately begged.

“I know I was wrong.I’ve realized my mistakes.It was all my fault.Please, I’ve been working for the Larson Group since I graduated from university.Please, I beg you, let me go this once.If only for the sake of my years of hard work in the company.”

Her desperation was written all over her face.

The Larson Group was a leading enterprise in the field of design, after all.

It hadn’t been easy for her to get into the company in the first place.

She had even bragged about it to everyone she knew.

More importantly, if word got out that she had been fired by the Larson Group, she might not be able to land a job in the industry again.

Elaine’s career would be ruined for good.

Unfortunately for her, Garrett didn’t care.He ignored her and turned to his assistant.

“Call security and have them take Elaine Sellers out of the building.” A small ruckus ensued.

Only when the guards had dragged Elaine away did the meeting room fall into another silence.

Garrett’s eyes darted toward Natalie.

Finally, he could observe this clever and talented woman at his leisure.

“Miss Quinn,” he said kindly, “you may continue your application process if you like.I have read your resume.You meet the requirements that the Larson Group has set for new graduates.”

Natalie gaped at him for a few seconds.

When she finally came back to her senses, all she could manage was a thoughtless nod.

“I see.Okay.Thank you.”

She couldn’t wrap her head around it.

Thankfully, Garrett spoke again, or she would have remained there, dazed and lost.

“Thank you again for coming today,” he said, flashing her a smile.

“I have another meeting, so I will be leaving first.”

He got to his feet and the rest of the men followed suit.

Garrett was at the door when he suddenly turned and winked at Natalie.

He appeared to be interested in her.

“It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Miss Quinn.I look forward to seeing you again.”

Once they had left, the female interviewer with chestnut hair came over and patted Natalie on the shou And then she left before Natalie could say anything.

Now all by herself, Natalie gripped the armrests of her chair, as if to ground herself and make sure that everything was real.

When she stood up a while later, she felt like she was stepping on clouds, weightless and free.

She was just as confused as she had been when she had first arrived, if not more so.

What the heck had just happened? Why did her failed interview draw so much attention, and from the VP of the company, no less?

A black Bugatti slowly ground to a halt outside the yard.The area was remote, with only a handful of shabby houses in sight.

A luxury car was decidedly out of place in such a scene.

The man in the backseat put aside a stack of documents he had been perusing, then changed from his svelte, tailored suit to an old jacket.

Sean twisted around to look at his boss, who had been going through so much trouble traveling back and forth every day.

“You used to come here only once or twice a year, Boss,” Sean pointed out.

“You have villas all over the city.You can just move into in one of them with your wife.Why do you bother going to this dump every single day?” Sebastian threw him a cold glance.

“You’ve been awful talkative lately.Do you have so much time in your hands? If you have nothing better to do, you might as well clean up and tend to these other villas of mine.”

Sean immediately shut up and looked away.

Sebastian got out of the car.

Once he was out of sight, Sean slapped his own cheek, muttering, “You blabbermouth.You spoke too much.”

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