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REJECTED ALPHA novel is a romance book, written by Wealthyful, published in ReadNow App. The fascinating part of REJECTED ALPHA novel lies in its rich description and exciting plot. The author truly and vividly presented every scene, making me feel like an immersive situation. REJECTED ALPHA novel are suitable for any reader who likes deep stories.

Synopsis of REJECTED ALPHA Novel


Alexis Clark’s POV

Sometimes, life gives you many reasons to let go and die, to ease out all the tension and suffering that you’ve been going through, but you still hold onto that one thing that keeps you going amidst all the suffering. It was the same with me too.

I was also holding onto that one thing that kept me going. Mate.

A mate that I knew would love me and end all my sufferings with his enormous love.

A mate that would love me so much without minding the word, disability…I am a lantern, a wolf without a wolf.

Ever since I was noticed unable to shift to my wolf form, I have been living the life of a relegated person in the pack. There has not been a single day I was not being beaten by the pack members. My family hates me like a plague and would do anything to have me discarded.

Yeah. Why wouldn’t they? Being a lantern isn’t something to be proud of, or that’s what they have been telling me.

I still recount that dreadful day as if it had happened last night.


‘’Can you imagine, the Beta’s daughter doesn’t have a wolf?’’

‘’Wow, this is one piece of news! I wonder what that proud Beta would do now,’’ the pack members murmured with contempt.

‘’You freak! Why wouldn’t you turn into a wolf?’’ All of a sudden, a hard slap landed on my face as I stumbled and fell on the hard pavement.

‘’Dad, please, I am your daughter…’’ I couldn’t even finish my statement as I felt a strong kick on my stomach and the awful sound of bones crunching in the air.

It was painful, but the hatred in his eyes hurt more.

‘’How can I have such a daughter? If I knew you were going to be like this, I would’ve killed you as soon as you came into my hands!’’ He shouted before kicking me again and again.

‘’Father, please believe me…’’ I started coughing out blood.

I looked up when he stopped, coming face to face with my sister.

A ray of hope ignited inside me as I thought she might help me.

‘’Well, well…’’ she came closer.

I thought she would pull me up, but she looked down at my face. I kept looking at her expectantly until she spat at me.

‘’What are you, sister? They call you Beta’s daughter too. But what kind of Beta’s Daughter are you? The daughter with no wolf?’’ She scoffed.

‘’That’s ridiculous! Just look at yourself! You are nothing but a fucking omega! I am so ashamed of you! Don’t ever call me your sister again! You dirty ugly creature!’’ She kicked me and walked away like I was just a speck of dust she couldn’t care about.

My throat was too dry to make a sound. I turned to my mother with my last hope. I was sure she would help me and convince Dad for me.

However, it felt like my heart was pricked by a needle when I saw her eyes full of disappointment.

I caught sympathy flashing through her cold eyes, but honestly, I’m not so sure if that was only my imagination or not because she looked away as soon and never looked at me again.

‘’You wench! Get out of this pack and never come back. I wish you would die,’’ my father rushed over, roaring.

He grabbed me by the throat, pulled me up, and dropped me to the ground. ‘’Please…’’ my eyes started watering. However, he cut my words off while pressing my neck, blocking the windpipe as if trying to break it.

The metallic taste of blood instantly filled my mouth, making me want to vomit my guts out. My vision started to blur.

Then I heard his voice. ‘’FUCK OFF,’’ a roar with pressure so powerful it caused everyone to hold their breath. A strong figure rushed to my side before separating my father from me.

‘’What the hell do you think you’re doing?’’ He stared at my father angrily.

I saw through my tears. It was him. The son of the Alpha…Brandon.

‘’SHE STAYS!’’ he said with an ice-cold voice. Those were the last two words I heard before blacked out.

End of flashback

Shaking my head to get out of my fantasy land, I looked at Brandon before rolling my eyes. Just what the hell was he doing with those slices of bacon? Murdering maybe?

‘’Come on, Brandon, you suck at this job. Let me do it okay?’’ I laughed at Brandon’s useless attempts to make something for himself and me to eat.

‘’Whatever omega. Just get this over with. I don’t want us to get late for school,’’ he said, scoffing and going out of the kitchen.

Well, you must be surprised how Brandon, the heir to the Alpha, showed up in our kitchen.

I must confess, Brandon didn’t come here for me, although years ago he defended me in front of everyone and protected me. Instead of being my prince charming, as all fairytales would end like that, he became my sister’s boyfriend.

Guess what? My sister saw me as another normal bitch and decided to ruin my love interest.

Although I was an Omega without a wolf, my elder sister had a wolf and thus, she became the pride of my family. As the acknowledged Beta’s daughter, Brandon became naturally attracted to her. Their relationship was blessed by all the pack members. The golden couple, as that’s what they cal

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