Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 14 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

“Get lost!” Donald stormed over to Harrison and swung his hand at him.
Slap! A reddish slap mark appeared on Harrison’s cheek.
The corner of his mouth bled, but he still smiled brazenly.
Jennifer shrieked, “Donald, are you crazy? Why are you hitting others again?”
She then turned to ask Harrison, “Harrison, are you all right?”
Harrison wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and replied politely, “I’m fine. It’s getting late. I’ll head off now. Here is my name card. Call me if you need anything.”
“Harrison, have you not learned your lesson?” Donald approached Harrison from the shadows, like a beast ready to attack.
“Donald, stop it.” Jennifer tried to stop Donald. “What can you do apart from hitting others? Can beating people up solve any problem? It’s also a crime to hit others. Harrison was just being kind. Why are you behaving in this way?”
Donald stopped and sneered.
Jennifer turned around and walked away to go home.
A cold glint flashed past Donald’s eyes as he looked in the direction Harrison left.
I will let you go this time. When Grandpa’s condition improves, I’ll deal with all of you one by one.
Back at home, Jennifer had locked the door of the master bedroom. Donald could only rest in the guest bedroom. However, as soon as he lay down, his other phone vibrated.
There were only a few people who knew the phone number for that phone. Jennifer was not one of them.
He saw a message that read: Hi, rich guy. I’m Skye. Nice to meet you. This is a picture of myself. We can have a chat if you want to.
Attached with the message was a photo of the girl pursing her lips, trying hard to act cute. He could tell that the photo had been photoshopped several times.
Evidently, that was Kevin’s girlfriend, Skylar.
Donald replied to the message: How did you get my phone number?
Skylar sent a response: I got it by chance. Please don’t blame me…
Donald did not respond.
He was well aware of Skylar’s personality.
She was full of negativity. Besides, she had been a snob and a delinquent since she was in school. She liked to challenge people to dance battles and was someone who was condescending but immature.
Donald would not take a second glance at a girl like her, but she was Kevin’s type.
At dawn the next morning, Donald had already woken up and prepared breakfast. He ate hurriedly and rushed to the hospital to see Raymond. At the same time, he wanted to get back at those in the hospital.
His eyes turned icy.
If Hannah had not conducted the operation at that crucial moment, even if I managed to gather six hundred thousand, Grandpa might not have been rescued.
Raymond had been moved from the ICU to the general ward.
The head nurse, Selena rolled her eyes and gave Donald a disdainful glance as he walked in.
Look at him, walking in all cocky and proud. What for? He’s merely a useless wreck who relies on a woman.
In the ward, a beautiful woman was checking Raymond’s vital data.
She was none other than Hannah.
Dressed in a long-sleeved bat-sleeved blouse and jeans, her buttocks were perky and her legs were slender. Her slim waist was visible as well. There was no extra fat on her body. She was using a torch to check Raymond’s pupils while flipping his eyelids.

Donald did not interrupt and stood by the door.
After a long while, she stood back straight up and saw Donald. Her expression was indifferent. “The patient is now in stable condition.”
Then, she paid no more attention to Donald. Her attitude was so distant it was as if he had owed her a huge amount of money.
“Thank you,” Donald said gratefully.
Hannah ignored him and continued to pack her equipment.
“I’ll treat you to a meal another day,” Donald uttered.
Hannah responded, “Tomorrow night then.”
After giving it some thought, Donald answered, “Okay.”
“I’ll leave now. Keep in contact.” Hannah took her bag and left after saying that.
Donald walked over to Raymond to take a look at him. Although the latter was still unconscious, his complexion had improved. As Donald exited the ward, he gently closed the door behind him with a darkened expression.
“Get Hagron and Liam to see me,” Donald demanded of Selena.
While eating peanuts and shaking her legs, Selena replied, “Who do you think you are to demand two of our specialists to come and see you?”
“I’ll give you five minutes. You’ll bear the consequences if I don’t see them by then.” Donald sat on a chair at the nurses’ station after casting a chilly glance at her.
“As if.” Selena did not believe him. She threw the shells into the trash can and took out more peanuts. Swiping a glance at Donald, she continued, “You’re acting all smug when you’re only someone who doesn’t even have six hundred thousand.”
“Four more minutes.” Donald sat there upright.
“Crazy guy.” Selena took out her phone and left a voice message in the WhatsApp group: “Dr. Kendall, Dr. Lyon, Donald wants to meet both of you. He also said that you’d have to deal with the consequences yourself if he doesn’t see you in five minutes. He’s obviously here to blackmail you all and create trouble.”
Selena played the voice message through the speaker, and they heard Liam’s voice: “Ask that poor loser to get lost.”
Hagron also sent a voice message: “He has some guts to cause trouble here. Did he even check our hospital’s background?”
The other people in the WhatsApp group ignored the message.
Who is Donald?
I don’t know who he is.
He’s going to cause a scene in the hospital?
Are you kidding me?
We’re not afraid of him. Pollerton General Hospital has a strong backing.
Spit. Selena ate her peanuts loudly on purpose.
“One more minute,” Donald said.
“Haha.” Selena rolled her eyes once again. The other nurses also shot Donald a look of contempt as they walked past him. He needs to bring at least a hundred people with him to create a ruckus. There’s no way he can do that alone.
A stern voice came from the voice message: “If he causes a stir later, get the security guards to throw him out.” It was the director speaking.
After only ten seconds, ten intimidating security guards approached him.
They stood along the corridor, each holding a baton and staring coldly at Donald.
“Young lad, I’ll advise you to get lost immediately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave even if you beg later,” Selena sneered.
“If you don’t leave now, we’ll hit you,” a security guard said, holding the stun baton and looking domineeringly at Donald.
Donald was expressionless. There was not a hint of fear on his face.
He finally stood up slowly after the five minutes time limit had passed. Twisting his wrist, he glanced at the people around him. “I’ve given you guys a chance, but none of you appreciated it.”
“Hahaha. This is so funny.” Selena laughed exaggeratedly.
“Young lad, you asked for it. You can start begging now,” the head security guard mentioned as he took a step forward. He turned on the switch of his stun baton and swung it at Donald’s waist.
Donald grabbed the baton, and the current exploded in his hand. However, it did not hurt him.
He exerted a frightening force and crushed the stun baton.
Then, he slapped the head security guard and sent him flying, knocking him out cold.
The rest of the security guards were dumbfounded as they stared at each other. No one dared to step forward.
They had no idea how Donald managed to crush a stun baton with his bare hands.
Selena was shocked. “What are you doing, Donald? Hitting someone is a crime.”
Donald merely gave her a side glance. Then, he took out his phone. “Within five minutes, I’ll reorganize everything at Pollerton General Hospital.”

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