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The Summer’s Solstice novel is a romance book, written by yang92, published in ReadNow App. The fascinating part of The Summer’s Solstice novel lies in its rich description and exciting plot. The author truly and vividly presented every scene, making me feel like an immersive situation. The Summer’s Solstice novel are suitable for any reader who likes deep stories.

Synopsis of The Summer’s Solstice Novel

“Yes, come on” Laina pulled me into a mall.

“I’ll just go with you Laina. Don’t make me spend any more money. Later your Mommy and Daddy will be angry about that” I refused when he wanted to buy me a cellphone.

“Fine. I’ll buy the new phone. Then, I’ll give this to you”

Laina went directly inside the mall. My eyes widened at the price of the cellphones he was looking at. It’s different when you’re rich and can buy everything you want.

“I like this one. What do you think Jeah?” I cringed when I saw the price of what he was going to buy.

“If I were you, you’re cheap, the camera is the only difference between cellphones, as long as you can laugh and text, that’s okay” I suggested here but she just ignored it.

He gave his card to the cashier and bought the cellphone he wanted. I just sighed when we got out of the shop.

“Here. From now on this is what you will use. Throw away your keypad phone” Laina handed me her old cellphone.

“It’s Laina. I can’t accept it. It’s okay with my push-button cell phone”

“I’ll take no for an answer. Take it or I’ll throw it away”

I just smiled and did nothing but accept what it gave. Laina Ayden Salvador is my best friend. When we were young, we often played together. Because their private school is opposite our public school. One day I saw him fighting so I defended him since then he has always been waiting for me. He gives me food, clothes and so on. I am also very grateful to this friend of mine because when I am in dire straits, I just say one thing and he gives and does not even ask me to pay.

“Jeah, Brother Yadiel is outside. Let’s go” Jeah pulled me and went to his older brother.

We quietly entered his black car.

“Hi Brother, thank you for picking me up. I bought a new phone” he proudly showed his brother the newly purchased cellphone.

“Where’s your old phone? It’s still fine” he said gruffly while peering at us in the rearview mirror.

“I gave it to Jeah. I don’t want it anymore, I’m fed up” he said and smiled at me.

Yadiel Summer and I met our eyes in the rearview mirror. I can see the meeting of his eyebrows and his insulting smile.

I just held my breath. This is why I don’t want Laina’s family to think that I am using her.

“Wait I left something in the car” Laina quickly left me in their living room. As he exited, Summer entered.

“Enjoying your new phone?” he said while smiling. “So? What are you going to ask my brother for next, a laptop? a car? a house?”

It pained me when I heard his judgment of me. Out of the four of them, Summer is always hot-blooded to me. Laina’s other twin treated me well, as did her Mommy and Daddy.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night Summer” I faked a smile and tortured him.

“Yeah, yeah, gold digger” he said before leaving me.

I felt a pain in my heart after hearing what Summer said. It’s not my fault that I was born poor. It’s not my fault that I was orphaned early. I am trying to get out of life.

“Oh you’re here Jeah” Catalina came down from their 2nd floor. It had a beautiful smile and smiled when it saw the phone I was holding.

“It’s a good thing you accepted it. I thought you wouldn’t like what we gave you,” said Catalina and squeezed my hand.

“Thank you for this. You and Laina made a plan together”

“It’s nothing, you deserve it. Oh, how can I leave first, I have somewhere else to go” he said and left in a hurry.

“Jeah, come on. I want to make you my model” Laina pulled me into her room.

His course is fashion designing and he often makes me a model for the concepts he comes up with. I can’t do anything because it seems like this is my only payment for the people he helps me with.

Laina dressed and fixed me.

“Wow, you look so gorgeous. I’m sure there will be many likes when I upload your photos”

Laina pulled me to their garden because that’s where our mini photoshoot will be done.

I stopped walking when I saw Summer sitting with a girl. It almost hugged him.

Summer suddenly turned in my direction. I immediately looked away because I was lost in its presence.

“Come here Jeah! Get here quickly” Laina quickly gave me instructions on what pose to do.

“Nice.. perfect” he shouted as he pressed the camera one after the other. I smile every time Laina gives me a complement.

“My bestfriend is so perfect” he shouted while taking a picture of me. I just shook my head at him. I turned to Summer who was now watching Laina and I’s photoshoot.

I suddenly felt ashamed and embarrassed because of the way he was staring.

Are you looking at me! He has a woman next to him!

I was brought back to reality when my cellphone rang loudly.

“Aww, I’m still getting a little but it’s okay,” said Laina

I still have school. I got a part time job to support myself. I don’t want to rely on my relatives especially and I am often criticized.

“brot Yadiel, take Jeah. You’re leaving too”

“Not anymore Laina. I can drive a jeep” I quickly denied him.

“Wow, you’re still choosy. Hurry up and get dressed, I’ll wait downstairs” Summer said and

How to Read The Summer’s Solstice Novel PDF Online Step-by-Step

If you want a deep reading of The Summer’s Solstice novel, we are happy to help you find The Summer’s Solstice novel.

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