Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 19 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

Everyone stared at Donald, especially Irene and Rebecca. Their eyes were filled with blatant curiosity.
“Donald, I didn’t know that you were so influential.” Irene leaned closer to Donald and wanted to hold the latter’s arm.
Donald took a step back wordlessly, avoiding her grasp.
The smile on Irene’s face froze.
On the other hand, Rebecca laughed girlishly. “Donald, you’re pretending to be weak to conceal your true power. You can even book the ninth floor with a mere phone call. That’s amazing!”
When Oliver heard them praise Donald, he felt extremely uncomfortable.
I should be the main character today. What’s the point of being wealthy and accomplished if I can’t boast about my wealth? I did everything I could to steal a cultural relic and sell it for a hundred million just so I could show off! I want everyone to be dazzled by my wealth. Why have things turned out like this?
“Perhaps I can explain,” Mark said.
He had a strong aura and tattoos were inked all over his head. At first glance, one could tell that he was not someone to be crossed with. When he spoke, everyone shut their mouths. They fell silent and looked at him simultaneously.
Mark explained in a deep voice, “Yesterday, Ms. Collins accidentally fell into the water when she was on an outing. Donald happened to walk past and saved her. Ms. Collins gave him a million as a token of appreciation and promised to fulfill a request of his that was within her power. Is that correct?”
When Mark finished speaking, his gaze sharpened, and a faint light shone in his pupils as he turned to look at Donald expressionlessly. Narrowing his eyes, a look of contempt appeared on his face.
All he did was save Ms. Collins yesterday. How dare he make demands? Furthermore, he even brought a bunch of annoying brats into the supreme ninth floor.
A cold smile appeared on his face. He lowered his head and a frosty gleam shone in his eyes as he contemplated getting rid of Donald when he had the chance to do so.
“Yes. You’re right.” Donald was still expressionless. That was his personality. He did not like to explain too much, let alone waste his time talking nonsense. After experiencing huge, life-changing events, he had no interest in such trivial matters. The sole reason he attended the gathering was out of consideration for Rafe’s feelings.
Everyone immediately understood what was going on.
So that’s how it is. He just happened to save Lana Collins, who has a net worth of more than twenty billion. To repay his kindness, she not only gave him a million but also promised to accede to a request of his. No wonder we can enter the ninth floor. Lana’s life and promise are too important. Entering the ninth floor once is nothing in comparison.
“I see. I thought that Donald has reinvented himself!” The gloomy look on Oliver’s face disappeared and was replaced with a smile.
“So, you’ve only saved Ms. Collins’ life. Why are you acting like it’s a big deal?” Irene instantly moved away from Donald with a look of disdain on her face.
“What? That’s it?” Rebecca frowned and walked away. Annoyance and disgust were evident on her face as she glanced at Donald.
“I see. This Donald is such a fool. Lana’s promise is so valuable. He could’ve requested an apartment or a car, but he used it to bring us to the ninth floor instead. He’s dumb.” Some of the classmates discussed in low voices.
“That’s right. If our roles were reversed, I’d request ten million from her. Yet, he used it just to show off.”
“Just so he can show off, he wasted a promise from Lana. What a stupid man.”

Everyone started discussing and looking at Donald with utter derision.
Mark smiled faintly and looked deeply at Donald. “Pretty impressive.”
His gaze was gloomy, and his tone was meaningful.
Donald narrowed his eyes and looked back at Mark. He suddenly laughed. “Are you threatening me?”
He’s just Lana’s lackey. It’s not like I can’t kill him.
Mark solemnly nodded. “Whatever. You can think of it like that.”
Oliver and the rest of the crowd looked at Donald and Mark, anticipating a good show.
Offending Lana’s lackey was akin to offending Lana herself. Furthermore, Mark was not just a simple lackey of Lana’s. He was also the head honcho of the Blade Alliance.
The Blade Alliance was a legendary prominent organization in Pollerton.
Even Johnny, the owner of Johnny’s Antiques, did not dare to provoke Mark.
Donald calmly scrutinized the man. “You have no right to challenge me.”
Few people dared to offend him in the entire world, as doing so would cause an international conflict.
Mark froze and anger flashed in his eyes. His fury bubbled and dangerous tension could be felt in the air. “If not for the fact that you had saved Ms. Collins, I would have strangled you to death!”
Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat in fear upon witnessing Mark’s wrath. His aura was so frightening that they found it difficult to breathe.
Donald’s face finally grew serious as he slowly walked toward Mark.
He had a calm temperament and was not competitive. Yet, it did not mean that he would not get angry. If someone crossed the line, he did not mind getting rid of them.
Simply put, if one did not mess with him, he would not mess with them as well. However, if one dared to get on his nerves, he could even kill their entire family in retaliation.
Mark continued wearing a casual expression. He laughed evilly and his fearsome teeth flashed under the light. It was frightening.
He clenched his fist, cracked his knuckles, and stretched his neck.
Rafe’s face paled upon seeing that. He hurriedly stopped Donald. “Donald. He’s Mark White. Don’t be rash.”
Thereafter, he anxiously rushed toward Mark and bowed. “I’m really sorry, Mr. White. I truly apologize. Please be magnanimous and forgive him.”
Oliver and the rest had already shied away. They looked at the scene with much interest.
In their eyes, Donald and Rafe were dead meat.
How can he possibly still live if he’s offended Mark White? The man has controlled the Blade Alliance for so many years. He’s done many terrible and ruthless things. If Lana Collins had not managed to suppress him, he would have conquered the entire underground world in Pollerton.
Donald’s gaze grew colder. His killing intent intensified. Similarly, Mark was like a wild beast that was ready to attack.
Just as Donald was prepared to snap Mark’s neck, a lady suddenly walked in.
She wore a long red dress and was very pretty. Her complexion was fair, and her figure was alluring. There was no flaw on her small face. Her lips were red and her teeth were white. Her watery eyes shone as if they could speak.
The first impression people had of her was that she was an otherworldly being. She attracted people to her and made them unable to resist falling in love with her.
“What are you doing?” Lana asked softly after she entered.
Her voice was sweet and captivating, taking every man’s breath away.
Even Mark’s breathing quickened.
Yet, he did not dare to look at her. He lowered his head and stood there respectfully.
On the other hand, Irene and Rebecca looked at Lana with jealousy and envy.
We’re all women. Why is she so perfect?
Mark retracted his fierce aura and stood there motionlessly like a child that had done something wrong. He was very subservient.
Lana’s gaze landed on Mark. It was a quick and unconcerned gaze, but there was a menacing light glinting in her eyes.

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