My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 22 PDF Free Online (Grace and Jason)

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 22

Grace felt that this was ridiculous. “It’s normal for you to ask me to send documents. There was nothing wrong with it. Naturally, I can’t talk about forgiveness.”

Mia was dumbfounded. What… what was she supposed to say? Did she have to say that she had been wanting to see Grace get humiliated and make a fool of herself, and so she had set her up

to deliver the document?

“But I… I made you lose face in front of everyone, and even Greg…”

“That’s what they did. It had nothing to do with you, right?”

“It had something to do with me!” Mia shouted in her heart. This was the first time in her life that she desperately wanted to take responsibility for something. But the words wouldn’t come.

“Well, if there is nothing else, I still have to work,” Grace said, ignoring the bitter look on Mia’s face. She went around Mia and walked to the other side of the road to sweep the ground.

Although Grace did not know why Mia had come to her today, she did not intend to forgive her for what had happened that day.

Just as Grace was sweeping, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her. She looked up to see that it was Chase from the fleet.

Chase’s face was slightly red, and he said with great courage, “Grace, Claire said that you don’t want to be in love now, but… but… I’m sincere. I’m willing to wait for you. When… when you do want to be in a relationship, you can look for me.”

After saying this, he seemed to feel that something was amiss. He quickly corrected himself and said, “It’s not that you can look for me, but that I can line up and wait for you…”

Grace stared at him in a daze. “You can find someone more suitable for you. I am just a street sweeper. I don’t earn much, and my job has no future. I am not good wife material.”

“But I like you.” After saying this, Chase’s face seemed to turn redder. “Claire said that you don’t have a boyfriend now. I will wait.”

“But I…” She just wanted to refuse again, but when she saw his flushed face and somewhat nervous expression, she was a little stunned. At least this man, at this moment, seemed to be sincere to her, and as Claire had told her, he was an honest person.

Such a man, generally speaking, would be a good husband and a good father.

But… if this man knew that she had been in prison, he would probably stay far away from her.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded behind her. “Sister, won’t you introduce us?”

Grace turned around and saw a familiar figure walking towards her. The black down jacket, black trousers, and sneakers were all from discount stores, but on him, they looked stylishly good. However, his expression was a bit more, she wasn’t sure, but predatory came to mind. He didn’t outwardly reflect any anger, but something told Grace that Jason wasn’t nearly as calm as he appeared.

“Of course,” she replied automatically. “This is my colleague.

Jay, why are you here?” she asked.

“I finished work early today, so I came to see you,” Jason said as he held Grace’s left hand, he rubbed his palms over hers. “Your hand is a little cold.”

“It’s okay.” Working in the chilly winter, her hands would be blown by the harsh wind. Obviously, they would get cold, but she was used to it. She didn’t wear gloves most of the time because they made it harder to work.

However, Jason held her hands with both of his, warming them. up gently. He rubbed them with one hand and then changed over to the other.

Chase stared at the intimate interaction between Jason and Grace, his frown deepening. He could not help but ask, “Grace, is this… your brother?”

“Yes.” Grace nodded.

Jason glanced at Chase and lazily put his hands around her waist. “When do you finish work?” he asked her.

“In half an hour. I’ll be done after sweeping this road,” Grace said.

“Alright.” Jason smiled. “I’ll wait for you.”

He glanced at Chase. “You should let her finish,” he said. “Have a good day.”

Seeing that Grace was trying to finish her work for the day, Chase shook his head. “Excuse me. You’re right. I’ll go since you’re busy.”

Watching Chase leave, Jason suddenly grabbed Grace’s chin with his fingers and half-forced her to face him straight. “I don’t like you seeing other men like this. He doesn’t look trustworthy.”

Grace burst out laughing. “What are you thinking? I don’t have any intentions towards him.”

“Does that mean he doesn’t have those kinds of feelings towards you?” he asked back.

She was at a loss for words.

“Is he the colleague who likes you?” he asked.

“Yes, I’ve already asked my friend Claire to help discourage him. He’s a nice guy, and he means well. I’m just not looking to get into a relationship. I didn’t expect him to approach me today.”

“If you don’t like him, you should refuse him directly,” Jason said. “He’s not worthy of you.”

Grace laughed. “You probably think too much of me. It is me that’s not good enough for him. He has a house, a car, and a steady job. In our workplace, many girls like him.”

“You are worth much more than that,” he said quietly.

In his tone, there was a desire for possession that he had not even noticed.

After Grace cleaned the road and was preparing to pack up tools to return to the Sanitation Service Center, Mia suddenly rushed up from the side of the building and said to Grace, “Can you please forgive me? I really can’t lose this current job. This job is very important to me! I beg you, tell our director that you forgive me and ask him to cancel the order for dismissal, okay?”

After thinking about it for a while, Mia still felt that Grace was most likely the one that she had offended.

Grace shook her head. “You’re mistaken. I have no power here. I’m not sure what you did or why you’re being let go, but it has nothing to do with me. I have no connections with your director either.”

“That’s impossible!” Mia said anxiously. “You’re the only one I’ve ever offended. Could it be that Sean saw you like that and couldn’t bear it, and so he avenged you? Is that why I was condemned?”

Thinking it over, there was only this possibility.

Only now did Grace finally understand the reason for Mia coming to her and begging her for forgiveness. “Mia, you’re chasing shadows. Sean … he has no regard for me. He has not forgiven me, and I can assure you, he’d not exert his influence to lift a finger for me!”

“You need to fix this,” Mia argued.

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