The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 114 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

The relentless problems had taught George a great lesson in life. He began looking at the bright side instead of putting too much pressure on Cassie.

After all, he just wanted the best for his daughter.

However, Cassie didn’t want to marry an honest, trustworthy man.She couldn’t even imagine living an ordinary life.

“Dad, that’s not what I want,” Cassie said firmly. She was sure about what she wanted and didn’t want to waste time arguing with her father.She stood up and went upstairs with her bag.She couldn’t sit and pray for her life to get better.

After all, women wouldn’t be young and pretty for too long.

Cassie always wanted to live a wealthy life and decided to pursue it herself this time.She took deep breaths to calm down.

Cassie had been going to parties every day for the past few days and met several wealthy men there.

However, the eligible bachelors didn’t seem to like her.

They all just disappeared after sleeping with her.No one was ready for a stable relationship with her.

However, one of them seemed interested.She opened her bag and took out his business card.

The name ‘Luke Turner’ was printed in bold letters.He was the head of the Turner family.

Cassie’s brows furrowed.She had never thought of getting into a relationship with the man.

Luke was an average-looking man in his fifties.

Besides, he was married and had a son.

Cassie never wanted to be a mistress.

Although she had a string of boyfriends in the past, her goal was to marry into a wealthy family and live a luxurious life.

Luke, however, was a married man and not her type or age.

Besides, Cassie went after good-looking men.She wanted her man to look dashing.

The idea of being with a middle-aged fat married man disgusted her.

Although the Turner family held a significant position in the city and was one of the wealthiest families, she didn’t consider being in a relationship with Luke.But she was desperate to find a wealthy partner now.

Cassie bit her lower lip and mulled it over.She didn’t expect the Quinn family would go bankrupt one day.

Cassie decided to let go of her pride and think about the future.

Being poor and struggling to make ends meet seemed far worse than being with a middle-aged married man.She had to rely on a wealthy man to live a sophisticated life, and Luke was the ideal choice.

Cassie decided to forget everything and just go for it‘ She called Luke and asked him out for dinner.

Luke liked Cassie because she was young and beautiful.

After all, old men loved pretty young women.He accepted her invitation without hesitation.

Dinner was just an excuse to get in her pants.He had been waiting for a long time to sleep with a sultry woman like her.

To his surprise, Cassie, who had rejected him when they first met, seemed excited to meet him now.

“It seems like you’ve been going through a hard time lately, Miss Quinn,” Luke said, taking a sip of wine.

He was shrewd.

After all, the man was the reason for the Turner family’s success.He could sense that Cassie was going through a hard time.

“You’re a smart man, Mr.Turner.” Cassie smiled.

Lauren had taught her how to seduce men.

Besides, she had to work harder to be his mistress.

Otherwise, the man would toss her away like trash after one night’s pleasure.

Luke wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush.He smiled and slid a room card toward her.

“Miss Quinn, if you have any problem, you can come to this room to see me.II’ve booked this room for an entire year.” Cassie chuckled and rubbed her foot against his shins.

And, just like that, the two began using each other to fulfill their respective needs.

Natalie saw the morning news and found that Lauren was arrested.

The Quinn Group was a bit famous in Seacisco.

Just then, Hannah came out of the kitchen to call Natalie for breakfast.

Seeing her staring at the TV absentmindedly, Hannah w the news.

“They should have arrested her a long time ago! Without old Mr.Quinn, the family and its business have been falling apart with every passing day.”

“But, Hannah, the company has been running without Grandpa all these years.”

Natalie turned and smiled at her, not bothering to pay attention to the TV anymore.Hannah scoffed.

“The Quinns have done a lot of bad deeds over the years.I think it’s time for retribution.”

Natalie grabbed Hannah’s shoulder and stood up.

“Well, stop thinking about it.After all, we have nothing to do with the Quinn family anymore. It’s all over.”

She had decided to let go of the past after severing all ties with the Quinn family. However, Hannah was old, so she couldn’t stop nagging Natalie.She sat down and continued to watch the news.

“I wonder who did it.” Natalie took a sip of milk and shook her head.

“I don’t have a clue.Lauren has done a lot of bad things, so I’m not surprised.Besides, the Quinn family was already on the brink of downfall.It was just a matter of time before they went bankrupt.”

Natalie wasn’t in the mood to discuss their misfortunate, so she ate quickly.

After all, she had nothing to do with the Quinn family and didn’t care about them anymore.Seeing that Natalie was about to leave for work, Hannah stopped her.

“Natalie?”She cleared her throat and said, “Now that the debt is settled, I think it’s time for me to go back.! prefer living in the village; city life isn’t for me.”

She didn’t like the mundane city life where people lived like robots.

The neighbors used to invite Hannah home, and they would dance together.

But considering she was a slow learner, they had stopped calling her. The life in the countryside seemed happy and peaceful.She could grow vegetables and breed chickens and ducks to kill time.

Natalie held the coat and looked at Hannah.

“Can’t you stay with me for a couple more days? Living in the countryside on your own isn’t easy.I have planned to buy a house nearby once I save up money. You would move in with me, won’t you?”

“Well, there is no one to take care of my vegetables.I have to go back.Otherwise, they will rot in the field.” Hannah didn’t want to leave Natalie, either.

But going back to her house seemed right because she didn’t want to disturb the young couple.

Besides, she could never get used to the busy city life.

Natalie sighed and nodded.

“Fine, Pll book a taxi to drop you home after work.”

It was almost eleven in the evening when Natalie returned home after dropping Hannah at her place.

As soon as she opened the door, strong hands held her waist from behind.

Before Natalie could react, she was pinned against the wall.

Sebastian pressed his body against hers and began unbuttoning her shirt.

His breathing came out in pants, and his body was hot with desire.

“Let’s go to my room.I want you.”

“Sebastian, I’m a little tired.”

Natalie was exhausted after the long journey.

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