Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 6 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

Donald remained silent and only stared at Hank coldly.
A few seconds later, Hank walked out of the door while leading the others. Simultaneously, he gave Donald the middle finger and spat on the ground. “Stellar Corporation? Yuck!”
Meanwhile, the general manager of Stardust Corporation, who was a chubby individual named Keith Jaquin, had already been waiting outside of the office.
“Welcome, Mr. Yelverton.” Keith reached out his hand and greeted Hank.
Feeling respected, Hank shook his hand obsequiously. “It’s an honor to meet you in person, Mr. Jaquin. I’ve always wanted to join your side. That rascal Donald is nothing but useless trash.”
As Donald walked out of the office, the contempt on his face intensified when he saw Keith and Hank chatting with one another.

“Come on out.” Keith waved his hand. As soon as he did that, quite a few people appeared in the office and began to line up in the corridor.
Taken aback by what he saw, Hank asked, “What’s going on?”
Keith explained, “Someone has acquired Stardust Corporation. No doubt that the boss is exceedingly capable. I heard that he’s related to Mr. Yates.”
Upon hearing that, Hank took a deep breath in shock. Acquiring the company must have required ten million, no? Besides, that person is related to Mr. Yates. What is the meaning of this? Primordial Tower belongs to Mr. Yates, and he’s also the one who provides all of Stardust Corporation’s businesses. In other words, Zayne Yates is the most preeminent boss!
With that thought in mind, Hank trembled in excitement. He believed he was about to be rich and thought he should have joined Stardust Corporation earlier.
“Huh? What are you doing here?” Hank suddenly noticed Donald standing at the side and shouted, “Get lost!”
Keith chimed in, “Mr. Campbell. Oh, shoot. I should address you as Donny instead since Stellar Corporation is going bankrupt soon. Anyway, I advise you to leave immediately as our new boss is about to arrive for inspection. If you don’t leave now and disturb our boss, it will be too late for you to escape the consequence.”
“I don’t believe that,” Donald responded calmly.
Keith was outraged by Donald’s response. He uttered in an icy tone, “You’ve been an eyesore to me since the beginning, Donald. You’d better get lost. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson.”
Keith had the utmost hatred toward individuals like Donald, who would constantly remain unfazed and act unwaveringly in front of anyone.
He thought such people had no right to behave in such a manner. I can understand his demeanor if he is rich. However, he’s only a boss of an insignificant company. Besides, his company is on the precipice of bankruptcy. What right does he have to be so calm?
“You’ll regret it if I leave,” Donald replied indifferently.
When Keith heard those words, he burst out laughing. “What a freaking joke!”
Right after saying those words, his expression froze as he saw a man in his forties striding over.
It was Zayne Yates.
He was Primordial Tower’s CEO and the loyal lackey of Charles, the wealthiest man in Pollerton. Moreover, his net worth was a billion, and the entire Primordial Tower belonged to his family.
Zayne had a well-built figure. One could tell that he was skilled in combat arts, judging by his physique.
“You’re here, Mr. Yates.” Keith lowered his head in respect swiftly when Zayne arrived at where the former stood.
Looking at Keith, Zayne instructed, “Prepare to welcome our new boss.”
The second he heard that instruction, Keith waved his hand to signal the people to stand in two lines.
When he noticed that Donald was still standing at the previous spot, Keith flew into a rage and yelled, “Do you have a death wish, Donald?”
Once he uttered those words, he was ready to go forward to Donald a kick.
Just as he was about to take a step forward, Keith stood still in a daze abruptly as though a bolt of lightning had struck him. That was because Zayne was making his obeisance to Donald.
“Hello, Mr. Campbell. I am Zayne Yates. Looking forward to working with you in the future.” Zayne’s countenance was full of reverence and enthusiasm when he spoke.

Since he had followed Charles for over a decade, the things Zayne knew about were more than others. He was aware that Charles was inferior to Tristan, and he also knew that a mysterious person was superior to the latter.
Even though they had never met before, Zayne was vaguely conscious of the terrifying power of the mysterious person. According to some claims, that person had an exceptionally wealthy corporation abroad.
After the greeting, Zayne turned to Keith and the others and announced, “Mr. Campbell is your new boss!”
Everyone widened their eyes in bewilderment, their heart racing wildly. That reaction was especially true of Hank and Keith as they were in utter disbelief.
Shortly afterward, Hank said, “You must’ve mistaken, Mr. Yates. How can this good-for-nothing be the new boss? He’s nothing but a person in charge of that trashy company, Stellar Corporation. That company is about to go bankrupt. Besides, the company’s capital flow is suspended, and the amount left on its balance sheet is only a hundred!”
Keith joined the conversation. “Exactly, Mr. Yates. I’ve known Donald for around five years. I’m familiar with his back—”
Without notice, Zayne slapped Keith in the face before the latter could finish his words. “Who gave you the right to evaluate Mr. Campbell?”
Following that sentence, Zayne glared at the general manager and pointed at him before continuing, “You must be tired of living. Mr. Campbell is the new boss, you imbecile!”
He gave Keith a hard smack on his face again after yelling those words as though he had not vented all his anger.
Consequently, Keith stood rooted to the spot, his blood running cold. He fully recognized that Zayne’s means were no laughing matter.
“I apologize for the tomfoolery that just happened, Mr. Campbell.” Zayne paid obeisance to Donald again as an apology.
Everything that had occurred made everyone baffled, especially Hank. He was in utter disbelief and also had a bad premonition.
Predictably, Keith and Hank’s hearts sank. They felt as if they were chilled to the bone.
“You’re fired.” Donald pointed at Keith, Hank, and others who jumped ship while repeating those devastating words. He then continued, “Daniel will be the legal representative of Stellar Corporation and Stardust Corporation.”
Upon hearing that announcement, Daniel felt a jolt shoot through his body, his face turning red at that instant. He waved his hand continuously while responding, “I’m not qualified, Mr. Campbell. I may fail to draw any businesses since I’m terrible at socializing.”
Zayne chuckled and uttered, “With Mr. Campbell’s backing, such an issue is not a problem.”
With that, he glanced at Donald cautiously before glancing back at Daniel as he continued, “I will invest ten million in Stellar Corporation and Stardust Corporation unconditionally in the early stages. Also, you will be in charge of the renovation business of the three thousand houses in Sapphire Residences from tomorrow onward.”
As soon as those words came out, the crowd fell into pin-drop silence. Zayne investing ten million without conditions means that Daniel’s net worth has risen to three million at this very moment! My goodness. What in the world is happening?
In the meantime, Keith and Hank widened their eyes in stupefaction.
If someone else uttered those earlier words, Hank and the others would think they were only a joke. However, the person who spoke was Zayne, the faithful lackey of the wealthiest individual in Pollerton, who was Charles.
Everyone at the scene stared at Daniel with envy and jealousy. The profit of renovating a house in Sapphire Residences is around thirty thousand. Since there are three thousand houses, the total revenue is almost a hundred million!
No one had the nerve to doubt Zayne’s words since he was the one who developed Sapphire Residences. Hence, Zayne had every right to determine the person in charge of the renovation project.
“If you have no more questions, please sign the contract.” Zayne waved his hand. Immediately after that indicative gesture, a secretary appeared and handed Daniel the contract and a ten-million check.
At that moment, Hank’s expression was a mixture of regret, resentment, and disbelief.
A few minutes was all it took for Daniel’s net worth to reach over thirty million.
Such an amount of money was a fortune that was unobtainable for Hank.
All of that money should’ve been mine!

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