The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband novel

The Double Life Of My Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 11 Free Online (Natalie Quinn and Sebastian Klein novel)

After returning home, Natalie began applying for a job.

After the conversation with her adoptive parents that morning, Natalie understood she couldn’t rely on the money they had promised to give her.

Natalie had majored in design.She had graduated this year with flying colors.She was a popular face in the university because of her outstanding design talent.She was supposed to apply for a job like her classmates earlier this year.

However, her application was delayed because she had been looking after Hannah.

The old maid was ill, and taking care of her was more important to her.

After sorting out her portfolio and resume, she sent them to reputable companies. Considering Natalie was a gold medalist and had received several accolades, she received interview calls in a few days.

“Oh my God! This is unbelievable!”

She clamped her mouth with excitement and stared at the computer, A black invitation was flashing on the screen.It was an interview invitation from the Larson Group.

Everyone revered the design department of the Larson Group.

Fashion and jewelry design were just one of the many industries the Larson Group was engaged in.

They were a pioneer in dealing with multiple domains in the country.

Their operations expanded all over the world.

Brandon Larson, the CEO of the Larson Group, was a legend in the industry.He was young, talented, and the sole reason for the Larson Group’s success.

However, the man was an enigma.He had barely appeared in front of the public.

People practically knew nothing about him.

Only the senior executives of the Larson Group knew what he looked like.

Other people had little knowledge about him.

Natalie, too, was curious to know about him.

Apart from the interview invitation, the company had also sent an examination paper.

Natalie had to finish it before attending the interview.

A frown lined Natalie’s forehead as she read the questions: none of them were from the books she had read.

They were all tricky questions that even design experts couldn’t answer.

However, the Larson Group required more for their staff and manpower than the other companies in the industry.

That was why Natalie wanted to join the Larson Group.

It would offer her the ideal experience.

After finishing the examination, Natalie left for the Larson Group.

Her eyes widened as she looked at a silver building towering into the clouds.

The translucent glass at the door reflected Natalie’s slender figure.

The receptionist gave Natalie a brief introduction handbook of the Larson Group and asked her to wait in the waiting area.

The building had silver, black, and white shiny walls.

Fashionable men and women decked up in sleek outfits walked past each other.

Meanwhile, a handsome man, surrounded by several people, walked into the private elevator.

Natalie’s eyes narrowed; she felt the man looked familiar.

However, before she could get a closer look, someone called her name.

It was Natalie’s turn to attend the interview.

A man and two women dressed in formal clothes were seated on the other side of the desk.

“Our interviewer Elaine Sellers has graduated from the same university as yours.You two are schoolmates.”

The woman on the left had straight chestnut hair.

She picked up Natalie’s resume and cast a curious look at her colleague.

Elaine regained her composure and looked at Natalie.

“What a coincidence! I was indeed Miss Quinn’s senior in school,” she said flatly Natalie’s eyes fell on the woman in the middle.

She soon remembered they shared a strange past.

One of the senior schoolmates had a crush on Natalie.

However, Elaine liked him.

Therefore, she hated Natalie for it and even caused trouble for her later.

Natalie had no interest in the man, so she didn’t care about it.

After graduation, they all parted ways, and Natalie never saw Elaine until now.

Elaine pursed her ruddy lips and nodded.

“Miss Quinn, you have an impressive resume.But I don’t think you’d be the right fit here because we are looking for experienced candidates.Where is the examination paper we sent to you earlier?”

Natalie took the examination paper from her bag and gave it to the interviewers.

The male interviewer took it.

His brows knitted together as he flipped the pages.

“Well, Elaine, did you send the wrong examination paper to her? This one is not for new .”

It turned out that Elaine had purposefully sent the wrong examination paper to Natalie along with the interview invitation, thinking she would back out from the interview.

Natalie knew that Elaine’s sweet smile was just a facade.

The woman had always tried ruining her life.

Elaine smiled and said, “If Miss Quinn is capable enough, she would have been able to crack the examination.”

“You are right, Miss Sellers.Please see how I’ve fared,”said Natalie.

“Well done! In fact, this examination paper is only for candidates with more than three years’ work experience.”

The other two interviewers looked at Natalie in awe.

Elaine didn’t utter a word.She stared at the examination paper, shaking her head in exasperation.She couldn’t believe that Natalie had cleared the examination.

Even some senior designers found it difficult to answer the questions, yet Natalie had got it right.

The other two interviewers asked Natalie a few more questions, and she effortlessly answered them.

After Natalie left, the two interviewers couldn’t stop praising her.

“She is a young, insightful designer.Our company needs someone like her.”

Elaine threw Natalie’s resume aside, her eyes blazing with anger and disgust.

“She is not right for the Larson Group!”

“Why? What were you thinking? You had asked a new graduate to write an examination paper we had prepared for experienced professional designers.”

The other female interviewer eyed Elaine with suspicion.She picked up the resume that Elaine had thrown away and leafed through the pages.

“Natalie seems like a promising candidate.She is better than all her peers.We can’t afford to miss such a talent.Do you have any personal grudges against her?” Elaine anxiously bit her lip.

“Why would I have anything against her?” She shrugged, trying to sound indifferent.

There were many rumors about Natalie when we were in college.

She isn’t as innocent as she seems.During her freshman year, Natalie would roam around stealing other people’s boyfriends.I know her better than you guys.She has a bad reputation.We can’t take the risk of recruiting her.”

“Oh, I see.We trust your judgment.If that’s the case, we can’t recruit her.If you hadn’t explained it to me, it would have seemed like you had used your position to take your revenge.Anyway, she’s just a fresher.It wouldn’t be a big deal to reject her.Hey, listen.There is a Mexican restaurant right across the street.I heard it’s very good.Do you want to go there and give it a try?”

asked the other female interviewer.

She didn’t dare to insist on recruiting Natalie anymore.

Although she felt a little reluctant to let go of such a talent, she didn’t want to risk her job.

After all, pure talent alone wasn’t the only criteria while recruiting a candidate — character was equally important.

The woman didn’t want to get into trouble the company and caused problems later, she would have to bear the brunt of her decisions.

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