Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 16 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

After hanging up the phone, Harrison felt a tinge of fear.
The big shot from the Heavenly Private Room was not to be messed around. He had his ways of getting things done, and he could do so ferociously.
Not even Harrison nor the whole Queen family could defend themselves against him.
Even the influential personnel of Pollerton General Hospital were warned to stay put. Destroying the Queen family would be a piece of cake for him!
Harrison intended to find out who made the first move, but in the end, he decided not to.
Based on what he had learned so far, he knew that the big shot would find out right away if he began investigating the case.
When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.
Harrison understood that much.
After dealing with Pollerton General Hospital, Donald approached his grandfather and held his hands in silence. He stayed like that for a long time. Suddenly, Donald’s phone rang. He frowned, only to find out later that it was a call from his good friend, Rafe.
Rafe and Donald were high school classmates. Although they had not kept in touch for several years, Rafe was the first person Donald contacted when he first arrived in Pollerton.
Rafe did not have a happy marriage. He married into the Scott family.
His wife, Faye, is a rather plump and dominant lady. Rafe did not have a proper job. He was in the second-hand housing business. To put it simply, he was only an agent. As a blunt and honest person, Rafe did not do very well. He could only earn about six thousand every month.
“Hello, Rafe,” Donald answered the call.
“Donald, would you like to come to our high school gathering at noon?” Rafe asked with a smile.
“No, I am not going,” Donald rejected the invitation.
Rafe replied, “That won’t do. Come! Please come for my sake. Even the popular girl in our class is going. Oliver King will be there. He contacted me a few days ago, saying he has set his sights on one of the houses in Pollerton Estates. I am worried I can’t make a sale, but you have a way with words, so I want to ask for your help.”
Donald sank into deep thought.
Pollerton Estates… Isn’t that developed by Charles? The current market rate is almost three hundred thousand per square meter. Given that the houses there are all at least three hundred square meters, one house should be worth more than a hundred million, including tax.
There is an enormous mansion at three thousand square meters in Pollerton Estates. Renovation was completed last year. It is currently valued at 1.3 billion! It’s one of the most expensive properties in Pollerton, which makes it very popular among housing agents. The commission could go up to ten million if anyone could close the deal!
“Sure,” Donald agreed immediately.
After he hung up the phone, he called Charles right away. “Hey Charlie, have you sold the Prime Property of Pollerton?”
Charles replied, “Not yet, Lord Campbell. It was renovated last year. The grand renovation alone cost over 100 million. Mr. Lane has informed me that the ownership can be transferred to you when you return.”
“All right. Wait for my call,” Donald responded.
Rafe called a while later. “Donald, do you have time now? Could you come by Pollerton Estates? Oliver is coming to look at the house now.”
Donald agreed right away.
He hailed a taxi and rushed over to Pollerton Estates.
When he arrived, Donald saw Rafe registering with the security guard. He had his suit and name tag on.
“Hi, Donald. Let’s wait a while. Oliver said he will be here in ten minutes,” Rafe said with a smile as he patted Donald’s shoulder. “By the way, have you gathered enough money for your grandpa’s medical fees?”
“Yes, it’s enough.” Donald was also pleased to see Rafe.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you there,” Rafe apologized.
Donald spotted a few scratch marks on Rafe’s neck. They looked rather deep.
“Is that what happened because I asked you for a loan?” Donald asked with a frown.

Rafe chuckled awkwardly and said, “Conflicts between husband and wife are perfectly normal.”
Donald stopped talking and stayed silent after that.
As they stood in silence, suddenly a car honked. They looked back and saw a luxurious car parked right in front of them. A young man in a branded tuxedo got down from the car, followed by two beautiful women.
One of the women was wearing a long, black dress paired with high heels. She had a slim figure and fair skin, exuding an exquisite and graceful aura.
She was Rebecca Jones, the most popular girl in high school.
Rebecca was stunned when she saw Donald. With a calm and indifferent expression, she said, “I haven’t seen you in a long time, Donald.”
Both of them had been involved in a scandal in the past.
The other woman, standing at one point seven five meters in height, had shoulder-length hair, a sexy figure, and a beautiful face. After greeting Donald and Rafe, she turned her gaze back to the man in the tuxedo. Her eyes were filled with contempt when she saw Rafe.
Donald was aware of it, but he smiled dismissively.
“Hey, Donald! You’re here too! I haven’t seen you in a long while.” The man in the tuxedo was Oliver.
He had the appearance of a successful man. On his wrist was a gold Rolex watch. Every single movement of his screamed superiority.
“It’s been a while, Oliver,” Donald greeted cheerfully.
Oliver nodded and shifted his attention to Rafe. “Rafe, have you contacted the owner of the mansion?”
Rafe seemed a little nervous, but he tried to remain steady. “Yes, we have spoken. The mansion is three hundred square meters in size, so the total worth is ninety-seven million…”
Both Rebecca and the tall woman each took a deep breath.
In the country, there were very few people who could buy a property worth almost a hundred million without hesitation.
“Oliver, what business are you currently doing? How could you afford a mansion worth a hundred million…” Rebecca said, eyes filled with admiration.
Oliver tried to remain indifferent as he shrugged. “Just a small business.”
Although he was trying to be humble, he could not hide the smug look on his face.
The tall woman exclaimed in exaggeration, “That’s amazing! I think you’re the most capable in our circle, Mr. King!”
Oliver looked at the tall woman and said, “Irene, you’re not doing too bad yourself. You’re going to sign a contract with Donter Pictures soon. You’re going to be a superstar.”
The tall woman, Irene Smith, smiled gently. “I still require your support, Mr. King. Unlike somebody who is still a housing agent till this day…”
Irene’s eyes were on Rafe and Donald when she said that.
Oliver smirked. “Come, let’s have a look at the house.”
Rafe’s smile stiffened.
To be frank, he was unwilling to make this deal because he knew how Oliver was like.
He was very condescending and liked to show off his wealth.
However, if the deal was successful, the commission would be very high.
They swiftly entered the residential area. As they were passing through, they were astounded by what they saw.
The only mansion around was right in front of their eyes. With a space of over three thousand square meters, it came with a beautiful garden and a flowing fountain. It was a complete package.
“So, this is the famous Prime Property of Pollerton?” Rebecca and Irene were filled with wonder.

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