Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 15 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

What did he say? Reorganize the entire hospital? What a big talker.
Although Selena was slightly frightened by Donald’s power in combat, she would not let his boastful words get to her.
Since Pollerton General Hospital was established dozens of years ago, it had accumulated countless connections and immense funds. It even had at least a hundred small-scale vaults to store its fortune.
When Selena was about to make a rebuttal, her phone suddenly rang. It was her husband, who was a chief physician in Pollerton General Hospital.
He sounded panic-stricken at that time. “Honey, get home quickly and destroy the accounting reports.”
Before Selena could work out the perplexing situation, he said, “It’s too late! They’re already here.”
With that, he cut off the phone. When Selena made another call to him, his phone was already turned off.
Only then did the head nurse start to grow anxious, “What’s happening?”
“The show has just begun.” Donald proceeded to sit down and flickered his beaded bracelet breezily.
Selena’s phone rang again, only to find it was from her best friend. The latter said, “Selena, this is bad! The director was arrested just a second ago!”
Upon hearing the piece of news, Selena was stunned. She did not understand what was going on.
Baffled, she instinctively looked at the young man before her eyes, wondering if it was all his work.
Hurried footsteps rang out of thin air. Very soon, two doctors, Hagron and Liam, rushed over. Upon seeing Donald, they instantly fell to their knees and begged, “Mr. Campbell, we know what we did was wrong. Please spare us!”
Hagron seemed to be in his fifties, much older than Donald. Yet, he was now trembling in fear unabatingly. He could not help but lift his head to scan Donald. Is this young man truly that scary? Did he really find out everything about me in only a few minutes?
Truth be told, Hagron had committed a lot of abominable deeds over these years, including venality, embezzlement, surreptitious arrangements of fetal gender determination, pulling strings behind elections, and so on.
Initially, Hagron did not know that Donald was the one who ran a background check.
However, the person who was assigned to investigate Hagron was his uncle. The latter told him in secret that he had offended a big shot, who was currently sitting in the nurses’ station.
As for Liam, he was no better than Hagron. Having sexual intercourse with female patients alone was enough to bring about a severe punishment, let alone embezzlement.
Selena stared eye-wide at Donald in disbelief.
Is he really that scary? If he has such power, why couldn’t he collect six hundred thousand previously?
“Mr. Campbell, I was ignorant. I’m sorry for offending you. Please kindly show your mercy. I promise that I’ll never make the same mistake again!” Liam knocked his head onto the floor unceasingly.
To his dismay, Donald solely cast a cold gaze at the two, saying, “Calm down. There’s more yet to come.”
Minutes later, three men in suits entered the room. One of them was seen holding an account book while he marched forward to declare, “Selena, your husband is now under an investigation. We found this account book in your house, which records all your cash flow. Hence, we suspect that you’ve been interfering with the results of nurse elections over these years, and we’ll bring you into custody.”
Selena stared at the account book. As though she had lost all her strength, she slumped down in the chair, her eyes seeming spiritless.
The next moment, she abruptly kneeled on the ground and hugged Donald’s leg. “Mr. Campbell, I’m begging you. I know I’m wrong, and I’m reflecting on myself. I really am! Please let me off once! I’ll never do it again!”
Donald immediately kicked her away without sparing a glance.

In merely a few minutes, the entire hospital fell into utter chaos.
Nevertheless, hundreds of doctors from other hospitals arrived at Pollerton General Hospital to take charge of the duties. The order returned after a few minutes again.
In fact, the patients did not even find anything odd.
A middle-aged woman trotted into the room and said to Selena, “I’m the new head nurse who’ll be taking over your work.”
“Jessica!” Selena recognized her as one of the head nurses of Marshmaw Hospital.
Jessica merely nodded at Donald, reporting, “I’ll do my work as usual.”
Liam and Hagron shared a look, only to see the terror in one another’s eyes.
They wondered who exactly Donald was and why he could possess such authority.
“Hagron, you’re under arrest.”
“Liam, you’re under arrest.”
A few men walked forward and said to each of them coldly. Devastated, the two slumped on the floor.
Merely a minute later, a muscular, tall man entered the room. Judging from his appearance, one might guess that he was in his forties. He said to the crew of guards, “You are all fired!”
Selena chuckled self-pitifully. Her mind blanked out as she still could not accept the reality.
In only five minutes, Pollerton General Hospital was reshuffled from the highest position to the lowest, including the chief positions.
Nevertheless, she had yet to give up. Grabbing the phone at the counter, she dialed a number. “Hello, Mr. Green. We-”
To her dismay, the man on the other side heaved a heavy sigh and interrupted, “I can’t do anything. You’ve got under the big gun’s skin. They warned me to stay out of it, let alone lending you a hand.”
Upon hearing the bad news, Selena, Liam, and Hagron were plunged into utter despair. They could only hear a thunderous explosion blaring out in their minds, followed by a continuous buzzing.
The man on the other side of the phone was the most influential person backing Pollerton General Hospital.
He had tremendous control over Pollerton. It was no exaggeration to say that he was the second most influential person in Pollerton, at the very least. However, he had been given a warning, indicating that Donald’s true identity was so powerful that it could make one’s blood run cold.
“You demon.” Selena was on the verge of losing her sanity. She looked at Donald in sheer terror. “Who are you? Who exactly are you?”
Donald stood up in response. “You’ll never get to enjoy a peaceful life anymore.”
After that, he walked out of the room.
Two hours later, the incident became the lead story on the news.
It read: The director of Pollerton General Hospital was arrested for corruption and the illegal construction of treasury vaults. Thirty-five chief doctors were detained for infringing medical ethics. They have committed a lot of horrendous deeds. The head nurse of the oncology department was apprehended for embezzlement, falsifying the expenses on procurements…
Harrison was scared to death when he caught wind of the incident.
As the Queen family held shares in the pharmaceutical company, Pollerton Pharma, which was closely associated with Pollerton General Hospital, he knew much more insider news than the others. He called his father, Garrett in panic. “Hello? Dad, what happened? Why were they under arrest out of the blue? Even Selena and Liam could not get out of it?”
Garrett’s voice sounded gruff when he explained, “I’ve contacted Mr. Green earlier. He said that Pollerton General Hospital offended a big shot, who purged the wrongdoers in merely five minutes.”
Shocked, Harrison froze for a while before asking, “Pollerton General Hospital has Mr. Green backing it up. Even he couldn’t take care of the matter?”
“They warned Mr. Green prior to that. He himself is in a crisis now. If he dared to interfere, he would only be digging his own grave. It seems like the big shot has a lot of power,” Garrett explained, his voice quavering faintly.
Harrison drew in a deep breath.
Even Mr. Green was threatened to stay out of it, and he almost got caught up in all this! Who has such power to do so? He must be as powerful as God! Who could it be?
Suddenly, he recalled the affluent man in Heavenly Private Room. At that thought, he surmised assuredly, “It’s the big shot in Heavenly Private Room! He made his move!”
A fear surged in his heart.
That’s how powerful he truly is? He doesn’t seem dangerous, but when he takes action, it’s earth-shattering!
“Will it bring us trouble?” Harrison asked.
Garrett stayed silent for some time before replying, “I don’t know yet. We didn’t commit the crimes directly, so I think we’re safe at the moment. Try to stay low temporarily. If you rubbed the man the wrong way, he can destroy our family easily.”
Nodding, Harrison said, “I will!”

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