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Tears Of Betrayal novel is a romance book, published in ReadNow App. The fascinating part of Tears Of Betrayal novel lies in its rich description and exciting plot. The author truly and vividly presented every scene, making me feel like an immersive situation. Tears Of Betrayal novel are suitable for any reader who likes deep stories.

Synopsis of Tears Of Betrayal Novel

“Where did that go?” I asked myself again.

We’re not friends but we’re pretty close to each other, and I know he rarely goes out or leaves his office.

“Maybe it’s just there.” I answered myself again and then searched.

The whole library is spacious because this school is also large. Some students here are sons and daughters of business tycoons and politics so it’s not surprising.

I’ve almost gone around all the bookshelves with their backs to each other but I still don’t have mika, so does Arries, it’s amazing, especially since I feel different.

Girls instinct matches.

in the back I could not go so I went there when I heard someone talking, as if whispering.

I know Mika and Arries, because I haven’t seen anyone else yet and go home, especially since Mika is the only librarian here and I also saw Arries enter here.

I was about to turn around to prove that they were when I heard a growl.

“Ahh Arries maybe someone will see us here.” The woman growled at Arries.

My chest throbbed with excitement,

“No! This cant be!” My brain objected.

Arries was inside and if I’m not mistaken Mika was the woman who moaned earlier.

my tears are already dripping, I can’t accept, but my mind is trying to focus that it’s not them, that other Aries and Mika are inside, but who did I fool?

There are no other names for those two here who are our co-teachers, if there is a student it is very impossible.

“Ohh shit! I really love you Mika.” The man growled.

There I stopped sobbing when Aries proved that my boyfriend was doing nonsense right inside the library, he was still the principal but he acted like a pig. I still accept that he hangs out outside but what he does right here inside the school is too much.

To hurt myself even more and prove to myself that my boyfriend and my co-staff are doing the miracle, I peeked,

I saw that Mika’s uniform was almost open as well as Arries who was in a hurry to get down and remove the belt and open the zipper of the dress.

I tried not to make any noise, during the time that Arries and I were together I didn’t even notice anything strange about him, he was as tender as the first time we were so it was hard to accept for me.

We’ve been together for four years but I think that’s not enough when it comes to talking about the flesh.

the entire staff as well as the students knew the relationship between the two of us, others were expecting the wedding we were going to but it wasn’t.

that’s why he hasn’t processed yet, he already has someone else, I didn’t pay attention to that before because maybe he just had a plan but this is the answer.

anger took the place of the love I felt here, so I hurriedly took my cell phone to take a picture of them just in case I could use him. To the two of them.

It’s bad if it’s bad but I’m just hurt too.

it’s a good thing they were so greedy for each other that they didn’t even notice my presence, but that’s good too. Slowly I took the steps towards the exit door and when I thought I was far away from them I slowly ran out. I don’t care if it creates a sound, even if they chase me they won’t see me anymore.

They are also far from the door so I have a strong feeling that they will not be able to chase me.

the gate show is still shedding my tears, it’s a good thing the sandal I used is only 2 inches high so it’s not hard for me to run.

Fortunately, there were no students, staffs, only the guard was there but I didn’t pay attention when I heard him greet me.

I just wanted to leave, get stuck in that place.

How to Read Tears Of Betrayal Novel PDF Online Step-by-Step

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