Son-In-Law Madness Novel Chapter 11 PDF Free Online (Donald Campbell novel)

There were no private rooms left in the theater, so Jennifer, Harrison, and the others were forced to sit in the audience seats.
Although their seats were far away from the stage, Jennifer was still excited as she could finally see Wynter up close.
Jennifer idolized Wynter greatly, and she adored all of the latter’s songs.
While waiting for Wynter to make an entrance, Harrison’s gaze was fixed on Heavenly Private Room.
All this while, the lights in that particular private room never lit up, but things were different today.
When Harrison noticed the lights, disbelief filled his heart. “Wow! Someone’s using Heavenly Private Room!” he exclaimed.
Kevin then asked cautiously, “What about Heavenly Private Room?”
“How do I explain it? Well, let’s put it this way. Even the richest man in Pollerton, Charles Langford, is not qualified to use that particular room!” Harrison was beyond excited. He squinted his eyes, trying to get a glimpse of the man inside the room.
However, the private room was designed in a way to ensure privacy. Though the person inside could see the situation outside, no one could get a glimpse of what was inside from the outside. After all, the one-way mirror in the room was made with high-tech materials.
Many audiences at the theater noticed that the Heavenly Private Room was occupied, and they just could not stop talking about it, wanting to know the person who occupied it.
Heavenly Private Room also caught the attention of the people occupying the other private rooms.
“Interesting. Do check who is occupying Heavenly Private Room now,” said Lana.
Charles, who was inside Private Room No. 2, subconsciously tapped the table in front of him. After taking a sip of his tea, he said, “Lord Campbell is here.”
“I want you to investigate the identity of the person occupying the room now!”
“Has a big shot come to Pollerton?”
Many were racking their brains to find out the identity of the person using the private room.
Kevin was jealous of the man. “Amazing! I wonder when I can sit in such a private room.”
“Watch your words,” Harrison warned in a low voice.
Kevin flinched when he heard the warning. He immediately swallowed his words and stopped talking.
Realizing that Jennifer was unhappy, Harrison assumed that it was because he reprimanded her brother. Hence, he quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, Jenny.”
Jennifer thought for a moment and said, “That room has the best view of the stage and is closer to Wynter. The same goes for the other private rooms too.”
Harrison understood her meaning, but at the same time, he knew that he could not do anything about it.
The people who occupied the private rooms were big shots. Even Harrison’s dad would try to avoid pissing them off.
“Let me think of something. I’ll try to get you into one of the private rooms.” With that, Harrison took out his phone and called his father. “Hey, Dad. I would like to have one of the private rooms in Pollerton Opera House.”
“Do you have a death wish?” A furious roar could be heard from the other side of the phone, and the call immediately ended.
“I’ve called my dad. Let’s wait for a while,” said Harrison in a natural voice, hiding the truth from Jennifer.
Jennifer had heard the furious roar coming from the other end of the phone, but she merely sighed and remained silent.
Just then, a lady approached Jennifer and gave her an invitation card that was made of pure gold. “Miss, here is your private room number, 28. Please head in as soon as possible.”
Jennifer’s eyes widened as she stared at the invitation card with shock.
Harrison was stunned as well.
Who is behind this?
“You’re amazing, Harrison! I couldn’t believe that you could get us a private room!” Kevin took the invitation card.
Harrison smiled reservedly and said, “It’s nothing.”
Skylar’s eyes gleamed with admiration when she looked at Harrison.

“But it’s only for two-person.” Kevin was disappointed when he read through the content of the invitation card.
Harrison then stood up and said, “Kev, you stay here with Skylar. I’ll go with your sister. You’re okay with this, right?”
Actually, Kevin longed to enter the private room, so that he could show off to others.
However, he knew it was not wise to piss off his “source of income.” Hence, he said, “Yeah. I’m fine with it.”
“Let’s go, Jenny,” Harrison invited with a smile.
However, Jennifer shook her head and said, “Skye, I want you to come with me.”
With that, she stood up, grabbed Skylar’s hand, and prepared to head toward Private Room No. 28.
Harrison, Kevin, and Skylar were dumbfounded by what she said.
Harrison’s expression darkened. He then tried to change Jennifer’s mind. “Jenny, I think…”
“I’ve made up my mind,” Jennifer said in determination.
Harrison’s gaze became terrifying as he watched Jennifer leave. Kevin, who was frightened, dared not say anything.
At the same time, Harrison could not stop wondering, Who is the one pulling the strings exactly? Whoever he is, his influence must be terrifying. I bet only people like Charles could arrange for a private room right before the show started.
After entering the private room, a couple of usherettes began serving the two tea and providing them with warm towels.
Jennifer then asked one of them, “May I know who arranged this private room for us?”
The usherette replied, “I’m sorry. I have no idea.”
Jennifer wanted to ask more, but before she could do so, the lights dimmed, which meant Wynter was about to make an entrance.
The truth was, Donald, who was in Heavenly Private Room, was the one who made such an arrangement for Jennifer.
The interior of the private room was lavish. There was a couch, a bed, a coffee table, a guest room telephone, and a sound amplifier that could change a person’s voice.
Privacy was absolute in the private room as there was no waiter around.
The spotlights beamed on the stage. Slowly, a figure who looked like a mystical fairy appeared on stage.
The entire theater became silent, and all eyes were on the stage.
The woman wore a sexy long black dress with her hair in a bun, revealing her neck and her lovely collarbones. Her flawless face made her look as if she was a character in a painting. Her beauty took everyone’s breath away.
That woman was Wynter, a well-known international celebrity.
“Hello, everyone. I’m Wynter.” Wynter spoke.
Her voice was angelic, captivating, and soft like a gentle spring breeze.
In an instant, the entire place was in an uproar.
“Wynter! I love you!”
Kevin, along with the crowd, yelled Wynter’s name out loud. He was so excited that his entire body trembled.
Jennifer was equally excited. She even stood up.
Skylar, on the other hand, was full of hatred and envy when she saw Wynter.
Skylar had always been jealous of those who looked better than her, were more capable than her, and were wealthier than her. For example, Lana, Hannah, and Wynter.
For her, it was only fair that all women had equal footing.
“My first song today is dedicated to the gentleman in Heavenly Private Room. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Wynter shifted her gaze toward Heavenly Private Room.
At that moment, everyone followed her gaze and looked at Heavenly Private Room. Everyone was dying to know who was inside that room.
“The song I’m going to perform is I Love You,” Wynter continued.
After a moment of silence, the crowd erupted.
What’s going on? The song is a love song! Does this mean Wynter is in love with the person inside Heavenly Private Room? Wynter is the diva! Who could possibly steal her heart away? This is unbelievable! Everyone shared the same thought.

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