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Defeated By Love novel is a romance book, written by Jay Crawley, published in ReadNow App. The fascinating part of Defeated By Love novel lies in its rich description and exciting plot. The author truly and vividly presented every scene, making me feel like an immersive situation. Defeated By Love novel are suitable for any reader who likes deep stories.

Synopsis of Defeated By Love Novel

I had lost my sister who was my best friend when I was young. Life was never the same, my home wasn’t a home anymore. I grew up in the shadow of my dreams, desperately trying to fill Celeste’s shoes. I thought I’d grow old never marrying and be alone. Until Luca came into my life like a raging storm. He’s someone from my past, someone I will never be rid of even if it’s my deepest desire. He has my Hormones going crazy, my mind going insane and my body on fire. He keeps a secret from me, a secret that has me running from him then straight back to him. His world is dangerous, and I somehow get tangled up In his world and lose something precious never to get it back. “No. Don’t, I want to mentally record this moment as you spin for me with your luscious curves being hugged in your sexy lingerie.” His voice is hoarse and his eyes are hooded with pure lust. A surge of seductiveness hits me like a bolt of lightning and awakens the curious inner goddess within me. I slowly start to twirl for him and slide my index finger between my lips. I lightly run my tongue over the top of it before sticking it fully in my mouth and releasing it with a loud pop. I’m rewarded with a loud growl vibrating off the back of his throat. “Crawl onto the bed and hold onto the headboard with your ass sticking out.” He demands, I stop twirling and turn towards the bed stopping at the foot. “Heels on or off?” I ask breathlessly over my shoulder. “On.” He demands in a heavily rasped tone. It was a one-word reply… But it spoke to me on so many levels and it left me feeling exotically aroused for reasons unknown to myself. I have never felt like this so I slowly start to crawl up the bed doing my best to keep my back arched, and my ass raised high enough in the air to give him a front-row seat. Seconds later the bed dips behind me and Luca’s hands gingerly sweep across my bottom before he lightly presses a kiss on each cheek.

How to Read Defeated By Love Novel PDF Online Step-by-Step

If you want a deep reading of Defeated By Love novel, we are happy to help you find Defeated By Love novel.

This is a step-by-step guide that can help you find Defeated By Love novel quickly and start your in -depth reading journey:

  1. First of all, you can download the ReadNow app from any app store.
  2. After the installation is successful, open the app on the device, then search for “Defeated By Love” in the app, and start reading the journey.
  3. Or, you can click here to visit the official website of Defeated By Love novel, read Defeated By Love novel or download app on the official website.

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