My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 25 PDF Free Online (Grace and Jason)

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 25

Terrence could not understand.

Evelyn stood in the corridor of the hotel and looked at the man wearing a suit and leather shoes. He looked handsome and had the air of a scholar.

“Sean… I know. You and my sister’s story is already history.”

The Stevens Group was going to shoot a large-scale film. After Evelyn learned of it, she eventually managed to find out that Sean was going to have a meal in this hotel, and from there it was a matter of prudent planning and plotting to find the opportunity to meet Sean.

Since Grace was still unwilling to go and beg Sean, she had to come on her own!

When Sean heard the word “sister” he was slightly stunned. The scene involving Grace in the club a few days ago came to his mind.

Although that woman had once been the woman he loved, it was also because of her that the Stevens family had nearly been destroyed.

If it were not for the fact that he had broken up with her in time, and that the Atkinson family had helped the Stevens family, perhaps the Stevens Group would have become a third-rate company now!

He recalled seeing her at the country club-they’d dined there many times when they dated-and when she stood there in her ugly navy blue uniform, with stains on the ankles and her hair in some sloppy ponytail, all he could think was ‘my, how she’d fallen.’ He hated Greg, but not enough to champion his ex-girlfriend.

Grace had been brilliant and hardworking. She was on the fast track to becoming a senator. She had the brains and the looks for it. Until…

Seeing her at the bottom rung of society, literally learning garbage and sweeping streets, He could hardly believe it. Thinking of this, the scene of her climbing desperately towards him with her nails being pulled out flashed through his mind.

She kept saying that she had been wronged!

He almost believed her, but there were both witnesses and material evidence. How could she have been wrongly accused?

This woman, in the end, still refused to admit her guilt!

And he hated her for it.

She deserved every bit of evil that came her way.

“It’s good that you understand,” Sean said coldly.

Evelyn continued, “Well… I’m now the only one in our family that can be counted on. I hope that I can be responsible for some important roles and earn more money to support my family, but it’s just that I don’t have any background, and my sister has been in prison. It will be difficult for me to get a good role.”

Evelyn tried her best to frame the current situation in a miserable way, hoping to garner sympathy.

However, Sean’s expression was still frosty. Evelyn kept trying and said, “After all, my sister once enjoyed living a good life. I can’t bear to see her being too down and out. I hope I can make more money and give her a better life now. I don’t know if you…”

“Nerve you saying that!” A voice suddenly rang out. A beautiful and fashionable woman dressed in a brown coat approached them. She laughed coldly when she noticed Evelyn. “I was wondering who this is, but I recall you now. Turns out, you’re that murderer’s little sister.”

Evelyn’s expression immediately turned unpleasant. She recognized that the woman standing before her was Lily, Sean’s current fiancée.

Lily approached Evelyn with a disdainful gaze. “I remember you’re just some B-list actress. So, you’ve come to find Sean today and persuade him in the hope that he will give you at leading lady role? Have you no dignity?”

Evelyn was extremely embarrassed by the scolding. It just so happened that other people were coming and going along. the corridor at that moment, staring at them as if they were watching a play.

Evelyn could only curse Grace internally. “If she hadn’t killed someone while driving, I would already have gracefully become a popular celebrity and not have to suffer this punishment.”

Evelyn had completely forgotten that the several good roles she had first gotten were by virtue of Grace’s relationships.

“What? Are you still not leaving?” Lily asked, displeased.

Evelyn could only smile as she looked at Sean. “If I just left now, wouldn’t I have wasted a trip today?”

“You have wasted a trip. And you should leave. Your sister and I have nothing to do with each other anymore,” Sean said.

“But…” Evelyn still had more to say.

Lily huffed coldly and said to Evelyn, “If you don’t leave now, I’ll ask security to kick you out!”

Evelyn bit her lip. She had no choice but to leave and planned to find more opportunities in the future.

Lily looked at Sean. “You can’t still be thinking about Grace, right? Just now, Evelyn kept chirping. Aren’t you afraid of Jason getting word of it? Don’t forget, your sister almost married him once.”

The statement sounded like a warning.

Sean’s gaze darkened. “How could I possibly forget? The name ‘Jason’ is like a sword hanging over the head of the Stevens family. For three years, the Stevens family has not had a peaceful day.”

“Exactly! And the initiator of all of this is Grace! The meeting with Jason which we put so much effort into planning was also shattered because of her.”

“Grace served only a three-year sentence. She got off easily.”

“Don’t get me started.” Sean shoved his plate away, his appetite gone.

“Be careful, future husband,” Lily warned.

“Give me a break. All right. I understand. I won’t pay any attention to Evelyn, she was just trying to pull strings. I also told her that Grace and I have nothing to do with each other!” Sean pulled Lily toward him and kissed her hard. “A few days ago, when Grace was harassed by Gregory Anders, did I lift a finger? No. Of course not.”

Lily shrugged. “That was quite the spectacle.”

Grace had nearly been raped in front of a roomful of people. ‘Spectacle’ was putting it mildly.

Then… that whole debacle with Gregory. The man was a Grade A Asshole, but even still, seeing him humiliated like that, and in one of his own clubs, no less.

It left an uneasy feeling in Sean’s stomach.

“Come,” Lily said. “Our friends are waiting for us.”

She flashed him a practiced smile.

Sean nodded.

Only then did Lily’s mood improve slightly. She guided Sean back to a private room where their friends were waiting.

He’d been too preoccupied to wait to eat, so he’d dined alone, but now he’d have to sit through several courses and who knew how many drinks.

He steeled himself for a long night.

“This is for us,” Lily reminded him. “A pre-engagement party before our actual engagement party.” She nudged his shoulder. “Try and smile.”

Sean grinned and slid into business mode. These people were in his same social circle and some of the guys were from upstart tech companies. He knew to play his cards right. Any one of these young men might someday be chairman of billion-dollar industries.

He made small talk and like a good host, he made sure each guest felt engaged.

Suddenly, someone mentioned the 99 three-dimensional Projection Ads Sean had commissioned throughout the city.

Lily basked in the attention. Guys ribbed him for setting the bar too high for any of them to compare, while Lily smiled like such a vow of love was her due.

“Hey,” Annabelle Sanchez said, drawing their party’s attention. “We’re here!”

What? Sean didn’t know what she was talking about. The young actress clapped her hands and ran over to the windows.

“Come!” she said, snapping her fingers at the waiters waiting in the corners of the room. “Open these curtains,” she told them. “The art gallery is opposite this hotel… and it has a massive billboard 3-D projector… We can enjoy the show right now, right here.” She lifted her glass. “Cheers!”

“Here! Here!”

Glasses were raised all around as the curtains were drawn open.

Lily stood at the head of the table, glowing and giggling.”Oh, you


However, after the curtains opened, moments passed and there was no appearance of the ad. The wall opposite the hotel was lit only by ordinary lights.

“What happened? Could the Projection Ad be broken?” Annabelle asked in astonishment.

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