Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Papers Chapter 28 Free Online (Imogen Forbes and Troy Marshall)

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Papers novel Chapter 28 Crazy

Troy’s expression hardened a hint of mockery in his voice. “You think I have no right to be concerned? You’re not just my wife but also my sister–in–law. Do you ever consider why he wants to take you abroad? Once there, you are on your own, without family, what then?”
Imogen was at a loss for a response.
All she knew was that her anger was reaching its boiling point.
In frustration, she kicked at the blanket.
A sharp sting followed as her injured ankle struck something hard. The intense pain forced a gasp from her, and tears welled up in her eyes.
Troy quickly pulled back the blanket to inspect her ankle. “What happened? Did you hurt it again?”
Tears streamed down her face as Imogen nodded.

Gently, Troy fo
i the medicine, unwrapped the gauze from her foot, and cleaned the wound. He then applied a soothing ointment that significantly alleviated the pain. Setting the medicine aside, his expression grew stern. “Imogen, I won’t accept your resignation. Don’t bring it up again.”
Defeated and exasperated, Imogen averted her gaze.
Troy took a seat beside the bed, “We’re still married. Don’t invite strangers into our home.”
She challenged him, “Even my friends?”
“Is he truly just a friend?”
Imogen turned away in frustration.
Troy has lost his mind.
“I don’t want to discuss this anymore.”
Her mind was in turmoil.
Later, after dinner, she headed upstairs and noticed a document on her bedroom table. It wasn’t from Sarah’s house, but from the office. Or was it? On closer inspection, it was a thick medical file from Mount West Hospital, with Sarah’s name prominently displayed on the front.
What was Sarah’s diagnosis?
Curiosity tugged at Imogen.
She almost opened the file but hesitated at the last moment, choosing instead to head to the bathroom for a refreshing shower.
When she returned, the file that was on the table had disappeared.
The next morning, Imogen made her way downstairs with a limp for breakfast. Over the meal, she inquired, “Will you be filing for divorce today?”
Troy glanced at her, then at her ankle. “Are you certain you can manage with your foot?”
“I have a cane,” Imogen gestured to the stick resting beside the table. “It aids me in walking.”
Shaking his head, Troy replied, “I’ve got a business trip scheduled today and won’t be able to. We’ll address it once I’m back.”

Puzzled, Imogen furrowed her brow. “A business trip? What’s it about?”
“It’s a meeting requested by your department. Considering the circumstances, want to accompany me?” Troy teased.
She quickly retorted, “No, thank you.”
“In that case, wait for me here.”
The exchange mogen’s emotions in turmoil. On the surface, they might seem like any loving coup, but the truth was that their relationship was fragmented. After Troy departed, Imogen spent the next two days recuperating at home. While at home, she often browsed the news. Thanks to big data algorithms, she frequently received personalized news recommendations.
One day, a headline caught her eye. Controversial photos of Sarah surface, with a headline: [McKesson Employee Exclaims: That’s My Boss’s Wife!]
Initially, Imogen dismissed it as clickbait. But upon opening the link, she realized there was more to the story.
The article showcased several clandestine photos of Sarah, taken during a McKesson promotional shoot.
Judging by the angle and clarity of the images, Imogen deduced that someone from the inside was responsible.
The primary critique from the marketing account holder was about Sarah’s peculiar makeup in the photos.
The makeup, designed to accentuate Sarah’s demeanor, had a counter effect. Her pronounced cheekbones shifted her appearance from regal elegance to a fierce, almost menacing look. The intentionally plump red lips, with sharp edges, exaggerated a dominant aura, yet ironically made the gap between her upper lip and the philtrum appear juvenile. The overly straight eyebrows only added to the mockery from fans.
With these photos as evidence, the marketing account holder confidently predicted that McKesson’s endorsement would be a flop.
Criticism inundated the internet.
Leading the jeers were fans of Xena Wilson, gleefully celebrating Sarah’s blunder. They flocked to McKesson’s official blog, commenting, [You’ll regret not picking our Xena.]
Many uninformed onlookers and rival fans joined in on the criticism.
Boosted by these factions and influential marketing accounts, the topic snowballed, igniting a firestorm of discussions.
A flood of comments appeared on the official blog, with fans demanding Mckesson and the Marshall Family address Sarah’s portrayal.
[The makeup’s horrendous. It ruins my sister’s beauty.]
[Did someone apply the makeup blindfolded? Have you seen my sister’s previous photoshoots? Can’t even replicate that!]

[I’m astounded. She’s your boss’s wife, and this is how you represent her?]
[Figures Local makeup artists can’t compare to international talent.]
[She shouldi industry.]
ve returned. This just shows the state of our domestic entertainment
Amid the outcry, fans of both Xena and Sarah clashed, intensifying the situation. The comment section of McKesson’s official blog exploded with activity. Alarmed, Imogen quickly called her assistant, instructing, “Has the PR team seen this? Get them to mitigate the situation immediately.”
Soon after, Imogen received a call from her assistant, who relayed in a concerned tone, “Director Forbes, the PR department informed me that Director Johnson has already consulted with Mr. Marshall. Together with Sarah’s team, they’re addressing the issue.”
Imogen remained silent before ending the call.
In the past, both Troy and the vice president overseeing McKesson had entrusted her with full autonomy. Any news or public relations issues concerning McKesson were exclusively under her domain, without interference from the PR department.
But ever since Sarah took on the spokesperson role, Troy’s confidence in her seemed to wane, and he handed over the McKesson PR responsibilities to Charlene Johnson.
A bitter smile crept onto Imogen’s face.
All she could hope for was that Charlene would handle the situation well, without -creating further complications for her.
Suddenly, a servant approached her, announcing, “Madam, a package was just delivered for you. Would you like to check its contents?”
“A package?” Imogen was puzzled. She hadn’t ordered anything online recently, and the idea of Troy doing so seemed even more unlikely.
Noting her bewilderment, the servant added, “Aren’t you expecting anything, Madam?
I double–checked the, contact details on the parcel and it’s definitely addressed to you.”
Chuckling, Imogen replied, “Perhaps it’s a gift from someone. Let’s see what’s inside.”
The servant handed over the package to her.
Gently slicing through the tape with a knife, Imogen opened the box. Her expression transformed from curiosity to sheer horror as she hastily flung the contents aside, collapsing beside the bed and gasping for breath.

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