Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 20 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

If Mark’s aura was strong, Lana’s was even mightier.
Even though she was merely standing motionlessly, she exuded a strong presence.
Mark felt Lana’s gaze, and cold sweat perspired profusely on his forehead. At that moment, he was filled with dread.
Others might not know about Lana’s true identity, but he knew it best.
She was none other than the heir of the Collins family.
At that moment, Mark’s hatred for Donald brimmed. After all, Donald was the one who caused all this.
What right does this Donald have to make Lana treat me like this?
“Get out,” Lana stated lightly.
“Yes, Ms. Collins,” Mark replied respectfully with his head lowered.
Donald could clearly see the cold gleam flickering in Mark’s eyes. When the latter’s gaze swept past him, there was an apparent killing intent hidden within.
Donald sneered inwardly.
“I haven’t thanked you for saving my life yesterday.” Lana did not even bother shooting a glance at Oliver and the others as she walked up to Donald and spoke gently.
Rafe stood right next to him with a bewildered expression.
He had never come into contact with a person of Lana’s caliber. Though he would normally see them on television, that was the first time he actually saw them close up.
“It’s fine.” Donald shook his head.
“Shall we go out and talk?” Lana suggested.
After hesitating for a moment, Donald nodded. “Okay.”
Lana smiled faintly at his reply and headed out first. She did not spare Oliver and the others a glance, which made Oliver feel miserable.
I have worked so hard to position myself in a stylish posture. Why won’t you spare me a glance?
The moment Lana appeared, Oliver had positioned himself in the coolest posture possible and put on his most handsome and warm smile. He thought it would be great to win Lana’s favor.
Yet, Lana did not even spare him a glance.
The crowd heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Lana leave.
“Why is he acting all high and mighty? Does he seriously think his life would change for the better after saving Lana’s life?” Irene pursed his lips disdainfully.
“Come on, just let this go. You are about to become a famous celebrity soon,” Rebecca consoled while tugging her friend’s hand.
As this topic was aroused, the crowd immediately gathered around and bombarded her with questions.
“Irene, are you really signing a contract with Donter Pictures?” one of the female classmates asked with an envious look on her face.
Smugness filled Irene’s eyes as she replied, “That’s right. Donter Pictures was established by the diva, Wynter, and the richest man in Pollerton, Charles. You guys must know how many resources the diva has.”
Rebecca smiled. “My sister is also about to sign a contract with Donter Pictures. If you guys want to see them in the future, it will only be on the big screen.”
“Let’s talk while we eat. Excuse me, we are ready to order,” proposed Oliver as he lifted his hand to call for a waiter.
Rafe pondered for a while and asked cautiously, “Mr. Langford, does the promise you made still count?”
Oliver chuckled. “What did I promise?”
“You said that if Donald brings us to the ninth floor, you’ll buy that apartment and give me two million worth of commission.” Rafe grew anxious.
Oliver responded, “Does he really have the ability to bring us in? I have long known that he doesn’t have the capability. I just didn’t want to embarrass him. Let’s eat first and talk about this matter later.”

“Let’s not talk about work today. Let’s eat first and not ruin everyone’s mood,” Rebecca added lightly.
Rafe sighed.
If I knew this, I wouldn’t have accepted this deal. Even someone as stupid as me can tell that Oliver never really wanted to buy that apartment, and he just wanted to show off in front of me.
Donald sat on the leather couch in the parlor of the tenth floor and said, “Not bad. This couch is designed executively. One set would cost six to seven thousand.”
“You know your stuff.” Lana smiled faintly and asked, “What do you want to drink?”
“Just some plain coffee would be good enough,” Donald said.
Lana then opened a cabinet, took out some coffee powder, and made a cup of hot coffee for Donald.
“What a surprise. You actually stocked up on ordinary coffee,” Donald said with a smile.
“Well, I might encounter all kinds of clients when doing business. It’s best to be prepared for all sorts of possibilities.” Lana sat back on the couch. She stretched her body, revealing her perfect hourglass body figure.
“Thank you for your help today,” Donald said as he took a sip of coffee.
Lana smiled and shook her head. “It’s no trouble at all. I’m sorry about Mark’s behavior. You don’t have to worry about him. I will deal with him promptly and won’t let him cause you any trouble.”
Donald chuckled softly. “I don’t really care about him.”
Lana frowned. “Mark is very full of himself because he conquers the Blade Alliance.”
She had investigated Donald, and based on the information found, Donald was married. However, he fell out with his wife due to a surgery fee that cost six hundred thousand. Donald originally had a company under his name, and now the legal person of the company had changed.
Hence, in her opinion, Donald had no other strengths other than being slightly capable of fighting.
However, being skillful in combat did not mean anything.
After all, there were plenty of people who were skilled in combat in the Blade Alliance. Yet, they still did not dare to appear publicly and only did their tasks behind the curtain.
There were only five or six people who dared to show themselves in the entire Blade Alliance.
“Don’t worry about that. If he crosses the line, I will destroy him. Even you won’t be able to stop me,” Donald stated nonchalantly as he sat on the couch.
Lana’s frown deepened. “Mark isn’t as simple as you think. Also…”
“Also, you’ve conducted an investigation on me, right?” Donald flashed her a half-smile and continued, “You have checked my credit score, company, travel records, and all of my purchase history? Isn’t that right?”
Immediately, Lana’s eyes widened in surprise.
Donald is right. The person I arranged to investigate him is quite skilled. He’s able to investigate people in secrecy, without the target knowing. Also, he’s never made a mistake, and he’s never been discovered. What is with this Donald? How did he know I was investigating him?
“Mantis is indeed capable, and he is level-headed. However, have you heard of a phrase? If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you,” Donald stated.
Lana was even more shocked. She sat up straight and stared into Donald’s eyes.
Mantis was her trusted subordinate, who was also known as the best tracker in Pollerton.
She never expected Mantis to be exposed after conducting an investigation on Donald.
“Who exactly are you?” Lana narrowed her eyes as she realized that she had underestimated Donald.
“Ms. Collins, it’s not good to know too much,” Donald muttered.
Lana sat on the same spot and chuckled suddenly. “It seems that I have failed. It’s my bad. I’m sorry for conducting an investigation on you.”
“It’s fine. The things you found out were things I was willing to present,” Donald responded.
Lana felt Donald was even more unfathomable, and it sparked her interest in him.

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