Tales of the Night King

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I have not been a good man my entire life, and I do not fear any consequences that could come my way.

All that can get my blood going is getting none other than a glorious revenge against all my enemies and making a name for myself that would resonate for generations to come!

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“Nix, I’m so scared! Where are you? Please come back if you’re still alive. They’re trying to kill me and Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Please, Nix, please come home…”

Shortly after Nix Jaeger stepped off the plane from abroad and activated the phone number he had not used for five years, he received a call from his sister.

He was shocked to hear his sister’s voice filled with sheer terror.

“Renée? What happened?”

“You little b*tch! So it’s you who stole my phone! I’ll kill you!”

The gruff voice of a man was heard in the background, followed by several violent slaps and Renée Jaeger’s shrieks and desperate cries for help.

“Ahh! No! Please, don’t! Save me, Nix, save me!”

Anger bloomed in Nix’s heart. He clenched his fists and cracked the screen of his phone.

“Renée!” He roared to unleash his anger. The sheer terror of his wrath seemed to have frozen his surroundings.

“Start driving! Now!” Nix commanded the woman in the driver’s seat, which shocked her greatly.

The woman had short hair and a sharp demeanor that made her look as intimidating as a man. Her name was Luna Bluebird, and she was Nix’s personal assistant and the financial and intelligence manager of the Nightdwellers.

In the five years she had been at war abroad with Nix, she had seen him going berserk in a bloodthirsty rage. However, she had never sensed such murderous intent from him before. She floored the gas pedal, and the car sped away like a loose cannonball.

The engine was roaring, and the scenery outside the window was a blur. However, Nix thought it was still too slow. “Faster! Faster!”

His jaw was firmly clenched, and his knuckles cracked.

Five years ago, when his business was at its pinnacle, he was betrayed by Philip Gunther, his best friend and business partner.

Philip had set him up and caused him to violate an innocent woman. After that, Philip dispatched several “good Samaritans” to beat him up and throw him into the river. Fortunately, Nix did not die and escaped to another country.

In the five years he was abroad, he founded the shadow organization called the Nightdwellers upon his desire to take revenge and reunite with his family. After hundreds of deadly missions, the Nightdwellers became the biggest shadow organization in the world, and he became the notorious Sovereign of the Night.

Even as the Sovereign of the Night, his parents and younger sister were bullied!

“Nix, I’m so scared…”

“Please come back if you’re alive…”

“Save me, Nix…”

His younger sister’s cries for help echoed in his ears. It was as though he saw the eighteen-year-old in front of him, her innocent face covered in blood, and she was reaching out to him with a trembling hand.

Pangs of guilt struck him repeatedly. He was going to lose his mind.

In the Jaeger family residence, Nix’s parents were kneeling in a corner, surrounded by puddles of bodily filth. Around their necks were heavy metal chains. It was obvious they had been in that predicament for many days.

Renée was in a similar condition, though she was pinned to the floor by three burly men who were sizing her up.

Near the door, a man who looked like a playboy was talking to Nix’s parents while pinching his nose.

“So how does it feel to be treated like a dog? I hope you’ve had enough. Should I ravage your beautiful daughter before you give up?”

Furton Jaeger, Nix’s father, glared at the man furiously.

“If you dare lay a finger on my daughter, I’ll haunt you even after I die!”

The man roared with laughter. “Do I look like I’m afraid? If you don’t want your daughter’s life ruined, you’d better agree to my demands! As long as you stop appealing Nix’s case and process his death certificate so Whitney can divorce him, I’ll let you go immediately.”

The man’s name was Kenn Zweiger. Five years ago, he met Nix and his wife, Whitney Sonheim, while having dinner at a restaurant. Fascinated by Whitney’s beauty, he pretended to be drunk and flirted with her, but he was beaten up by Nix within an inch of his life.

Even though the Zweiger family was powerful in Southvane, Nix also commanded considerable influence, so Kenn could not carry out his revenge.

