My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 21 PDF Free Online (Grace and Jason)

My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 21

After losing face in the club, Greg was beaten into the hospital by his father, who valued business over family.

Even so, several of the Anders family’s businesses related to the Reed Group had been affected. For the Anders family, the loss could not be said to be small.

The people who took part in the alumni gathering that day either lost their jobs or their families suffered. In short, every single person who ignored Grace’s plight paid the price for it.

When Mia Jemerged from the personnel department, both of her legs were trembling, and she could barely stand.

The personnel department directly gave her a termination. letter, saying that they would dismiss her and let her finish the resignation formalities within a week.

Dismissed! She had never thought about it before.

Her family had expended a lot of effort to get her into the Urban Management Bureau. It had not been easy for them to pull so many connections to secure her such a job. What’s worse, she’d been on a series of dates and blind dates, and her job was an advantage. She’d been elevated by the political position that she’d been afforded at the Urban Management Bureau. One of those guys caught wind that she’d been fired… it was doubtful they’d want to continue pursuing her.

If she was dismissed like this, not only would it be hard to find a new job, but also she would lose face in front of her relatives and friends. And her family…would be devastated.

When she asked the personnel department why they had fired. her or what exactly she had done wrong, the staff simply said, “It’s an order from the superiors. You’ll be given compensation for the dismissal, but you’ll never be employed here again.”

Mia panicked and called Maria. “Maria, what should I do? I’m being let go from the Urban Management Bureau. You… Didn’t you say that you have good relations here? Can you help me think of a way? Find someone who’s on good terms with our director and plead for me.”

Usually, since Mia was obedient enough, Maria would be willing to help her. They’d been friends a long time, and there were few people Maria trusted. Mia had proven her loyalty over the years. But at this time, Maria couldn’t care less about Mia. She had her own problems to contend with.

Maria could not even protect her own family.

The bank loan that had originally been agreed upon was suddenly rejected, and the family’s capital flow was about to stagnate. As she took this call, her whole family was scrambling to borrow money from people.

However, they were in trouble. No one wanted to lend them a dime. And she knew their names had been tarnished-in ways they might not recover from.

Maria held the phone away from her ear as Mia prattled on.

Damn it, her family was on the verge of bankruptcy. She didn’t have time for this.

“I can’t help you. Go find someone else!” Maria said.

“You… How can you say that? I’ve always done everything you’ve asked me to. You said that you wanted me to lure Grace into the private room for the alumni event. I did it, and I didn’t hesitate at all. Now, I’m asking you for your help with something, and you refuse!?”

At this moment, Mia hated Maria to death.

She had a good relationship with someone in the personnel department who had secretly told her that it was related to a misuse of power. It was something to do with the person from

the Sanitation Service Center.

The only thing she could think of was asking Grace to send the document. However, on this matter, Maria had been the true mastermind!

“I didn’t force you to do it. You wanted to see Grace get humiliated, that’s why you were willing to agree. At most, I just gave you an idea. It’s your own doing. It has nothing to do with me,” Maria said coldly.

The two of them began to attack each other like rabid dogs.

After Mia fell out with her best friend, her family also gave her a hard scolding. However, in the end, they still spent money and made use of connections for her. They tried to find someone to intercede for her, but the money and gifts could not even be sent out.

Even those they did manage to send away, all came back in less than two days, returned by their recipients.

Finally, it was an old acquaintance who had had a good relationship with them for many years who secretly said, “Who on earth did your daughter offend? The backing of that person seems to be very strong. I heard from the director of the Urban Management Bureau that in the future, your daughter will find it difficult to find an ordinary job, let alone this kind of secure one.”

Mia’s parents were stunned when they heard that. After returning home, they questioned their daughter about what kind of big shot she had offended.

Mia was confused. What big shot could she have offended? In her usual work and life, she did not come into contact with any!

The reunion gathering came to mind. Because what had happened with Greg was pretty hard to forget. And Jason had been furious to have his dinner disturbed by the commotion they’d been causing with Grace.


Could it be… that the big shot behind Grace was Jason Reed?

This idea flashed through Mia’s mind, but it was immediately shot down.

Grace had crushed Jason’s fiancée, Jennifer, in a drunk driving accident. The Stevens family, the Reed family, hell, the most prominent families in connection to them had all wanted her head on a platter.

So who else could be supporting Grace?

Grace was only a sanitation worker-and a convict. Was it even possible? Or had her parents received bad information?

Nonetheless, after thinking about it for a while, it seemed that the only person she had offended was Grace.

The next day, Mia hurried to find Grace.

As soon as she saw Grace, she said with tears in her eyes, “I’m really sorry for that day. It was Maria’s idea to ask you to come to the reunion, so I asked you to send me the documents. Since then, I’ve been regretting it. It’s all my fault that you suffered such an insult. I’m sorry.”

Grace looked at her coldly. Like she did not believe a word of what Mia had said.

“Grace, can you forgive me?” Mia seized the opportunity to ask.

Grace said calmly, “Why should I forgive you?”

“Huh? I… I’ve already admitted my mistake. Won’t you forgive me?”

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