My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 18 PDF Free Online (Grace and Jason)

Lily’s face was full of incredulity. “Is Jason… going to see Grace?”

Jason had attended her sister’s funeral. Jennifer’s fiancee’ had not cried. Jason had been stoic as one would expect of his position. But she’d thought it interesting that he could act so coldly.

She couldn’t help but wonder exactly what kind of matters would make this man’s mood fluctuate.

Now she was seeing anger on his handsome face which she had never seen before.

Not even for her sister.

But it was because of… Grace?!

The woman who was as insignificant as an ant?! The very woman who was responsible for her sister’s-his fiancee’s- accident and death!?

She turned her head and looked at Sean next to her, but she saw

the same disbelief in Sean’s eyes.

At this moment, Terrence who was standing beside Jason hurriedly leaned toward Jason and whispered something.


The splashing had stopped.

It seemed even Greg was curious about what Jason Reed, CEO of Reed Group might say.

Just at that moment, Jason’s voice rang again. “Forget it, you go down and deal with it. It’s too noisy!”

Terrence nodded.

“And Secretary Terrence,” Jason warned quietly. “I expect you’ll know how to handle this.”

“Of course, sir.” He nodded once more and left in a hurry.

Grace felt as if she had heard Jay’s voice just now, but… Jay’s voice had always been calm. It was never as angry as the man she’d heard hollering Jay… That cool, chiseled face that was as beautiful as an angel’s flashed across her mind.

If she died, would Jay miss her? Would he be all right without her to look after him?

Just when Grace felt that she was going to suffocate and pass out, the pressure on her neck suddenly lightened.

She collapsed to the ground, coughing and taking big gulps of air.

Greg had been stopped by two uniformed security guards. He lay on the ground awkwardly, and a lot of security guards were standing around him.

At the same time, a high-level manager of the club hurried over.

“Manager Wang, what are you saying? Tell them to let me go!” Greg shouted. “I have shares in this place and I demand you let me go! I will have you fired for this!”

However, Manager Wang did not even look at Gregory. He walked directly to Grace and said respectfully, “Miss, you can leave now.”

People from the reunion trickled in from the dining room as Greg was screaming and making a scene.

Manager Wang reached for her elbow to assist her, but Grace jumped back reflexively. He frowned. “Do you require assistance?”

She shook her head no.

“Manager Wang, what the hell are you talking about? She is just a sanitation worker. I won’t allow her to go. What right does she

“This is the order of Mr. Reed. He doesn’t like to be disturbed,” Manager Wang said.

The words “Mr. Reed” immediately made Greg tremble all over. In this city, he was at the top of the hierarchy. The wealthiest. The most powerful. With his hand in everything.

“Mr. Reed?!” Greg pushed a hand through his hair. “Are you nuts? Why would he stand up for this woman!? She’s the one who killed Mr. Reed’s fiancee!!!”

However, Manager Wang did not offer further explanation.

Even Grace, who was standing to the side, was stunned.

It was so ironic.

Grace adjusted her clothes, stood up awkwardly, and left in a hurry. She did not notice that there was a person on the second floor who had been staring at her.

Watching her every move. Ensuring she made it to safety.

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