Kenn’s resentment toward Nix only grew. He contacted Whitney secretly several times and eventually managed to convince her to sleep with him. The two conspired and persuaded Philip to betray Nix, following which they divided Nix’s fortune for themselves.

After finding out that their son had disappeared, Nix’s parents visited the court multiple times to file lawsuits and appeals so that they could bring justice to their son. Recently, they had even thought of bringing the case up to Kingsby, the capital city.

Kenn was afraid that the truth might be exposed, so he captured Nix’s parents and Renée and tortured them.

“Nix isn’t dead! Even if we die, you won’t get what you want! You should give up now!” Renée screamed defiantly.

Nix’s parents did not speak a word. Even though they were about to die from the torment, they were not going to yield.

Even though their son had been missing for five years, they strongly believed that he was still alive. Even if he were dead, they did not want him to die without justice returned to him.

“You think you’re so tough, don’t you? I’d like to see how much longer you can hold on!” Kenn chuckled coldly and waved his hand at his minions. “Cripple her.”

The burly men kicked Renée to the center of the room and began to rain punches on her frail body.

The poor young woman screamed like a cornered animal. Her cries were heartbreaking.

Furton’s eyes were bloodshot. “You animal! Aren’t you afraid of divine punishment?”

Kenn laughed out loud. “Divine punishment? I killed your son and slept with your son’s wife. Did I receive divine punishment then? Your son’s corpse is rotting in the bottom of the river, while I’m living the high life. Only bottom-feeders like you will receive divine punishment!”

He sighed and continued, “Too bad Nix isn’t here to see all this. I’d like to see his reaction. Serves him right for offending me! Heh!”

Kenn’s assistant leaned close to his ear and whispered warily, “Boss, we’ve been here for a week, and I think the neighbors are beginning to suspect something. If they call the police…”

Kenn waved his hand and dismissed the concern. “Don’t worry, I’ll settle it. These peasants are like insects to me. I can do whatever I want to them. Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you. Make it quick.”

Two burly men picked up Renée, who was already near death. Her bloody head drooped, and she moaned in agony.

The leader of the burly men took out a dagger and messed around with it. “Should I cut off the flesh from her face or from her arms? What do you think, brothers?”

Tears of despair fell from Renée’s eyes when she heard that more torture was imminent.

Where are you, Nix?

Nix’s parents roared out in indignant fury. “You animals! You can’t do this! If I die today, I’ll come back as a ghost and haunt you forever!”

The more agitated they were, the more excited Kenn’s lackeys became.

“If I’m not afraid of you while you’re still alive, why would I be scared after you’re dead? If you don’t want to see your daughter suffer, you’d better agree to our boss’s demands!”

After that, he grabbed Renée’s wrist and plunged the dagger into her thumb.

“Ahhh!” Renée cried out in pain and jerked up, but the two burly men pinned her down again.

With a twist of the dagger, the fingernail was separated from the thumb.

“Ahh! Ahhh!” Renée was screaming herself hoarse.

“Renée! Renée!” her parents cried out in despair.

Renée was on the verge of losing consciousness from the pain. Thick blood oozed from the corner of her mouth. She could not take the torture anymore.

I hope I can meet you again in my next life, Nix.

She clenched her teeth together and bit her tongue hard.

Blood gushed from her mouth like a geyser. The three burly men were shocked and dropped her on the floor.

Soon, a puddle of blood formed around her. The young woman twitched for a moment before ceasing to move.

The leader of the men kicked Renée and spat on her. “That’s it? She’s dead? That’s no fun at all.”

He turned to speak to her parents, who had already lost their voices. “See this? She’s dead because you two are too stubborn! If you still don’t agree to my boss’s demands, I’ll cut her body into pieces and feed her to the dogs!”

Suddenly, the front door was kicked open with a loud bang.

A tall and well-built silhouette charged in murderously.

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