Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 2 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

“Look at you, Jennifer,” Donald sneered.
Jennifer grabbed his hand and begged in a trembling voice, “Donald, please believe me.”
“Jennifer, both of you should get a divorce. That Harrison Queen is extremely wealthy. He definitely has one hundred million worth of personal assets, so if you marry him, I won’t be so tired too,” Kevin suddenly chimed in.
Donald looked at him in disbelief. How are you even tired? You play around and gamble every day. You also borrow money to rent cars to show off to girls and hook up with them. On top of that, you don’t even go to work. For the past four to five years, the money Jennifer had given you was more than five hundred thousand. She has given you almost all her pay.
Jennifer’s parents also spoke up. “Good idea.”
Donald’s face darkened as he fumed internally.
How can they convince my wife to marry another man in front of me?
“Give me two million, or I’ll break your legs,” Donald ordered coldly.
Immediately, Kevin grabbed a wine bottle and hurled it at him, but Donald caught it and threw it back at Kevin.
The bottle smashed against Kevin’s forehead, and blood gushed out from the wound.
“Donald, why did you hit him?” Jennifer yelled furiously with red-rimmed eyes, looking like an angry lion.
“Get out! How dare you do this in my house!” howled Leonard.
Linda also screeched, “Divorce him! Jennifer, you must divorce him! Harrison is a hundred times better than him! How dare you hit my son! You must have a death wish!”
After she said that, she lunged at Donald and landed a hard slap on his face.
As Donald did not duck, a bright red palm print immediately appeared on his face, and his expression turned thunderous.
After all, he had not been hit by anyone in years. However, Linda was still his mother-in-law.
“Go away, Donald! Go away!” Jennifer cried.
“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you! Say goodbye to your money! I’m never returning the two million to you,” screamed Kevin.
Standing with her arms akimbo, Linda shrieked, “Scram, you ingrate!”
Donald glared at all of them before he slowly left and closed the door behind him.
After walking out of the neighborhood, he raised his gaze to stare at the moon in the sky and clenched his fists tightly.
Ten minutes later, he arrived at the house of his good friend, Rafe Miller.
“Rafe, my grandpa is still hospitalized. Can you lend me three hundred thousand?” Donald asked as he smoked a cigarette.
Immediately, Rafe handed him a card. “There are around eighty to ninety thousand inside. This is all the money I secretly saved. Sorry, Donald, but I don’t have any more money,” uttered Rafe as he looked at Donald apologetically.
“What are you doing, Rafe? Do you have a death wish?” Before Donald could take the card, a plump and sturdy woman squeezed in and snatched the card away. It was Rafe’s wife, Faye Scott.
“Get out of my house!” she yelled furiously as the flesh on her face jiggled.

Meanwhile, Rafe was too afraid to utter a word.
Donald patted Rafe on the shoulder and apologized, “Sorry for troubling you.”
After leaving Rafe’s house, Donald called his uncle. “Hello, Uncle Felix. Grandpa is sick, so I need six hundred thousand to pay for his surgery…”
However, it was his aunt who picked up the phone. She immediately yelled, “We don’t have money! I’m not going to give a single cent to that old man! Just tell him to die already!”
Right after that, she hung up the phone.
With a bang, Donald crushed his phone with his hands, and fire sparks danced in his hands.
Uncle Felix took Grandpa’s two houses, and those houses are worth more than five million! Yet, they refuse to pay for Grandpa’s hospital bills? That’s not how one should treat one’s father!
In the distance, Donald noticed the glaring headlights of a car, followed by the sounds of the engine roaring. A Ferrari 458 soon stopped before him, and Harrison came into sight after the window rolled down.
“You look like a dog right now. I guess it’s a sin to be poor. You need six hundred thousand. Am I right? I can give you the money,” Harrison remarked with a smirk.
Donald only glared at him menacingly as a glint of fury flashed across his eyes. Sitting in the passenger seat was Kevin with his head wrapped in bandages. Evidently, he had just gone to the hospital.
I’ve just left, and the next moment, Kevin is together with Harrison! It’s obvious that Harrison wants Jennifer!
“You’re not going to say anything? I only have one aim, and that is for you to divorce Jennifer. I’ll give you six hundred thousand as long as you divorce her,” Harrison sneered.
Kevin gave Donald the side-eye. “Donald, stop resisting. I know that nothing you and Jennifer haven’t done the deed yet. You’re no match for Harrison, so you and my sister are definitely going to get a divorce. Besides, Jennifer always listens to me!”
Donald walked over to the car, ready to teach them a lesson, but before he could do so, Harrison chuckled and floored the accelerator.
With that, the car sped off, and Kevin’s voice traveled over the distance into Donald’s ears.
“You really look like a dog!”
As Donald stared at the Ferrari, a sarcastic smile appeared on his face.
I’ve kept a low profile for the past four to five years, but now, people are bullying me. I just want to lead a simple and peaceful life! Since it’s impossible, it’s time for me to make a comeback!
With that thought in mind, Donald quickly went home and took out his laptop. After hesitating for a while, he opened an application and typed in his username and password.
“My supreme god, if you activate Polaris System, you will again have all the wealth under your disposal, but you will also have to bear the corresponding level of responsibility. Your life will no longer be peaceful. Do you want to proceed to activate it?” A robotic voice sounded.
Donald clicked “Yes” with his mouse.
“Welcome back, my supreme god! You have activated the first level. Do you want to activate the second level?”
After pondering for a moment, Donald clicked “No” and only activated the first level. If he activated all the nine levels of Polaris System, his everyday life would be completely disrupted.
Moreover, he was already exhausted from everything that was going on in his life at the moment.
Following the activation of the first level of Polaris System, a red dot on Donald’s laptop blinked incessantly. It was currently sending numerous messages to a small group of people all over the world.
“Supreme God has reactivated the System!” On the other side of the world, a beautiful woman jumped on her bed excitedly. As she jumped merrily, her bathrobe slipped off her shoulders, revealing her perfect figure.
“It has been five years! He’s finally back!” Meanwhile, on a battleship in the middle of the ocean, a soldier knelt down, facing the east.
“Lord Campbell is back! We have goals in our life now! We are no longer lost!” A handsome man gulped down a glass of alcohol in a bar with fervor in his eyes.
After activating the System, Donald quietly sat on his couch in the dark.
His aura seemed to transform in a second.
Originally, he was an ordinary and reserved man who worked hard to make a living. However, he had an imposing, domineering aura at the moment.

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