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Her knights novel is a romance book, written by Flourish love, published in ReadNow App. The fascinating part of Her knights novel lies in its rich description and exciting plot. The author truly and vividly presented every scene, making me feel like an immersive situation. Her knights novel are suitable for any reader who likes deep stories.

Synopsis of Her knights Novel

[ Trouble queen ]



Chocolate Ambrose, a crazy, stubborn and troublesome soul.
Her looks defines her character entirely, you can see through her face how stubborn and crazy she is.
She looks for troubles and gets into troubles like hell! But so funny, she can’t save herself from one. Her troublesome nature has helped her alot in gaining billion friends and million enemies.
Her Dad Mr Ambrose, owns a restaurant which he runs with her mom Mrs Happy. Their restaurant is very popular.
They aren’t rich neither are they poor but they are well of.
Chocolate attends a good school and she has been expelled from 4 schools previously.
What happens when she got expelled from her 5th School because of the same reason ‘ trouble’ and her parents had no other option than to enroll her into the country’s prestigious High school ‘ Sparkle High’………
You wanna know about Sparkle High?
Then let’s do a little introduction on it….
‘Sparkle High’ like the name implies sparkles like Diamond.
It’s a school for the RICH……. point of correction ‘ Rich spoilt brats’
The school fees is a bomb and It’d turn a millionaire to a pauper if care is not taken.
How will Mr Ambrose survive this? …..He love his daughter alot so he wouldn’t mind.
You rarely find middle class students in Sparkle High which must have entered through scholarship exams that holds once in a blue moon.
Bully has a upper hand in Sparkles high.
I’m sure you are yearning to know the school hotties?…… then let’s begin with the best of all bests.

Royal Spark, the heir to all the Spark’s assets, including Sparkle high. He is the school king and best in everything.
Mr perfect as fondly called by everyone is indeed perfect, he has the perfect looks that’d set every hearts racing at first sight and a perfect model like body everyone will kill for… infact he’s a fallen angel, everything about him is just too good, you won’t find flaws in his creation but his characters are damn! just too bad, he is arrogant, egoistic and narcissistic, you wouldn’t dare him and goes scout free. he’s the worst and perfect person on planet Earth, I must give him the accolades.

Tyler Brock, Mr nice as fondly called by all the students in Sparkle high, is the nicest creature on Earth, he is just too good and caring but too bad he has a semi witch as his twin sister
‘ Tiffany Brock’.
Bernice Lucas the normal guy, not kind nor wicked, he’s just normal, infact he is too normal 😂.
Ryder Fredrick the playful dude, he teases and taunts like hell… infact he’s troublesome but not as our crowned queen ‘ Chocolate’
these four dudes are best buddies for life so the students nicknamed them BBF.

‘Tiffany Brock’ the semi witch, Tyler’s twin sister. Arrogant and bitchy , that’s her real definition, she’s a big bully infact she can’t survive without bullying. she’s just too bad and the hottest babe in Sparkle high.
‘Love Cosmo and Sonia Matt’ these are her associates, partners in crime and disciples.
‘Cynthia Bruce and Becky Owen’ Tiffany’s rivals. they don’t cross paths without fighting..
Sparkle high is indeed full of different creatures.

Chocolate’s arrival into sparkle high will be like…..

let’s find out…

How to Read Her knights Novel PDF Online Step-by-Step

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