The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 126 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

Garrett buttoned up his suit jacket, turned around, and left.

Charis stared into the distance for a long time and finally calmed down.Her mind was elsewhere.She couldn’t accept the fact that Brandon was married.

Therefore, she tried her best to convince herself that she still had a chance with him.

Charis knew Brandon better than anyone else.She had known him since high school.

Considering he married Natalie as Sebastian Klein and didn’t want her to know his real identity as Brandon Larson, Charis felt he hadn’t really accepted Natalie as his wife.

After all, Natalie was just an ordinary employee of the company without any family background.She didn’t deserve Brandon at all.

As the CEO of the Larson Group, Brandon needed a wife who could match his status.

Charis felt she was the ideal match for Brandon.

Not only could she aid in the development of the Larson Group, but her family could also support Brandon.She believed Brandon had married Natalie only because he needed to fulfill his mother’s final wish.

Charis’ heart became light, and she saw a ray of hope.

Brandon was the most important man in her life.She had loved him for so many years, and it had turned into an obsession.She couldn’t just let go of him and move on.

After the welcome party, several senior executives showed Charis around the Larson Group.

“Miss Turner, this is our executive department, and that’s the HR department.The design department is upstairs.Let me take you there,” one of the senior executives offered.

‘Design department?’ Charis’ eyes lit up.

Garrett had told her that Natalie Quinn worked in the design department.

“Let’s go to the design department.Mr.Harding told me that all our designers are talented.I want to meet them.” Charis smiled gracefully.

She couldn’t wait to meet Brandon’s wife.

The senior executives led her to the design department. The employees of the design department knew Charis well. They all stood up and greeted her.The originally quiet office turned lively.

Charis smiled and shook hands with every employee who greeted her as she walked through the crowd.She stopped and looked at a beautiful woman standing behind a chair.

Their gaze locked, and Charis could sense the hostility and vigilance in her eyes.

‘This must be Natalie.’

Natalie had been thinking about Charis ever since Sebastian told her about this woman.

Charis worked for the Larson Group and was about to return from abroad, which meant they would be seeing eachother often “You don’t look well today. Didn’t you sleep well last night? Today is a big day. Cheer up!” Gerda patted Natalie’s shoulder

The two had become close again after the news about the fraud group got televised.

Natalie felt it was normal for Gerda to misunderstand her after hearing the rumors because the two had become friends only after Natalie joined the company. After all, Gerda didn’t Natalie well enough.

“Big day?” Natalie looked listless.

“Miss Turner is finally returning to the company today after three years abroad. She is a legend. I heard she and Mr. Larson had started the company together — she was one of the core founding members. Later, she left the country to explore the overseas market. She is only about four or five years older than us. I admire her a lot!” Gerda adored Charis and spoke at length about her, oblivious to the look on Natalie’s face.

Natalie’s lungs constricted. It felt as if a giant rock was sitting on her chest.

She sounds like an amazing woman,” she said, forcing a smile.

When Natalie returned to her desk, she heard everyone talking about Charis.

Just then, the glass door of the department flew open, and everyone unanimously turned around.

A graceful woman walked in, surrounded by all the senior executives of the company. A beautiful smile graced her lips, revealing her pearly teeth. She was wearing a simple black suit paired with exquisite makeup. She looked calm and confident with an air of authority.

Natalie’s colleagues gasped in awe as she walked in.

But somehow, Natalie didn’t like Charis. It was probably because she felt insecure about her relationship with Sebastian. As everyone admired her, Natalie couldn’t help but look at herself. She was dressed in plain clothes and wasn’t wearing any makeup. She didn’t bother to even put on lipstick before coming to work.

All of a sudden, she felt dwarfed.

After greeting the other employees, Charis walked toward Natalie, sizing her up. Suddenly, she was on her guard. It was not because of how beautiful Natalie was.

However, there was something in her eyes. She looked innocent yet enchanting. Her eyes seemed to have the power to lure anyone, Charis’ heart leaped to her throat. She was the princess in her family who always got everything she wished for. She had always been proud, yet she somehow felt inferior around Natalie.

Today, she had worn an expensive outfit and styled herself to perfection to impress Brandon. However, Natalie looked breathtaking even without any makeup. Charis knew she wouldn’t be able to compete with Natalie if she brought her style game on.

Charis’ heart sank. No wonder Garrett kept telling her how important Natalie was to Brandon. After all, no man could resist a beautiful woman like her.

Out of caution, Charis decided not to meet Natalie. Instead, she walked to Tiffany’s office and smiled at the employees along the way

“Miss Turner. I didn’t expect to meet you again after three years.” Tiffany smiled and stood up to shake hands with Charis.

“I was busy with work, so I couldn’t come out to welcome you. Please forgive me.” Charis let go of her hand and sat cross- legged on the leather chair opposite Tiffany.

“Well, I don’t like occasions like these, anyway. I’m glad you didn’t come out. Otherwise, the place would get too crowded.” Tiffany smiled.

“Are you here to talk about work with me? Tiffany knew that Charis was in charge of the marketing department before.

“I heard the design department has witnessed rapid development in the past few years after I left. Our designs are a huge hit all over the country. I came to see what everyone’s been talking about.” Tiffany nodded in understanding and briefly reported their current situation to her.

“When did she start working here?” Charis asked, flipping through Natalie’s designs. Her face bore no expression.

‘This is our new designer, Natalie Quinn. She has incredible talent, and all her designs are unique. She has contributed a lot to our company. Mr. Larson appreciates her work, and I also think she is an asset to our company.”

Charis remained silent. Tiffany was a picky woman. if she praised Natalie, it meant the woman was indeed talented.

Charis dejectedly put down the drafts. Natalie seemed like a bigger threat now. Not only was she beautiful but seemed like a bundle of talent as well. It wasn’t surprising that Brandon wanted to hone her talent.

Charis couldn’t help but wonder if Brandon was really serious about being with this woman.

“Okay. I should leave you to your work.”

The moment Charis left the office, the smile on her face disappeared. She had to somehow separate the two before Natalie knew the truth. He and Natalie were worlds apart.

The woman was born into an ordinary family, which meant money and power could easily lure her. Charis felt Natalie would never let go of Sebastian if she knew he was the CEO of the Larson Group.

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