Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper Chapter 4 Free Online (Imogen Forbes and Troy Marshall)

Chapter 4: His First Love

Imogen‘ s sobs echoed inside the car. She tightly held her phone as she felt her chest tighten in pain.
She connected the dots. Her husband took Sarah to meet his friends when he arrived in New York.
All of his friends knew and supported them.
Only she was kept in the dark.
After all, only the Marshall family knew about their marriage.
Troy had never introduced Imogen to his friends as his wife. Even though they would meet them at parties or events, everybody just assumed that Imogen was the adopted daughter of the Marshalls.
“Ms. Imogen?”
The driver arrived at the garage and saw Imogen‘ s car, he got confused and tried to check on her.
Imogen hurriedly wiped her cheeks. Pretending she didn’t hear him, she started the engine and drove out of the house.
After a while, Imogen arrived at the office, calm and poised. She never mixed her personal dilemmas with work.
This time, she could only pour her whole attention to her job.
Imogen read Troy‘ s email. Then, she copied the file of the plan and sent it to him.
It didn’t take long for Troy to send his reply.
Troy: [Approved. You should keep an eye on it in the future.]
As always, his replies were always short and cold.
Imogen: [This is noted.]
After sending her reply, Imogen started assigning the new task.
Time quickly passed. Imogen was about to get off work when she received a message from Troy.
[You can go home without me. I have something else to do later.]
Imogen pursed her lips. His words felt like needles prickling her heart. With trembling fingers, she types a reply. [Okay.]
Imogen was once considered an important member of the Marshall family. Troy would always inform her about his meetings or dinners with other important people. However, in the past days, he would just say he would simply do “something else.” Of course, Imogen knew what or who this “something else” was. Sarah Page. Troy: [I forgot to tell you earlier, but I bought a gift for you during my trip abroad. It’s in my suitcase. You can check it out later.]
Imogen typed a reply. [Got it.]
Troy scowled as he read Imogen‘ s brief reply. He couldn’t help but feel agitated. He leaned back on his swivel chair, closed his eyes, and rubbed his temples.
Lance, Troy’s assistant, knocked on the door.
“Excuse me, Mr. Marshall. Ms. Page has arrived,” he said as he entered his office.
Meanwhile, Imogen was heading to the elevator when she noticed the employees murmuring and looking at something.
“Did you see the woman who went to Mr. Marshall’s office? Was that his girlfriend? Wow, she has a good figure.”
“Yeah. Too bad she was wearing a mask. I couldn’t see her face properly.”
“Well, don’t you think she looks a bit like Sarah Page?”
“Wait… The Hollywood actress? No way! Was that really her? She had been living abroad, right?”
“That‘ s incredible. She and Mr. Marshall look really good together. Imogen’s eyebrows furrowed. One of the employees noticed her.
‘Ms. Forbes! H–Hi!” She stammered and looked at her colleagues.

The staff zipped their mouths and smiled at Imogen politely. “Good evening, Ms. Forbes.”
Imogen let out a small smile and calmly said, “It’s past six o‘ clock. You all should
Then, she continued walking toward the elevator. Her back was stiff, and her movements were calculated. Tears pooled on the side of her eyes.
She couldn’t wait to get out of the building. She suddenly couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t bear the idea that she was in the same building with Sarah and Troy, who were now alone.
‘Did she come here to get him?‘
‘We are not divorced yet. Did he forget that his legal wife works in this company? How could he?‘
The employees continued their chatter, but they had already changed the topic.
“Ms. Forbes is so pretty. But every time I look at her, I feel intimidated and nervous. She’s just like Mr. Marshall. They’re really like siblings.”
“Woah! Ms. Imogen is Mr. Marshall‘ s sister?” One of the newly hired employees asked.
“They’re not blood–related, though. Ms. Forbes‘ late father coerced Chairman Marshall to adopt her into their family.”
“Really? Where did you hear that?”

“From the PR department.”
“Well, Ms. Forbes is really smart. She’s a good director.”
In the underground parking lot, Imogen fastened her seatbelt. As soon as she looked up, she saw the last person she wanted to see.
Troy wore the white suit she had chosen for him earlier. It suited him perfectly. It hugged his body well and made him look more regal.
Beside him was a woman covered with a mask and a baseball cap. Her hands were holding his arms as they walked together. Her eyes were focused on him as she spoke. Troy tilted his head, obviously listening to her attentively. His eyes lit up whenever he laughed at her jokes. The woman pouted at him and shook his arm.
Troy gave her a gentle smile and nodded in response. Imogen watched his lips say the word “Okay.”
Sarah Page, Troy‘ s first love, was really back.
The vivid image of the two of them felt like a bucket of water poured over Imogen s head.
A wake–up call.
That man was the father of her baby. They were supposed to celebrate her pregnancy together.
But now, that man would be going on a date with a different woman.

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