My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 29 PDF Free Online (Grace and Jason)

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 29

In the president’s office of the Reed Group…

Jason gave an order to his secretary. “Terrence, go and look into what’s happened to Grace at the Sanitation Service Center.”

“Yes, sir.” Terrence agreed dutifully and left the president’s


Contemplation flashed through Jason’s eyes. In the call just now, he could clearly sense that she was hiding something, but… what was she hiding?”

Terrence was able to uncover the incident with minimal effort. “Lily is alleging that she has lost a ring worth hundreds of thousands. She called the director of the Sanitation Service

Center, and he ordered Miss Cummins to go through the rubbish then and there to look for the ring.”

Terrence called Lily by her full name but addressed Grace respectfully, which proved both of their statuses within Jason’s heart.

Jason’s eyes narrowed immediately. “Go through the rubbish?”

The iciness of his tone made Terrence freeze. “Yes.”

“Is it worth going through rubbish for one stupid ring?” Jason laughed coldly. He muttered to himself momentarily before continuing. “Since Lily likes searching for rings so much, then let her look for it properly until she’s had enough of it!”

Terrence had been at Jason’s side for many years and was aware that his employer had lost his temper.

This was so rare.

Throughout these years, there have only been a few incidents that have angered Mr. Reed. And at this moment, he’d never seen his boss more furious.

Lily and Annabelle seemed as if they had had enough of looking at Grace’s dejected form searching through the rubbish and decided to drive away.

Annabelle asked, “How long are you going to let her look for it?”

Lily replied casually, “Let her look for it till late at night, just before I go to bed. Then, I’ll call the director and tell them that it’s fine if they can’t find the ring. I’ll just acknowledge my misfortunes.”

“Heh, you let her off easily,” Annabelle said. “If Sean saw her now, I’m afraid he’d vomit. Grace is not worthy of people like Sean. Only a socialite such as you can match him.”

Just as the red Maserati started its engine, several police cars suddenly drove toward them. In the blink of an eye, the Maserati was surrounded by the police.

A policeman stepped out of one of the cars and knocked on Maserati’s glass window.

Lily lowered the window and heard the policeman say, “We received a report that a ring worth hundreds of thousands was lost here. We’re going to lodge a report now to investigate if the ring was lost or stolen.”

“Lodge a report?” Lily and Annabelle were both stunned.

“But we didn’t call the police!” Annabelle shouted noisily.

However, the policeman paid them no mind and continued, “Anything worth over a hundred thousand dollars is considered a major case. We would appreciate your cooperation and we also hope to help the two of you recover the ring.”

But the problem is… no ring was lost! The two of them exchanged looks. Lily spoke through clenched teeth, “I don’t want to investigate the missing ring further. It’s fine if it can’t be found.”

“If this is a theft, then the value of the item qualifies it as a criminal case and we have to lodge a report to conduct an investigation. If you could please get out of the car and confirm the general area where you realized the ring was lost.” The officer handling this case wasn’t taking any chances.

“We’re going to do this by the book, ma’am.” He opened the car door for Lily. “Now, if you’d please step out of the car. We’ll take a statement from each of you, separately…”

personnel who was handling the case said insistently.

Lily and Annabelle exited the warm car and were welcomed by a cold blast of air. They walked to the spot where they had been speaking to Grace just then. However, the place was now covered with piles of rubbish.

A large mass of rubbish that had originally been in the bins had now been poured out. The piles had been placed out in the open

to facilitate the search for the ring.

The stench of the rubbish drifted over ceaselessly. Lily and Annabelle were both dressed flashily and stood out even more in the midst of the piles of rubbish. And yet, the personnel handling the case was not willing to let them leave, insisting that they stand still as they recounted their experience.

Their recounting was an ordeal. After they finished, they thought they would be able to leave but the personnel said, “Since we’re already looking for the ring, then would the two of you just stand here and wait a moment? If the ring is found, you’ll be able to immediately confirm if it’s yours.”

“Stand here?” Annabelle asked with surprise.


“But it’s so dirty and smelly here…”

Just then, an alarming voice suddenly rang out nearby, “Oh my god, that must be Lily! I’m actually getting to see a huge celebrity!”

Immediately after, a large crowd of people gathered around them.

“Why is she standing in the middle of a rubbish pile?”

‘Are those police standing next to them? Are they filming a movie now?”

The surrounding crowd erupted in wild discussions.

“I think it’s best if I leave now. I will let my assistant and lawyer assist the police regarding this matter,” Lily said, mentally wishing to leave the place as soon as possible.

“Miss Atkinson, I know you’re a celebrity, but the sanitation workers are currently working hard to find the ring for you. You’re the party concerned and your role is to just stand aside and wait, can’t you even do that? Or do you think you’re better than everyone else?” the policeman retorted righteously.

Even if Lily really thought she was indeed better than everyone else, she was unable to say it out loud as the crowd gathered around her had gotten bigger.

Lily grew even angrier, especially when she saw that some of the gathered people had taken out their phones to record them. And yet, on the surface, she still had to maintain her composure.

It was not long before more Sanitation Service Center workers, along with people sent by the police, arrived to help look for the ring.

This was ridiculous!

It was freezing cold and she and Annabelle were surrounded by onlookers as they were interrogated by the police, all while standing next to piles of garbage and breathing in waves of noxious fumes.

Needless to say, the ring was ultimately not found. When the police finally allowed Lily and Annabelle to leave, the two of them were close to vomiting from the stench.

“Lily, what do we do? This incident has been blown way out of proportion. They’re deeming it a criminal case,” Annabelle said nervously when they were back in the car. She didn’t mind the occasional prank or joke, but having the police involved was never a good thing. “Who on earth reported the case? ”

“I’ll handle it. It’s not like the case can be resolved,” Lily said, her face grim.

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