Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 5 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

As Hannah walked away, she said, “Don’t worry. I’ll either give him a call or visit him every night to urge him to pay up.”
Everyone was taken aback upon hearing that. That’s too good to be true!
After all, Hannah was a brilliant doctor. Besides, she was pretty and came from a privileged background.
If Hannah would really give him a call or visit him every night, they might even develop feelings for each other.
Besides, Donald was a handsome guy. With his deep, wistful eyes, he seemed to be a person who had been through many tough experiences.
“Major-General Nixon,” Harrison politely greeted.
However, Ryan refused to look at him. “Get lost, and stop blabbering!”
Immediately, Harrison’s expression darkened as he felt humiliated by Ryan.
A moment later, Hannah had changed into typical attire and walked up to Donald. “Give me your phone.”
“Why should I give you my phone?” Donald asked.
“I said I want your phone number!” Hannah snapped and gritted her teeth slightly.
Realization dawned on him as he quickly gave his phone number to her.
“Remember that you owe me six million six hundred thousand.” The woman then walked away with her head high, refusing to look at Jennifer for the entire time.
Jennifer had a bad premonition about it. Will something happen between Hannah and my husband?
When that thought appeared in her mind, her heart sank.
With their current financial situation, there was no way they could pay up six million six hundred thousand even if they worked for the rest of their lives.
Besides, Hannah seemed weirdly close to Donald.
“Do you know Hannah?” Jennifer asked again, a trace of coldness flashing across her face.
Donald replied, “I told you I don’t know her!”
“You’re getting impatient,” she mumbled as the bad feeling in her heart intensified.
It was not her fault, for Hannah was the type of person who could attract attention wherever she went. Although Jennifer’s looks were on par with her, she could not compete with the latter’s confidence.
“Don’t get too close with Harrison. You hear me?” Donald furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ll pay the six hundred thousand back to him, so you shouldn’t do something like that.”
“How are you going to do that? It’s six hundred thousand we’re talking about!” Jennifer was on the verge of losing her temper.
Combined with the six hundred thousand they owed Harrison, they were currently in debt of seven million two hundred thousand.
Just thinking of that huge sum of money caused her chest to tighten in anxiousness.
Donald stared deep into her eyes, but before he could defend himself, he received a phone call from his employee. “Donald, it’s been more than ten days since the company failed to have any business. Everyone is going to resign soon. Hank is bringing everyone to job hop to Stardust Corporation. The salary they offer is thirty percent more than what you can offer…”
Donald furrowed his eyebrows.
Although he did not care much about a company that had annual revenue of three hundred thousand, the company was founded by his grandfather. Thus, he did not wish for it to go bankrupt in his hands.
Thinking of that, he turned to Jennifer and said, “I’m going back to the office.”
She did not say anything, but her eyes were clouded with tears when she gazed at his leaving figure.

Ever since she gave Donald’s savings to Kevin, her relationship with Donald had drifted apart. Besides, Donald throwing six hundred grand away had further caused a rift in their relationship.
In her opinion, Donald was suffering a setback in his life. The way he chucked those bills out of the window was the evidence of it.
Thus, that made her very upset.
“It’s known that a poor couple equals a miserable marriage. You and Donald have no future together. I’ve seen too many cases like Donald. He will soon break down from the burden of debts, not to mention his grandfather’s hefty medical fees. A single pill already costs five hundred, and more miscellaneous fees will come. There’s no way he can afford it.” Harrison looked at Jennifer with his burning eyes.
Jennifer wiped the tears off the corner of her eyes. “I’m going to visit Grandpa.”
Harrison knew he could not rush things, so he decided to leave.
Donald’s renovation company was called Stellar Corporation. It had eight employees, with Hank Yelverton having the most experience out of all of them. Thus, he also had the highest salary of twenty thousand per month. As for the other employees’ wages, it was also higher than people in the same trade.
Stellar Corporation was currently situated in a small office in Primordial Tower. Even though the size of the office was only one hundred square meters, its rental was around one hundred thousand annually.
On the way there, Donald phoned Charles. “Charlie, please help me to acquire a renovation company in Primordial Tower for me.”
Charles answered, “All right, but actually, the entire Primordial Tower is yours.”
After hanging up the call, Donald entered the office. Eight employees were waiting for him there with pity written all over their faces, especially Hank, who anticipated watching a good show.
Hank was the department manager and the core employee of the company. Thus, his resignation would mean the company would lose ninety percent of its customers and orders.
“Donald, this is my resignation letter.” Hank took the lead to hand in the letter to Donald.
Donald immediately signed it without even looking at the content. “Who else wants to hand in their resignation letter?”
Upon hearing that, the rest of them passed their resignation letters to Donald except for a twenty-five-year-old young man.
Without any expression on his face, Donald signed all of them.
Suddenly, Hank spoke. “Congratulations on your bankruptcy! Stellar Corporation will close down soon.”
At that, Donald finally lifted his head and looked at him. “You’ve been working under my grandpa for more than ten years and under me for about five years. Tell me. Did we ever mistreat you? When your mother fell sick back then, I even forked out more than one hundred thousand to treat her. However, you’ve never paid me back.”
Hank narrowed his eyes and responded, “I didn’t ask you to do that. You gave it to me willingly. Legally speaking, one cannot get back the funds gifted to another. Thus, I don’t owe you money.”
Donald had a mocking expression on his face as he pointed next door. “How much did they offer you?”
“A basic salary of two thousand. However, I can get a ten percent commission for all sales,” Hank replied. “They’re way more generous than you.”
Donald still remained indifferent.
Then, he turned to look at the only person who did not hand in his resignation letter. “Dan, how about you?”
After pondering for a moment, Daniel Wallace replied, “I won’t leave unless you fire me.”
“How stupid!” Hank shot a revolted look at Daniel before standing up. “Let’s go and report for work at Stardust Corporation.”
Donald stood up slowly. “Dan, good job. You can continue to stay here. I’ll promote you to department manager with a monthly salary of thirty thousand. On top of that, I’ll give you another thirty percent of the shares of this company.”
After Donald said that, Hank and the others burst into laughter.
“It’s difficult for you even to have five hundred in your pocket, so stop pretending! Besides, what use does thirty percent of shares have? Stellar Corporation will not have a single sale after we leave, so who’re you trying to fool by giving a monthly salary of thirty thousand?” Hank chuckled coldly.

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